The Nokia Lumia 920 is available in AT&T stores but there are other options to get it too. One of the most acceptable places where you can buy the Lumia 920 is Amazon. The retailer is selling the handset at the same price as the carrier but with a larger variety of colors.

Amazon offers the Nokia Lumia 920 for $99.99 on contract but unlike AT&T’s $449 full retail price, the retailer requires $499 if you’re going to get it with no contract attached. All color options are available for purchase — black, white, cyan, red and yellow. One thing to consider is that the black and white models will be delivered within 24 hours, while the rest of color options will be ship in 1 to 2 weeks.

I have heard users are complaining about AT&T’s slow processing of orders, and the first thing people think is Nokia’s inability to respond to the demand. Though I have no idea why Nokia or AT&T process the orders too slowly, I believe it’s related to the “colored” models. Hope the company will fix it soon.