Nokia 803 Coming With 4-inch Display

We have already heard of the Nokia 803, which might be Nokia’s last Symbian based handset. Previous leaks used to give us a picture of a mid-range handset with a not that large display of only 3.5 inches. Instead, according to a reliable source report to BGR the device will be equipped with a large 4.0 inch AMOLED display. The rest of the specs of the smartphone as HDMI-out, support for microSIM and NFC connectivity are also confirmed.

At the moment we are expecting to get the device in May, when the manufacturer will offer a smartphone with a rather powerful camera. We are not sure whether it will be a 12 or more megapixel camera, but still it is expected to use high-end sensors and lenses.

The Nokia 803 is considered to be the last Symbian handset, as the sales of the Symbian devices caused financial problems for the manufacturer. Nokia might shift towards the production of the Windows Phone handsets for some time, as here the records of the sales are awesome. Just remember the sold out status of the Nokia Lumia 800 in Ireland a week after the sales, even though the handset was introduced there only this month — around 4 months after its original launch in the UK.

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