Nokia 500 Camera Preview

The Nokia 500/Fate is the cheapest smartphone running Symbian Anna. You probably think it’s mid-range and is not capable of doing many things. I have to disappoint you, because the Nokia 500 doesn’t yield many other handsets in terms of hardware, especially the camera. The Nokia 500 is packed with a 5MP camera, which even

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Windows Phone Mango vs. MeeGo

While many people are busy discussing which platform is better, which one dominates on the market and how the smartphone market will be changed in terms of software requirements, others compare different operating systems leaving the final verdict to you. And that’s right — each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages, so only you

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Nokia N9 Video Ad

Are you an Android lover, or do you think the iPhone is the best, or do you own a smartphone running Windows Phone or Symbian? Whatever your preferences are, you have to know there is another mobile operating system starting its way in the cruel world of tech, MeeGo. MeeGo? Yeah! And there is also

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