The Lumia 900 is at the moment the most talked–about phone. It doesn’t matter if the talk is about the software mistakes or sales, it is always in the center of everyone’s attention. The latest news from AT&T  was that the sales numbers are sky-high and the retailer stores are being emptied out. There’s no doubt the device is being actively bought but there might be other reasons too.

No one has forgotten about the software failure and the new update. Chances are Nokia is collecting back its devices to fix the issue and release them again. It’s more than possible that the Lumia 900’s journey from the retailer store does not extend to the customer’s but to its creator‘s door.

This process should not take long, if Nokia is trying to do the job quickly and quietly. The devices ordered online may be shipped a little late and retailer stores may be Lumia-full in just a couple of days. The next task for Nokia to do is to make sure the updated phones sell as fast as the old ones, and this time customers pay to the seller, not the other way around.