Four new HD games at Ovi Store

Yesterday Ovi Blog announced they will offer several HD mobile games soon, probably by the end of this week. I guess many users are waiting for Angry Birds Seasons, which certainly will be available at Ovi Store in the next few days. From other HD games I have to single out Uno HD, Assassins Creed HD, Real Golf 2011 HD and Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD.


This is one of the most popular card games ever. You just have to play every card from your hand by matching cards with the same color or symbol as the top card in the discard pile. And remember when you are down your last card, call “UNO”. There is also WiFi multilayer mode allowing you to play with friends and families.

Assassins Creed HD

Actions take place in Jerusalem, 1191 A.D. You have role of Altair, who is a disgraced Master Assassin, sent to kill eight men. While you are busy of finding the victims, you discover the men share a dark secret (I will not tell about it). It’s a 3rd person game where you can find a well-balanced mix of stealth, chaotic action and riddle-solving exploration.

Real Golf 2011 HD

The title is licensed by Nokia for some of its latest Symbian^3 smartphones, for example for Nokia N8. Ten of the world’s best golfers are ready to face off against you, and you have a unique chance to be the first in the world leaving behind even Tiger Woods.

Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD

You play as a Spider-Man who struggles against the Evil using his spidey skills to save New York. This game will help you to spend your Holidays more enjoyable with your Nokia N8.

So, we’ll be pleased if you let us know what do you think about these games.

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