Nokia Lumia 800 Update Appointed for January 18

Battery life problems with the Nokia Lumia 800 seem to continue; there are more users complaining about the issue. Possibly the problem can appear after some time passes from the purchase day, and now affected units register below 1000 mAh (when the norm is 1500 mAh) even if charged fully.

Meanwhile Carrier 3 Italy reports it got a message from Nokia telling the fix to the battery issue is set to be available on January 18, 2012. Previously, Nokia announced it is ready to change any faulty Lumia 800 with a brand new one, in case the users can’t wait that much. Nokia also prepares for the looming launch in the US of its flagship Lumia 800. Verizon Wireless and AT&T are reportedly in the process of testing an LTE enabled model, so the company must do its best not to lose the reputation it has earned during this month.

But this is not all. There are now some rumors Nokia may be working on a 3 inch Windows Phone pocket tablet, as some concluded from the photo of a device Chris Weber was holding while announcing the Lumia 710 will be coming to the US via T-Mobile carrier. It is also assumed this may be just an electronic badge/media device specifically designed for Nokia media events.


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