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It is now time for an upgrade for Nokia’s most popular windows phone. And the upgraded model is none other than Nokia Lumia 525 who specifications have already been leaked.



Microsoft owes their sudden success to this Finnish proprietor who with their popular windows phone was able to create a buzz in the market. The entry level Lumia Smartphones 520/521 had a hit amongst the customers all around the world.

After this a number of Lumia phones evolved and each were capable of causing a buzz in the market sphere and now it is time for Lumia 525 which is a replacement of the Lumia 520. The full specifications of the phone have already been leaked online. The handset with certain changes in the specifications has received a boost and has shown notable improvement against its predecessor Lumia 520.

Going by the latest buzz, Nokia Lumia 525 will be featured with a 4 inch 800 x 480 IPS, i.e. in plane switching LCD display which is made out of 2D hardened glass. The screen is super sensitive.

As long as the phone’s hardware is considered, it is powered by a 1 GHz dual core qualcomm snapdragon with a 400 processor. The RAM is 1GB.

The other important features are the internal storage which is of 8GB. However the phone also supports for external memory and the expansion slot ranges up to 64GB allowing the inclusion of micro SD cards. There is also 7GB free sky drive storage.

The camera is of 5 megapixel rear camera with an autofocus and it supports the recording of HD 720P at 30FPS.

The wireless connectivity options include 3G HSPA+ radio, wifi 802.11 b/g/n, a Bluetooth of 4.0 with NFC.

The battery Lumia 525 uses is removable and is 1430 mAh powered.

The dimension of the phone is 119.9x64x9.9mm. The weight of the phone is 124g.

Lumia 525 will be available in three distinct colours namely, white, orange and yellow.

Though there have been made a number of leaks giving the detailing of the phone’s specifications, nothing authentic has been mentioned regarding the launch of the phone.

However, it is assumed that as Nokia had launched the Lumia 520 at Mobile World Congress in February (MWC) 2013, they would launch the Lumia 525 during the MWC 2014.

Any way, it is just an assumption as we do not know whether Microsoft who has bought Nokia this September will want to launch its products in a new quarter.



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Nokia has been sold to Microsoft last month, but it seems that it did not demoralize the Finnish maker even by the slightest degree. And therefore they are still aimed at presenting the customers with the best devices they can. It is because of this reason that they are determined at launching a series of devices, one of which is a tablet computer which is also their first tablet computer launch. The device was released in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday.


nokia lumia

The windows 10inch screen tablet is named as Lumia 2520 and is one of the six devices that were unveiled before. The Lumia 2520 is a great incarnation with a red and white glossy finish. It will also be available in cyan and black in a matte finish. The tablet as a report says will be made available by the end of the year in the United States and will be available for $499.


The 10inch Lumia 2520 tablet will be initially introduced in the United States, United Kingdom as well as Finland. The other residents of the other countries will receive the benefits shortly after that.


The device is designed with a 6.7 mega pixel camera along with a Zeiss optics.


Along with the Lumia 2520, the other devices that are also going to be released recently are the two phablets, namely Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1320 which are comparatively reasonable, bearing a 6 inch screen each. The price will not however limit the quality of the device and instead as reports go, the Lumia 1520 will be equipped with an optical stabilization and the latest technology used will allow you to capture more details in every picture you take.


The other low cost Smartphones are the Asha series, consisting of Asha 500, Asha 502 and Asha 503, which is mainly targeted to make its release in the budding economies such as Asia and Africa.


Therefore before being completely handed over to Microsoft who had finalized the deal for $7.2 billion dollars along with an array of patents and licenses that will help Microsoft to compete with the leading rivals such as Google, Apple and Samsung, Nokia the long time leading Finnish phone manufacturer is endowing the customers with the best devices they can and it is like a treat for the customers as well to receive these services.


But facing competition with Apple’s upcoming iPad how well can Nokia make business is to be seen.

Successor To The Nokia 520 Likely To Arrive Soon

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The Nokia Lumia 525-successor to the Nokia 520 is all set to arrive on the scene soon. There are rumors already flooding the market that this phone is going to be an enhanced version of its predecessor the Nokia 520. This is a Windows Phone 8 mobile affordable and easy on the pocket. Lumia smartphones are still being released by the mobile company and there are fresh rumors that the successor to the Nokia Lumia 520 successor will be coming soon. As per some online sources there are rumors that this handset will be given the name Nokia Glee.



This new phone is going to be one of the most affordable phones in the Nokia range. The price of this phone will only be £114.99 and it makes the phone a great valued one considering the fact you can get a Lumia at this price. There is great anticipation in the market that then phone will carry with it some major replacements.

If you take a look at this new phone you may find that the screen of the phone is a little dim and there is hope that the creators of the phone will brighten the mobile up one bit. For those who have more or less seen the phone in an image leaked on the Internet there are demands for a front facing camera and support for NFC. A little more power and a better high resolution display could pep things up and make the mobile stand out much like its predecessor.

Nokia is all set to hold a press event on the 22nd of this month and there is hope that the Nokia Lumia 525 will be unveiled. The Company also will be showcasing the Nokia Lumia 1520 at the same event. This is a phablet and it is the first Windows 8 smartphone promising to sport a quad core processor and a 1080p display. This phablet is a six inch one and it is going to be the first of the company to be launched. More and more pictures have been revealed on the Internet. This event is scheduled to be held in Abu Dhabu and there are reports that we will also get to see the first tablet of the Company the Nokia 2520. Another devices are also in the pipeline and we anticipate to catch a glimpse of them too at this much awaited gala event on the 22nd of October.

Images Of Forthcoming Nokia Lumia 928 Leaked Online

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Nokia of late has hit gold with its exclusive Lumia range of smartphones. These phones have really been a hit in the market and the Finnish company has unleashing new devices that are better and more enhanced than the last. The latest entrant of the Nokia Lumia range of handsets is the Nokia Lumia 928. This phone promises to be better and successful than the Nokia Lumia 920 the last smartphone to hit the market.


In context to the above photos of the much hyped flagship Windows Phone device of Nokia – The Nokia Lumia 928 has finally surfaced online.  This device differs from its predecessor the Nokia Lumia 920. It has a thinner and lighter aluminum body and will be available via Verizon this year.

When you look at the pictures you will find that the color of this new phone is black. You can catch a glimpse of it on Twitter and other major social networking websites. The details and the specifications of this new mobile phone were announced in January 2013 and they have been verified thorugh the 2013 FCC listing of March.

For those fond of photography this phone will not disappoint them at all. The camera has a xenon flash that will match the 8 MP PureView cameras. There are also rumors that this new device will sport the same specifications and features its predecessor the Nokia Lumia 920 had.

On closer examination of this device you will find that the Nokia Lumia 928 will also have a OLED display that is a 4.5 inch one. It will not have the IPS LCD screen that we found in the Nokia 920. The camera is a highly sophisticated one equipped with the OIS technology and LED flash. There are however some confusion over the body of the device. Some rumors state that the body will be a polycarbonate one for the new phone in place of the generally believed aluminum finish.

As per reports by Verge this handset will see the light of day via Verizon Wireless. This new device will also support the special Simultaneous Voice and LTE (SVLTE) and it is going to be shipped along with the Windows Phone 8 latest GDR2 update. This device will be launched on the Verizon Wireless US network and is expected that the new smartphone of this company will be better and more improved than the Nokia Lumia 920 launched on AT & T

Nokia Lumia devices are unlikely to receive WP 7.8 updates

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Nokia Lumia devices including Nokia Lunia 510, Lumia 610, Lumia 710, Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 are unlikely to get the Windows Phone 7.8 updates at least for the time being. Microsoft has put the distribution of Windows Phone 7.8 updates off for the time being for the previous windows based smart phones The twitter account of Nokia’s Russian centre has tweeted confirming this suspension of WP 7.8 updates by Microsoft.


Complaints have been coming for a while from Nokia Lumia users about the problem of draining out of the battery after the WP7.8 update is done. So they users were getting worried about the battery status because there were facing rapid exhaustion of the battery in this new update. So they were trying to get in touch with Nokia to address this issue. In the meantime, Microsoft has officially announced that it is doing away with the updates of Windows Phone 7.8 in devices including Nokia Lumia phones. Microsoft explained new Live Tiles seem to use huge amount of data which results in the rapid exhaustion of battery.  The company also said that it will probably resume the WP 7.8 update once the battery issue is resolved. But it is unclear that by when the issue will be fixed and the WP 7.8 update will back to the Nokia Lumia users. In response to a user who asked that he is facing faster exhaustion of the battery after he has made the update in his Nokia Lumia device to Windows Phone 7.8 OS.

Windows Phone 7.8 is a halfway house between version 7.5 and Windows Phone 8, offering the refreshed homescreen and resizable live tiles that come with the latter.It lets its users to design the homescreen from three different tile sizes. Other features of WP 7.8 update includes improved camera performance, Internet and Bluetooth sharing, enhanced Contact Share. It also provides the facility of Nokia City Lens and expanded language support. Windows phone program manager Joe Belfiore confirmed in Twitter that the company had already identified a minor issue where some WP 7.8 Live Tiles are stopping updating itself. But he also confirmed that research and development work is going on to fix the issue.

Microsoft riled up fans of its patchwork operating system when it confirmed that older Windows Phone mobiles wouldn’t be getting an update to Windows Phone 8 so this Unfortunately, this seems to be the last major update for the Windows Phone 7.x smartphones.

Nokia Lumia 928 Pictures Are On The Web

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Nokia is all set to launch the extension of the flagship smartphone Lumia 920 Windows phone but they are yet to announce any timeline for the launch. But in the meantime, a series of images of this yet to be launched device are doing round the corner in the internet.

The images lacks EXIF info – tags which include location information, time and date of capture, camera settings and most importantly the make and model of camera or smartphone used.


The Lumia 928 is supposed to be a thinner and lighter revision of the Lumia 920. But it shares many of the specifications of its predecessor including the use of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating system. Many reviews are pointing to the weight of the Lumia 920 as being one of its biggest drawbacks as it’s only marginally heavier than most other smartphones on the market – it’s clear that Nokia is looking to keep aside any imperfections in its flagship smartphone line-up.

It seems that the images were taken by rear camera. But they don’t include any direct shots of the device itself, several images taken while pointing at reflective surfaces – including a curved mirror and a pair of sunglasses – provide some hints as to Nokia’s plans for its Lumia 920 replacement. The testers appear to have two devices, one black and one white, both of which include a relocated camera and what appears to be a Xenon flash unit, a previously-rumoured feature for the Lumia 928. A metal strip down the centre of the device’s rear cover appears to include the Lumia branding, although it’s hard to make out in the images provided.

The images may be out but they neither provide any indication of the timeline when this smartphone will be actually launched nor give any hint about its probable pricing. With the handsets appearing to be fully-finished retail models, rather than pre-production prototypes, it would appear that a launch date is just around the corner,may be within few weeks Nokia will officially launch it.

But till now, Nokia has not confirmed anything about the leaked images of the Lumia 928. Rather this finish mobile manufacturing major has kept mum on any information regarding its release date or pricing.

But it is easy to predict by the flow of incidents and the images that Lumia 928 is not too far. So get ready to experience an updated version of Lumia 920.

Nokia’s New Concept Mobile Phone- Lumia 1000

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Nokia could possibly be including a third completely new Lumia handset towards array as of this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, The country. Besides the awaited Lumia 720 along with 520, the particular in German web page ended up being the first to note the particular checklist for any Lumia 1000 in top Chinese-carrier Mobile’s web page. All the Nokia gadget seem to be real, increasing rumors that the Nokia Lumia 1000 could be one the high-end surprise Windows Mobile phones Nokia is predicted to show at The MWC 2013. The Nokia Lumia 1000 been identified on a Chinese hauler that is on the China Mobile’s website. Further, there is no other information regarding the handset apart from the model number. In the record associated with mobiles introduced through Nokia, we can say that this may be the next leading Windows 8 Phone coming from Nokia.


The Lumia 1000 has now supposedly been joined into a formal Chinese supplier’s Cellular data source, the biggest service provider, and it is leaving behind us question no matter if it will be an worldwide edition of the US-bound Lumia EOS, or rather totally different. It seems that the rumor generator were working hard indicating that Nokia puts much efforts on the next leading Lumia handset that will have the 41MP PureView photographic camera initiated on the Nokia 808 PureView. Before, we have been observed in which Nokia was taking care of a tool code named EOS that has anticipated offering the same 41 MP PureView digital camera.

A detail distributing the World Wide Web also indicates that the product will likely be revealed at Mobile World Congress 2013 along with the stated Nokia Lumia 720 and 520, two gadgets that were also presented in the same circular or speculation – the Lumia 720 is predicted to be another reasonable Windows Phone 8, and the Lumia 520 another budgeted handset.

Naturally, the actual MWC expo is however a fortnight away, and that is where possesses planned a sizable click affair pertaining to Feb. 25, therefore we have to see whether Nokia Lumia 1000 is coming to an existence or not. So do not get your desires too great from it, though we keep listening to about metal-clad Lumias that are scheduled to appear this season. All the speculation will be put to relax once the Mobile World Congress shows off on Feb 25, 2013.

Nokia Launches The Windows Phone 7.8 Update For WP 7 Devices

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The official rollout of the Windows Phone 7.8 update will be rolled out soon. This update has been eagerly awaited by many users and has caused quite a stir when it surfaced on specific online forums last month. There are some official developments that have been linked directly to the own servers of Nokia to its devices.


It was last year that Microsoft has announced the arrival of the Windows Phone 8. Several users of these Lumia devices had suffered a great disappointment when they discovered the phones they have recently bought were not part of the plan for upgrades. Microsoft, on the other hand, assured people that it was committed to the Windows Phone 7 Operating system. The company stated that it was willing to support it and this is why it announced that the Windows phone 7.8 is an update that would unite both segments of the mobile OS.

Users of the Windows 7.8 will be able to get the benefits of resizable tiles with the new OS. There is also the re-branding of the Zune to the Xbox Music besides the Xbox Games icons that have changed. There is also the feature of the Bing Lock Wallpaper feature and in case you are searching for an official statement on what is going to be packaged to this update there are a host of exciting features available.

This update has started to roll out and it is possible that it may not be available in the particular region. When the update becomes available it will be displayed via a notification that will come on your phone. You can proceed to update the phone via the Zune software. At present the Windows phone 7.8 update is supporting the Lumia 900, 800,710, 610 and 510.

Microsoft will provide a new homescreen experience that has more room for Live Tiles that is now resizeable. You are able to fix the Bing image daily in the wallpaper lock screen. There is a pocket and child lock security screen. One can embrace twenty themed accent colors too.

Nokia on the other hand provides a Bluetooth Share for DRM free media files. There is also a Cinemagraph with an add-on to make blend, photo and movie like animations where photos are created. This makes them come alive as well. Users will also get a new camera lenses to eradicate unnecessary objects in photos like people on the edge and passers-by.  There is also an updates contacts transfer application and ringtone maker application included.

iROKOtv Mobile Application Launched On Nokia Lumia

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Nokia Lumia phone users are in for good news as the online distributor of Nigerian movies iROKOtv has announced the launch of a totally new mobile application for the phone. They are entering into an exclusive partnership with Nokia. This unique application has been designed to give fans of Nollywood and subscribers of iROKOtv access to these movies while they are traveling. All of this will be accessible on the latest Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 phone.


This application is available totally free of cost for the first three months especially for Nokia and iROKOtv subscribers. Users are able to get access to their favorite movies when they sign up. With this application users are able to have total control over viewership along with the ability to search for thousands of films via actor and genre. There will also be the feature to select movies that you can watch later when you wish to.

There are also a number of extra features in the form of behind the scene movies from sets, exclusive interviews of Nollywood celebrities and stars along with extra news and gossip from the entertainment world. The head of Business Development of iROKO Partners in Africa Adibeli Nduka-Agwu stated that the TV Application is one of the most amazing additions to Nokia Collections in the Windows Phone Store. There are a range of exciting options available on your fingertips. This partnership with the mobile manufacturer is a very exciting development for them. She stated that Nokia is a global leader in the technological and mobile device segments with a dominating presence in West Africa and Nigeria. They have a combination of enthusiasm and expertise in the promotion of African content. She added that she stated that she was very happy and delighted with the collaboration.

This unique partnership will also extend to the music website of these  iROKO Partners. This is the main platform for African music. Users of the Nokia Asha phone will also have access to more than 35,000 tracks from over 400 recording artists located anywhere and anytime on the Nokia Browser. The head of the Ecoysystem Developer Experience or EDX Nokia West Africa Teemu Kiijärvi stated that the iROKOtv application is one of the most interesting additions to the Nokia Lumia handset that lovers of Nollywood will be able to appreciate to a large extent. In fact people will be able to get entertainment anywhere where they go!

Nokia Officially To End The Symbian OS With PureView 808

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Nokia first displayed the 808 PureView at the Mobile World Congress in February 2012. The main feature of the mobile handset was its 41 MP camera. Besides the above the 808 PureView displayed the Symbian OS as its main operating system. This was a strange choice considering the close partnership of the mobile manufacturer with Microsoft.

 images (1)

Nokia has in the past released its quarterly report about the future of its Symbian platform. During the transition to the Windows OS phone in 2012 the Company had continued to ship those devices that are based on the Symbian platform. The Nokia 808 PureView is a mobile handset that showcases rich imaging abilities that came to the market in the middle of 2012. This was the last Symbian mobile handset launched by Nokia. This news comes along with the total earnings report of the company that sported a $585 million profit as well as $10.83 billion as revenue. As for cash flow the company is doing well. The Symbian platform is not drawing its fair share of sales in this last quarter.

 Nokia had managed to sell about 2.2 million Symbian devices, 9.3 million devices under the Asha brand and 4.4 million Lumia Windows Phone devices. These figures were sufficient for the company to bring Symbian to an end. It is interesting enough that the rumors of a 41 MP Windows Phone 8 replacement to the 808 PureView have begun to appear as well. When it comes to the Symbian platform you will find that both Android and the iOS platform rule the mobile market in the present times. So it is obvious that no one will miss a platform that is an aging one. There are analysts who are of the opinion that the Symbian platform is all set to make a quiet exit just in the same manner the webOS did. Now, in case you do not know what webOS is you must have understood the above point.

Nokia will not leave Symbian totally behind when it comes to support. It has entered into an agreement with Accenture to give software development and support to the Symbian platform till 2016. In 2011 in October about 2800 Nokia employees were provided jobs at Accenture. Now, if you are a Symbian fan it is time for you to miss it. However you should also welcome the new OS by the company and hope it is as popular as its predecessor.