Nokia Announces the 225 And 225 Dual SIM Internet Phones

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An announcement has been made by Nokia as they are bringing forth their flagship product from the brand. Nokia 225 and 225 dual SIM has been created for the customer with limited budget. They can now enjoy the latest trend of internet phone through this handset. It is an attempt by Nokia to show the masses that they care for the people. The vibrancy and features of these products will surely able to attract the customer from all classes.


Same hardware specification has been used for both the product Nokia 225 and 225 dual SIM. The feature of Dual SIM is only difference between these flagship products by Nokia. A burst of color is ushered into the life with the sharp 2.8 inch QVGA display. One of the unique feature of Nokia 225 and 225 dual SIM is its water resistant and dust proof keypad. It helps to provide toughness in to the character of these devices. It is always expected of the brand of Nokia that they would think for the benefit of the customer. Nokia 225 and 225 dual SIM has extreme memory back up to entice the customer. Nokia 225 with a single SIM can last for about 36 days. In case of dual SIM the standby time is about 27 days.

30+ Operating system has been used on the both the devices. Apps are the one of the main features of the internet phones. With the help of the java support in the Nokia 225 and 225 dual, it is possible to download the apps very easily. The customer can avail these apps from a third party vendor or Nokia apps store. A browser has been installed in the Nokia 225 and 225 dual SIM for the benefit of the customer. Various other kinds of apps such as Twitter and Facebook are also available with the help of Microsoft and Bing. These features have taken Nokia 225 and 225 dual SIM in to a new level.

Nokia has also taken initiative to attract the customer with the preloaded features like games and music. Asphalt 6, Block Bleaker 3, Assassins Creed 3 and Real Foot ball 2012 are few of the games that will help the customer entertained. A built in FM has been installed in the devices to satisfy of music loving customer.


Introducing the Nokia x

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The new Nokia X is a dual sim product. It comes in various different colours including black, blue, yellow, apple green, off white and red sherbet. Some of the features include Main sensor camera of 3 mp, display size of 10.16 cm, processor name is Qualcomm Snapdragon S4, maximum talk time 3G and 10.5h, maximum music playback time is at least 26hours. There is social media too including photo sharing, Twitter, Face book, sending email attachments, and share of Bluetooth. Dimensions are 115.5mm, width with 63mm, thickness of 10.4mm and weighs 128.7g.



Display and user interface 10.16 cm; the display resolution includes WVGA (800X480). Display features include brightness control, tactile feedback, orientation sensor, Nokia glance screen, Nokia double tap and wide viewing angle, TrueColor 24bit/16m display colors, aspect ratio of 15:9, pixel density includes 233 ppi, lcd screen, touch screen with captive two point touch, ambient light sensor, accelerometer, proximity sensor. It’s a touch phone with dual sim facility, charging connectors, micro USB, AV connectors, system connectors including Micro USB-B and USB: USB 2.0.

It has wireless connectivity and runs on CDMA and GSM network, power management with battery capacity of 1500 maH, battery voltage of 3.7m, removable battery, and maximum standby time of 28 days and maximum talk time of 13.3 h.  The processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon™ S4.  It is dual core. RAM – 512 MB, Mass memory is 4GB, expandable memory card such as the micro SD and maximum memory card size of 32GB. It has internet browsing capability including the Nokia, browser, Opera, HTML. Social apps include: Face book, Twitter, sending an email attachment, share over Bluetooth, video sharing for social network and internet, Face book and share Bluetooth.

GPS navigation includes here drive and here maps. There is camera with face recognition feature and auto exposure. They have panorama lens. It has stereo FM as its radio, audio play back file formats including mp4, AAC, mp3, midi. Codecs include mp3, Amr-nb, flac, and midi. It also has a main video camera including with video streaming, and video recording. It is 100% energy efficient.

The Nokia Lumia 930 comes packed with the best of features

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According to the information available in the blog named  My Nokia Blog the company of Nokia will be launching a set of two mobile phones of that of the Nokia Lumia 630 and Nokia Lumia 930. Both the mobile phones will be following the norms of the Windows Phone 8.1, The mobile phone of Nokia Lumia 930 along with the mobile phone of Nokia Lumia 630 will be launched sometime in the month of April. The mobile phone of Nokia Lumia 930 will be launched at the Microsoft’s Build Conference. The code name of the all new mobile phone Nokia Lumia 930 is that of Martini. It is expected that the new mobile phone of Nokia Lumia 930 is really a upgrade from all the previous Nokia Lumia mobile phones like that of Nokia Lumia 920, 925 and 928. According to reports it has been said that the new mobile phone of Nokia Lumia 930 will present itself as the representative of the Nokia Lumia Icon. The Nokia Lumia Icon is available to the people to the people in the country of United States of America through the carrier Verizon wireless. It is rumored that the new mobile phone of Nokia Lumia 930  will run on the new Windows phone 8.1 OS and the mobile phone will have a voice assistant feature within it known as the Cortana. This feature will help the user to dictate the user to carry out commands like replying to a text message without having to make use of the screen.


It is expected that the all new mobile phone of Nokia Lumia 930 will have a five inch display together with the presence of a HD resolution consisting of the resolution of 1920 in to  1080 pixels. It is possible that more information of the mobile phone will be available after its launch in the mo nth of April in the Microsoft Build Conference. All the rumors can only be expected to be true though when the mobile is released sometime in April. For the present all that can be said is that the mobile phone of Nokia Lumia 930 is going to have an aluminum finish together with high end specs.

Nokia Lumia 2520

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With the launch of new Nokia Lumia 2520, Nokia has finally decided to enter the tablet market. Nokia surely hopes to attract the enterprise uptake with the launch of this amazing device. Priced within the range of $399-$499.99, this device is packed with 4G connectivity; Windows 8.1 RT OS; and a 10.1 inch display rendering a resolution of 1920X1080 pixels.



Build and Design

Like the mobile products from Nokia, the build quality of this device is superb. The Lumia 2520, weighing at 615 grams, is bulkier than the iPad Air (469 grams) from Apple but lighter than the Surface 2 (676 grams) from Microsoft. Lumia 2520 with its 10.1 inch display has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and has 8.9mm thickness. The back of the device has matte finish which provides efficient grip for holding the device. The device has a slot for micro SD card, a micro HDMI port, a micro USB 3.0 port, and a 3.5mm jack. But the need to include 2 proprietary charging points in the device is inexplicable. Therefore, in order to charge the device you will require a different charging cable, even if you have a Nokia smartphone.

Display and Hardware

The best feature of this tablet is the 10.1 inch display offering HD quality videos and images. The technology used by this tablet is called Clear Black Display. The maximum brightness is 650cd/m2. This feature helps to present the texts and images in the most clear and contrasted manner. With the tile-based Windows RT OS and the non-existence of pixels from the normal viewing angles, the animation and color looks absolutely stunning.

The 800 chipset from Qualcomm Snapdragon, with clock speed of 2.2 GHz, is included in the tablet. With the help of this powerful processor and a 2GB RAM, the Lumia 2520 has amazing processing capabilities. The applications run smoothly and no hang is experienced in CPU intensive applications. The responsiveness of the touchscreen is excellent.


Lumia 2520 includes the powerful 8000mAh battery which helps the device to run for more than 12 hours. The Apple iPads have slight edge in this area.

The Nokia Asha 220 is a very usable budget phone

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It is considered that the new mobile phone of Nokia Asha 230 will get the same amount of attention as the mobile phone of Nokia X series from the house of Nokia is getting. The two mobile phones of Nokia Asha 220 and Nokia Asha 230 have been unveiled from the company of Nokia which are considered to be low cost devices with all the important features. The mobile phone of Nokia 220 is held to be really well connected with the internet and is priced at a cost of twenty nine euros. The mobile phone of Nokia Asha 220 is a quite low end mobile phone available at a cheap price. The features in the new Nokia Asha 220 mobile phone are not much to be discussed about. The mobile phone of Nokia Asha 220


The mobile phone of Nokia Asha 220 has the features of 2.4 inches QVGA, 240 in to 320 screens and a two mega pixel screen together with a fm radio. There is also the presence of a media player in the mobile phone with a integrated flashlight and a micro SD card slot for memory. The battery of the mobile phone of Nokia Asha 220 gives a back up support for a span of twenty nine days at a stretch. Moreover, there is scope of talking over the phone for a span of thirteen hours. The Nokia mobile phone will be available in a number of hues which include those of red, black, yellow and white. According to the latest bit of information the mobile phone of Nokia Asha 230 will be available in a dual sim variety.  The Nokia Asha 220 has been termed as one of the most inspirational phones. It is wonderful that with the Nokia Asha 220 it is possible to take snaps with the two mega pixel camera which is quite remarkable feature in itself.  It can be said that the latest mobile phone from Nokia is really a cool solution of a mobile phone. The mobile phone giant has mentioned that the mobile phone of Nokia Asha 220 will be available in select markets only all over the world.

The Nokia Lumia 620 will get an update soon

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The Nokia Lumia 620 it seems will have to wait long for the Nokia update but it seems that the people in Finland will soon get the Lumia update.  The countries of Netherland and Finland do not have to wait long for the Nokia Lumia update. The OS update is available to the customers over there. There are a host of new features that are going to be made available in the new phone. The Lumia update will be first available to the countries of Netherlands and Finland and then will spread to other countries.  They are that of the orientation lock, new drive mode, the ability to close apps from the multi task menu, Bluetooth 4.0 LE and the all new Nokia camera app.

 download (4)

It is true that in the mobile phone Nokia Lumia 620 apps like Nokia Beamer and Nokia Refocus that require 1 GB Ram Access Memory will be inapplicable. Changes in the mobile phone include better camera algorithm and an overall improvement in performance. The update can be checked manually in the mobile phone by going to the settings section of the mobile phone. The Nokia phone Nokia Lumia 620 will be getting the Windows phone 8.1 update.   The all new Nokia phone the Nokia Lumia 620 will be getting a WP8 + GDR3 and a Nokia Lumia combo update. Though the Nokia Lumia 620 will be the last phone to get an update the users will be quite pleased to have it. The new mobile Nokia Lumia 620 phone is definitely a budget phone.


It has been brought in the markets of the company of Nokia so as to make it compete against the different android phones. The all new mobile phone will have a 3.8 inch WVGA display and has a resolution of 480 into 800 pixels. There is the presence of the one Giga Hertz Qualcomm Snapdragon S 4 Dual core processor. Moreover you will find the five megapixel rear camera along with the 0.3 mega pixel front facing camera. There is an eight Giga Byte of internal storage in the mobile phone Nokia Lumia 620 with a scope for an expandable memory.

The Nokia Lumia Icon is a best buy

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The all new Nokia Lumia Icon will cost you a very impressive two hundred dollars. The length of the mobile smart phone Nokia Lumia Icon is five inches in length. The mobile phone is 9.9 millimeters and weighs about six ounces. The Nokia Lumia Icon is rectangular in shape. The camera of the Nokia Lumia Icon has a very high standard. The pictures clicked by the help of this mobile phone are quite good in quality. The edges are sharp and the detailing is pretty specific. The Nokia Lumia Icon is the best looking smart phone though the smart phone borrows a whole lot of characteristics from the Nokia Lumia 1520. Moreover, the Nokia Lumia Icon has similar looks to that of the phablet Galaxy Note 3. There is the presence of the 1080 p HD AMOLED screen with in the mobile phone.

The Nokia Lumia Icon has present in it a twenty mega pixel camera. It has a dual LED flash in it. The smart phone has the presence of ultra fast quad core processor, a 2.2 Giga hertz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. The Nokia Lumia phone is the second phone to have this feature. The navigation on this phone has been declared to be pretty smooth by the experts. The Nokia Lumia Icon boasts of a two Giga Byte of Random Access Memory. The comments on battery life are declared to be quite fantastic. The  social media like Vine and Instagram is present in the mobile smart phone but the Google applications present within the phone has a low support value.  It is commendable that the Nokia Lumia Icon is a fast phone though the Verizon’s 4 G LTE is subject to change depending on the network strength.  But the general impression about the loading of the web sites is pretty quick.



There is an offer available if you contemplate to buy this particular mobile smart phone. The smart phone Nokia Lumia Icon when purchased will be costing a hundred dollars less when you go about buying a Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet. The phone is touted to be ready for the markets of United States of America.

Why you are going to have a blast with the new Nokia Normandy

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Nokia is a company from Finland. The company from Finland is throwing up small surprises in the form of offerings of the latest mobile phones with the newest technologies. The company of Nokia will unveil the new Nokia Normandy very soon. The new Nokia phone Nokia Normandy is rumored to pack the phone with all the latest technology. The Nokia Normandy is priced at a mere one hundred and ten dollars. It is said that the pricing of the new mobile phone has been made has been made keeping in mind a wide section of the society. It is expected that the downscale of the mobile phone in terms of price will surely be attractive to buyers in countries across Asia. The price though is not verified information from the owners of the Nokia Company. The Vietnamese web site which speculated the price of the new Nokia Normandy mentioned that there might be revision in the price of the mobile phone. But all said and done it has to be said that the price of the mobile phone would stay within the buying capacity of the common people. The Nokia Normandy is tagged to be known as Nokia X once the new mobile phones begin to get exported. The Wall Street Journal says that the company of Nokia will definitely launch the new mobile phone at the Mobile World Congress to be held in Barcelona in Spain. The event will begin from the twenty fourth of February.


The phone is rumored to have the forked kind of the operating system by Google.  Nokia is rumored to have the Microsoft services on to the smart phone. There have been speculations that the new Nokia Normandy phone will have Android apps like Skype, Facebook and Twitter. The phone will have a Dual core Snapdragon and will have a camera of 2592 into 1944 pixels. The all new Nokia Normandy will have a GPS support and will have a card slot of micro SD. The all new Nokia Normandy will be a treat for the heart and the soul. So, go for it.

Do not delay in getting a Nokia Lumia Icon for yourself

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The Nokia Lumia Icon will be made available to the people very soon. There have been in reality n number of speculations and rumors about this mobile phone for quite some time. We can say that this particular phone runs on the Windows Phone 8. The features which characterize the Nokia Lumia Icon are not much different from the Samsung Galaxy S 4. The five inches screen size is a sure killer.



One particular unit of Nokia Lumia Icon made its appearance in the Fry’s store recently. The date of the availability of the mobile phone Nokia Lumia Icon is scheduled for the twentieth of February, two thousand and fourteen.  The speculations and rumors about this latest phone will not stop until the phone is launched this February. The launch dates for the new phone Nokia Lumia Icon has been shifted from time to time. All the days put forward as the launching date for the Nokia Lumia Icon had proved to be wrong. News is that the company will accept the orders for the mobile phone Nokia Lumia Icon from the February twelfth. The minimum amount of money to be deposited for the order will be fifty dollars. This bit of news will again be verified by the telephone carrier Verizon or Nokia in the coming week. This particular hand set had its images leaked on the internet for quite some time in the past.  The characteristics featured in the mobile phone Nokia Lumia Icon will be almost similar to that of the flagship phablet from the house of Nokia. This mobile phone featured on the web site of Verizon quite a number of times.


With the Nokia Lumia Icon, you can expect to have a five inches screen size and also a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC. Moreover, there will be a two Giga Byte of Random Access Memory and will boast of a thirty two Giga byte of storage space. There is the presence of 2420 mAH battery in the hand set. The hand set will also consist of a twenty mega pixel Pure View camera. You will be absolutely blown over by this mobile phone.

Nokia Asha 504 will make a good impression wherever you carry it.

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The Nokia Asha 504 will soon be launched at the Mobile World Congress. The Mobile World Congress will be held on the twenty fourth of February in the year two thousand and fourteen. The event will take place at Barcelona. Along with a bunch of other gadgets the Nokia Asha 504 will also be launched here. There have already been leaks of the all new Nokia Asha 504 on Twitter at @evleaks. Images of the All new Nokia Asha 504 shows that the handset has quite a different setting than the looks of the other mobile phones. The Tweets mentioned the fact that the new mobile phone Nokia Asha 504 will have a the feature of dual sim card present in the phone. The Nokia Asha 504 is a successor to the mobile phone Nokia Asha 503. The tweet does not part with any other tiny tidbit of information.



Content about the Nokia Asha 504 is rather sparse. No specification details are given by the Twitter leaks. The images which are seen on the Twitter can be said to be a Nokia Asha variety. The images fall in the category of the Nokia Asha range. The images of the new phone though resemble Nokia Asha 5 xx mobile phones there is one difference in the fact that the image shows thinner bezels near about the displays.  According to the leaks, the Nokia Asha 504 will have a 3.2 to 3.5 screen display. The home button of the Nokia Asha 504 does not resemble the mobile phones in the Nokia Asha range. The new home button found in the Nokia Asha 504 rather has a close resemblance to the mobile phones from the company of Samsung. So in this case the Nokia 504 can be said to be identical to the South Korean mobile phone company Samsung. Moreover, there is further information about this mobile phone that the Nokia Asha 504 will have Bing as the default search engine. This is a new aspect to be found in the mobile phone. The image of the dual sim Nokia Asha 504 had the title of “What is this thing?” under it which has made it quite popular.