The number one reason why most people change their phones is not because they want the latest models. They have simply dropped their handset into the pool, or even worse, the toilet (this being the most frequent my-phone-drowned scenario). When this disaster happens, very few of us act cold-bloodily and try to save the victim. Instead we usually start panicking, screaming or calling someone for help. Nokia has decided to deal with the problem and recently released a guideline-picture of how to save your Lumia phone. Meanwhile, we must appreciate the cute humor Nokia used in the picture. Although the guideline is designed specially for Lumia phones, we’re sure it’ll work with any other Windows Phone.

So, guess what, the first step is to remove the handset from the water as soon as possible (and even sooner). The longer it stays in the liquid, the sooner it “dies.”

After recovering it from the pool or wherever the accident happened, don’t turn it on to ensure it still works. Immediately take out all separable parts, including the SIM and the battery.

Now, it’s still wet, so you’ve got to dry it out. Use a clean dry towel to remove moisture from all parts. If you use hairdryer, you can say goodbye to your Lumia once and for all. If you use a paper towel, be ready to spend hours of cleaning the paper chunks from inside the phone.

When the emergency passes, put the phone in a bag of rice (or in a similar place) to soak the moisture in. Let it stay there overnight.

Next morning, after a good night’s sleep, put all parts together, hold your breath and turn it on. If it works, you have some good chances to become a Lumia doctor. If not, something obviously went wrong.


When a worthy phone is launched, it is immediately torn down. Of course, it can’t affect the phone’s popularity, but there are a myriad of users wishing to know what parts the device is made of and whether they cost the money the consumers have paid for or not. As to the Nokia Lumia 900, it’s the most talked Windows Phone smartphone, which has managed to appear on everyone’s lips due to its list of impressive features. But there are also several disappointing specs like a 1.4GHz processor.

Well, as you know the Lumia 900 for AT&T is made of a single piece of polycarbonate, which makes the handset look solid. For beginners this term is associated with the word “unremovable.” But if you know tricks, you can “remove” anything you want. In this sense, guys over at TechRepublic don’t have a problem, and as the video below shows, there are a few simple instructions on how to detach the Lumia 900’s parts and access whatever you want.

Needless to say, if you do not know the rules of tearing down a phone, keep your hands off of the phone as you can just break it.

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