Nowadays many consumers are switching to Windows Phone platform because they think it will grow faster than other platforms. But there was another reason as well — the earlier versions of Windows Phone-powered handsets will be updated to Windows Phone 8 Apollo, which is promised to be launched with a lot of improvements, and it will be a real competitor to Android and iOS. Moreover, it is supposed the tablets running Windows 8 will beat the iPad 3 launched recently. This info was denied and accepted for several times within a few hours.

Firstly, a source close to Microsoft told The Verge the current Windows Phone smartphones wouldn’t be updated to Apollo. But a few hours later WMPowerUser posted that Microsoft evangelist Nuno Silva had denied that info, and said all current Windows Phone 7 devices would be updated to Windows Phone 8. They even have the video interview to prove it.

When the first source made such a statement, I didn’t believe it. Earlier ZDNet asked Microsoft if Windows Phone 7 smartphones would be updated to Apollo, the software company simply answered WP7 apps would be compatible with Windows 8.

Well, I deeply believe Apollo will be available for the Nokia Lumias because it is similar to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, which combined the smartphone and tablet variants of Android OS. I mean Windows 8 is said to come with an identical functionality, thus, there is no reason to think Lumias will stick to Windows Phone 7 and not be given a chance to be updated to Windows 8 Apollo.