Nokia C7: Questions and Answers

Nokia WomWorld held a quick Q&A online yesterday, with the Product Manager of the newly announced Nokia C7, Tim Allen.

Here are the main discussed questions:
1. Nokia C7 looks like a Samsung phone. Was it a natural decision and what aspects formed the new smartphone’s design?
-Apparently, this question was awaited because Tim Allen replied quickly, saying that the designs of their devices were driven by users.
2. What are different video codecs that the C7 can play running Symbian^3?
-That’s true, the C7 supports many new codecs (VC-1 AP (720p 30fps); RealVideo 10 (QVGA 30fps) for playback and MPEG-4 SP; H.264 BP; VC-1 MP D1 30fps (or VGA); RealVideo 10 QVGA 30fps 768kbps for streaming) but Nokia doesn’t fully supportplayback of Dolby Digital content.
3. Why isn’t this smartphone launched with a 12 Mp camera?
-12 Mp camera is physically larger, and as C7 had decided to be a sleek model, the developers couldn’t fit 12 Mp camera and 8 Mp would satisfy Nokia users.
4. What is the difference between the C7 and C6?
– The main differences are: Display size (3.5-inch/ 3.2-inch), Internal memory (8GB + microSD/ 0GB + microSD), FM transmitter (included in Nokia C7 only), Active Noise Cancellation (included in Nokia C7).
5. Will Nokia C7 be shipped with a full Flash 10.1 support?
– Nokia C7 supports Flash Lite 4.0.
6. Does it have any TV connectivity?
– Nokia C7 has TV Out via the 3.5mm AV connector allows to watch HQ videos on TV.
7. What’s the difference between full focus and auto focus cameras?
– Full focus uses EDOF technology, meaning that everything from around 1m to infinity is in focus and it is very useful to get quick shots. The difference of full focus camera is immovable parts in optics unlike autofocus cameras capturing where only part of the image is in focus.
8. Why is the price of Nokia C7 higher than the price of N8?
– These devices’ prices are different across region and operators.
These were the main questions discussed in my opinion.

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