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Nokia Lumia 735 is releasing soon

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Nokia Lumia 735 will be launched in the market soon along with Nokia Lumia 730 and 830. The Nokia Lumia 730 can be described as a selfie phone as it comes with a front camera of 5 megapixels. The fashion conscious and trendy consumer will be surely enthused to know about the arrival of these sophisticated smart phones in the market.



Unveiling of Nokia Lumia 730 and 830 will happen in the pre IFA event in Berlin. A third device can accompany the flagship as well with Nokia Lumia 735. Therefore mobile experts are eagerly waiting for the pre IIFA event. Nokia Lumia 735 is believed to be a LTE version of the Nokia Lumia 730. It will be available in the market with the 3G variation of dual SIM.

4G facility can be seen in the both the device of Nokia Lumia 730. There will be two color variants of the Nokia Lumia 735. Classic colors like black and white will be incorporated in the device to provide a sophisticated look. However the brand of Nokia is expected to incorporate more colorful in the near future. In terms of color Nokia Lumia 735 will be following the line of the non LTE version of the brand.

Nokia Lumia 735 is coming with 4.7 inch of 720p with the facility of touch screen. It is believed to have an internal RAM of 1 GB. Music, videos and data can be stored easily due to storage capacity of 8GB. 5 megapixels camera is one of the main attractions of the device. Selfie craze of the user has been utilized by the brand of Microsoft with the Nokia Lumia 735.

The device will be powered by the 400 chipset of Qualcomm Snapdragon along with quad core CPU of 1.2 GHz. Unibody construction can be seen in the Nokia Lumia 735 that is made out of polycarbonate. Operation can be done easily in the device with the help of software buttons on the screen. 2000 mAh battery has been incorporate in the device to make operation smoother. The 3G variant of the Nokia Lumia 735 will cost around $ 240.

Similar features can be seen in the Nokia Lumia 730 as well. However difference can be made in both the device in terms of connectivity. It can be an ultimate device that has been created to cater the need of the user. Therefore it is better to select Nokia Lumia 735.

Nokia Lumia 930 Contract Pricing Shows up at Carphone Warehouse

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Nokia has been launching their handsets with Windows Phone 8.1. Nokia Lumia 930, a flagship device from Nokia will be accessible in United Kingdom. CarPhone Warehouse has been termed as one of the high end retailers in the United Kingdom. They have revealed the price of Nokia Lumia 930 in UK. lumia_930_story

Nokia Lumia 930 has been made available in various parts of Europe from this week as well. The price of Nokia Lumia 930 has been decided by Microsoft. It can be purchased at the price of € 549 in France. It will be available in United Kingdom soon. The mobile enthusiast has heard a lot about this flagship device from Nokia. They will be soon getting a glimpse of this device. Display of this handset is believed to be one of the key points. Bigger and better display is the need of the hour. The brand of Nokia is trying to cater the customer according to their needs. It will have 5 inch display with the picture resolution of 1920 X 1080. Pixel density of the device is 441 ppi. With this display, the sales of Nokia Lumia 930 will be increased. A Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor with the strength of 2.2GHz will be incorporated in the Nokia Lumia 930. It will be run with the help of Windows 8.1 instead of Android OS. According to the sources, Nokia Lumia 930 without SIM will cost about £ 479.95 from Carphone Warehouse. The price of Nokia Lumia 930 is matched with the unlocked handsets. It is possible to pre order this device. From 8th July, it will be available in the market. It is possible to get the device of contract. The customer has to pay $ 99 at first. After that they can acquire this device with an installment of $ 28 per month. However it has not released in United Kingdom yet. It is believed to be available from next week. Nokia Lumia 930 has been made available with online retailers as well. It is offered through online retailers like Clove and Expansys through pre-order. However these online retailers have not disclosed their price yet.

Nokia Lumia 930 Smart Phones come at discounted price through O2 in Germany

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Discounts are on offer in Nokia Lumia 930 through the principal telecom operator in Germany called O2. It has been made available at the price of € 519. It is much lower than its price in the market. It is available from other carriers at the price of € 599. Mobile users will surely take advantage of this discount.



The telecom operator O2 has opened the door for pre order in Germany. The process of pre order has started in other European countries like Italy and France as well. However the shipping process of the product has not started yet. It is believed to start soon to meet the demand of the user. It has been set for a release in the June. However it has been delayed due to unknown reasons. It is believed to roll out from the specified carriers from the month of July. It is believed to hit the market on 10th July.

Netherlands has joined the list of pre order as well. Nokia Store is not distributing the product in Netherlands. The local mobile carrier PDAshop has been assigned with the duty of distributing Nokia Lumia 930 in Netherland. It is priced at € 500 in the country. It will be available in Netherland from 19th July. PDAshop is providing Nokia lumia 930 at the cheapest price in Netherland.

Amazon France has been catering the device at the price of € 550. Verkkauppa, a finish retailer has been following the path of Amazon in terms of price. However Microsoft Store in Italy is launching the product at the price of € 600.

The sale of the product can become affected due to late release. However it is a Windows Phone 8.1 mobile handset that is packed with the features. It is available at a low price as well to attract the customer. It comes with an AMOLED display with the resolution 441 ppi. Corning Gorilla Glass has been used in the device to show brighter colors. Nokia Lumia 930 has a battery capacity of 2400mAh. Quad core processor Krait 400 processor has been used in the Nokia Lumia 930 to produce smooth operation in the device.

Nokia X2 is ready for June 24 Release

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Nokia X2 is believed to be one of the most awaited android smart phones for the budgeted customer. It will be coming from Microsoft after the acquisition of Nokia. It has been set for the launch on 24th June. An official blog from Microsoft has confirmed the release of Nokia X2. It is android based smart phone. However it will not be released in the United States of America on 24th June.



A forked version of Android OS will be released with the user interface of 1.2. Nokia X2 will have a 4.3 inch display. Superior quality picture will be seen in the device with the help of 480 X 800 pixel resolution. A primary camera of 5 mega pixel will be incorporated in the device. It will also have a secondary camera with VGA shooter facility. Dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor will be used to power the device efficiently. The processor is clocked at the speed of 1.2 GHz. It will come with a RAM of 1 GB.

It is packed with enhanced memory in order to improve the performance of the device. The internal memory of the device is believed to be 4 GB. Micro SD card has been incorporated in the device as well to increase the storage space.  It is possible to save to 32 GB of data with Micro SD card. It will come up with color variants like cyan, red, yellow, white and black. Nokia X2 is packed with the dual SIM facility as well.

A home button has been incorporated in Nokia X2. Complaint of the user of Nokia X has led to the inclusion of home button. Nokia Store can be utilized by the user of the Nokia X2. The user can utilize Outlook instead of Gmail as it is not packed with the services of Google. Bing has been incorporated as the official search engine of Nokia X2. Nokia Maps can be used instead of Google Map as well.

Microsoft has been working on the line of Nokia. They are releasing the Nokia X2 in Australia at first. Later on it may be released in the United States of America.

Nokia Lumia 930 is launching all over the world soon

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Nokia Lumia 930 is arriving soon in the market to mesmerize the consumer all over the world. It will be launched in Ireland on 3rd July. It has been confirmed from Nokia officials. It has been made available from various carriers like Verizon. This flagship product from Nokia is arriving in US as well with Meteor, O2 and Vodafone. However the pricing has not been confirmed yet.



Nokia Lumia 930 will be launched in the European countries as well. The brand has been preparing for the launch of Nokia Lumia 930 for a long time. Pre-orders services have been opened in European nations. Amazon has been catering in various European countries. It has been made available at the price of € 580 in Germany and France. However it is available in relatively lesser price with the small retailers in Germany.

It has been seen that most of the premium handsets are on offers with the price lesser than £ 600. HTC one M8, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z2 is available at the price under £ 600. However it is possible to acquire this premium handset at £550 with pre-order services. Small retailers like Anobo and Technik Direkt will be delivering Nokia Lumia 930 within 7 days in Germany. The launching date of Nokia Lumia 930 has been fixed on 19th June in European countries. Nokia Lumia 930 is available through pre-order in Germany and France. The pre order services in other European countries have not been opened yet. It may be opened by the latter half of the month of June.

Nokia Lumia 930 has been a high end product from the brand of Nokia. It is coming with a 5 inch display. The quality of the display has been improved with the picture resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels. It has been made faster with the Snapdragon 800 chip. It has been clocked at 2.2 GHz with the inclusion of the quad core processor in the Snapdragon 800 chip. It has an in build memory of 2 GB. It has a PureView camera with 20 mega pixel. Front camera has been incorporated in the device as well with 1.2 mega pixel. It has been powered with 2,420 mAh.

Nokia Lumia 638 with 1 GB RAM and 4G connectivity up for pre-order in China

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It has become very difficult to keep a track on the series of the Nokia Lumia devices launched in the market. Nokia is increasing the range with the passing of time. They will soon launch Nokia Lumia 638 in the market. The customer is waiting to have a hand on these premium handsets from Nokia.



The demand of Nokia Lumia 638 has been increasing slowly in China since it is announced to be launched in the country. Nokia Lumia 638 will be flagship product from the brand of Nokia. It will be a Windows Phone 8.1 phone. Dual SIM can be used in this device for the benefit of the user. It is a smart phone that is price at 1,199 Yuan. It is equivalent to $ 192. The low budget of this handset will surely attract the user. The customer should buy this product to satisfy their needs.

A Chinese retailer called Shanxi Mobile has announced about the pre order of Nokia Lumia 638. It will come up with the 4G connectivity to entertain the need of the customer. It is a device with 1 GB Ram which is almost twice the capacity of Nokia Lumia 630. These are two most anticipated feature of the device. However it is much similar to the Nokia Lumia 630. It is now available in China. It will be soon available in various parts of Asia and Europe to mesmerize the customer.

This new handset from the brand of Nokia is furnished with the Qualcomm processor like Nokia Lumia siblings of 630 and 635. Quad core processor of 1.3 GHz will surely keep up the quality of the device. It has 4.5’ inch to satisfy the customer. The main camera comes with 5 MP. 1 GB RAM has been incorporated in the device. It is quite better than other low budget device found in the market.

If you want an affordable smart phone then Nokia Lumia 638 is the way forward. It does not have the pocket pinch like other smart phone devices in the market. It is most apt smart phone for the budgeted customer.

Nokia Lumia 630 is Coming Soon

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Windows Phone powered Nokia Lumia 630 will be available in soon in the market. It is a premium handset from the brand of Nokia. It is announced from the official platform of the Nokia. It is a successor of Nokia Lumia 520. It has been launched in the market with the perfect timing.  Mobile enthusiasts are waiting for a windows phone for a long time as Blackberry has failed to provide required up gradation on their devices. Nokia Lumia 520 has launched in the year 2013 on the month of April. In order to popularize the handset they are also providing free SIM of £99 to the customer. However the price Nokia Lumia 520 fell later on.


The customers are pleasantly surprised with the launch of the Nokia Lumia 630. Previously it is not possible to have a flagship handset from reputed brand at the price of under $ 100. However it is now possible with Nokia Lumia 630. It is giving a tough competition in the market as this device is available at the price of £ 90. It is supposed to have a logger head with the Motorola Moto E.

Nokia Lumia 630 has four siblings. It is available in dual SIM as well. Both Nokia Lumia 630 and Motorola are packed with excellent features. However there is no brightness control in the device. Lack of brightness control can cost the sales of the device in the market.

Basic feature of the Nokia 520 is retained in the device. Nokia Lumia 630 has a close resemblance with the Nokia Asha series and Nokia X range. Like Nokia Lumia 520, LED flashes are not included in the device. It has polycarbonate body that can be changed according to the need of the user. It will have a front facing camera. Removable battery in the device will enhanced battery quality of the device by 28 %.

It has a touch screen of four inch that is similar to Nokia Lumia 520. It has a picture resolution of 854 × 480 pixels to have a superior quality display. However pixel density of the device is reduced to match up with the cost of the device.

Nokia Lumia 930 Release Date, Price Coming with New Phone Windows 8.1

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Nokia Lumia 930 is releasing in Britain with a price of £525. It is equivalent to $ 922 in America. The British citizen can have a look of Nokia Lumia 930 soon. However the release date of Nokia Lumia 930 in rest of Europe and Asia is still unknown. It is not even released in the United States of America. The mobile enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for this flagship product from Nokia all over the world.



Nokia has released its flagship product only in Britain. However it is believed to be released during summer in other parts. It should be released in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Middle East. It is not certain whether this flagship will be released in Central and North America or not. Nokia Lumia 930 may get a release in North America due to its size and scale. Nokia Lumia 930 is expected to come with enhanced features to mesmerize the customer all over the world.

With the help of these new launched devices, the brand of Nokia is repossessing its former glory. Nokia has been releasing mobile handset in recent past for the budget customer. Therefore it has an excellent camera with a fragile processor. However these handsets are not low-priced. The cost of Nokia Lumia 925 is around $ 400 to $ 600 USD. The sales of the Nokia Lumia 925 have suffered due to its weak processor. The brand of Nokia has tried to solve the problem with the new Nokia Lumia 930. It comes with a chipset with Qualcomm MS874 Snapdragon 800. It also has an additional system with Quad core 2.2 GHz krait to power this handset. It should also have 2 GB RAM to increase the memory. With a Micro SD card it will be possible to store up to 32 GB of data.

Nokia Lumia 930 will be a Windows phone with the windows 8.1 operating system. To cater the mobile enthusiasts, it should have a 5 inch display with 1080p. It should have a pixel density of 441 pixels per inch. It will be possible to operate the device even if the owner is wearing a glove due to its super sensitive touch screen technology.

Nokia Store finds, takes apps for the Nokia X

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Introduction of the new feature will enable to run maximum number of apps through Nokia X. Most number of android apps is compatible with this device. It is one of the flagship products from the brand of Nokia. It is possible to use the apps without any problems. It is one of most interesting feature of the Nokia X.



Apps used in Nokia x devices are available through the Nokia Store. They are presenting the app to the world. They are also taking credibility of the apps. It has been taken from the developers. These apps are very easy to use. It is rumored that the apps are used without the consent of the developers. It has created a huge controversy in the technological field.

The developers are also using the Opera apps store to sell the apps. Opera Mobile store is one of the most notable apps store to distribute apps. It is a distribution portal for browser based apps. It is possible to use the apps without a particular platform. All the application can be used across the platforms. The user can avail apps from Opera browser through this particular smart phone from the brand of Nokia. Opera has removed the technical, psychological and emotional barrier. It may help the user to avoid delay.

It is a super quality app that is made to entice the customer. Services of high caliber are produced through these apps created for Nokia X. It is possible to get an app of choice through this handset. Nokia X supports all kinds of apps. It can be uploaded with quite ease in this device.  Apps from Nokia are enhancing the business of Nokia X.

Developers have been requested use the Nokia apps centre for the distribution of the apps. Nokia has made the transfer of the Nokia apps easy with an account. The developers can upload the apps through it. Later on the user can download the apps from the Nokia apps store. This system has made the things easy and pleasurable ride for the customer. However it is notified to the developers at the last minute.

Why should you buy Nokia Lumia 1520?

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Finally Nokia has entered the “phablet” market with its new 6-inch screen phone, the Lumia 1520. It will compete against some of the well-known brands like Samsung Galaxy Mega and Sony Xperia Z-Ultra. With a 6-inch screen the Lumia 1520 is the biggest entrant into the WP8 operating system. The internal hardware and the price point place the phone into the class of high-end device.



The Hardware

The 1520 contains a 1080p screen which is raised slightly from the phone’s polycarbonate body. The phone consists of a lovely unibody casing. Like any other Windows Phone devices, the 1520 has camera shutter button, power and lock button, and the volume rocker along its side. The phone has outstanding build quality. The phone with its matte finish and casing feels great when held in the hand. The phone is manageable due to its brilliant build quality. At the bottom, you will find search, home, and standard back keys like any other Windows devices.

The Camera

The 1520 comes equipped with a brilliant 20 MP pureview snapper which produces excellent shots in both the low light and bright situations. A disappointing area for the phone is the indoor shots. Some of the shots may have a lot of fuzz and noise while others may not have any issue. The 1520 consists of a 1.2 MP front camera which is pleasing enough to produce brilliant quality videos during Skype calls. The camera provides high quality features like zooming, auto focus, bright and vibrant colors.

The Performance

The phone is extremely is responsive and fast in terms of navigation. The Lumia 1520 makes multitasking easy and resource hogging apps such as Asphalt 8 can be loaded in no time at all. There is no sign of lagging while jumping through various apps. Web browsing is another area which stands out. The Internet Explorer is the built-in browser which is devoid of some extensive features that are available in Opera, Chrome, and Firefox.

Lumia 1520 is a great device which is responsive and fast; has a brilliant build quality; houses the powerful camera and incorporates a large 6-inch screen. Therefore, this device is worth buying.