Though many geeks hurried to call the Nokia Lumia 822 the copy-paste of the original Nokia Lumia 820, it’s not so. WMPowerUser has posted some more info on the first Nokia Windows Phone 8 device of Verizon, and according to it, this phone will differ much from its sibling.

So the Bing Maps will be branded Nokia Maps, documents can be shared via Bluetooth, tap2send, or outlook, and photos via tap2send, Bluetooth, messaging, outlook, Facebook, LinkedIn, OneNote and twitter. Moreover, when a certain app is tapped and held, it can be pinned not only to the homescreen but also to Kids Corner. All Windows Phone 7 apps work with no problem.

When the Nokia Lumia 822 is connected to Windows 7 running PC, the phone is not recognized; therefore it is not mounted as a removable drive. Zune doesn’t recognize it too.

Voice dictation in email works perfect but users still can’t send an email hands-free.

The Nokia Lumia 822 will come to Verizon with 16GB of internal memory, though there is microSD card support. It doesn’t support wireless charging like the Lumia 820 and 920, and its shell can’t be removed or replaced. Finally, Verizon will be selling it for $49.99 on contract. To get the best deals on this and the latest Nokia phones head to your local shop today