Go to our Lumia 920 tag, and you’ll find everything you need to know about this amazing device. But there is one thing still remaining unknown even to us — the launch details. However, Nokia seems to have accidentally confirmed the Lumia 920 will be sold at $149.99 on contract.

As WPCentral points out, Nokia’s mobile site ( shows the phone will be offered for the same price we saw several times. Firstly, the Nokia Lumia 920 appeared on Best Buy’s web page at $99.99. Afterwards the retailer pulled it down, but eBay’s offer at $149.99 was on. At the moment, you won’t find any of them because both offers were made mistakenly — AT&T is the exclusive carrier of the Lumia 920, and it’s reasonable the first offer comes from the carrier itself.

The device will be out sooner or later (most likely on November 9), and once it is out we can talk about whether the price rumors were right or not. Plus, the smartphone is also rumored to come with a free wireless charging pad. We’ll see.