Nokia’s Symbian-powered smartphones have been using Nokia Drive app for a while. But when the manufacturer launched its first Windows Phone-packed devices, it was officially announced Lumia range handsets would work with them as well. A week ago it was said Nokia Drive 2.0 would be launched the next week. One thing I love about this company is it always respects and keeps the promises it makes. We’re glad to inform you the app is available for download.

Nokia Drive 2.0 is one of the best navigation systems, which includes detailed maps, Points of Interests and so on. But the main improvement is the voice guidance, consequently users can turn off their wireless data transfer and continue driving without thinking of what will happen if the connection fails. Yes, now Nokia offers offline navigation via its Nokia Drive 2.0. It won’t use your data traffic either.

So if you have a Lumia handset, make use of this app as it’s an ideal assistant when driving.