Even if you try hard you won’t find more than four Nokia Windows Phone smartphones because Nokia doesn’t repeat HTC’s mistakes and doesn’t launch many devices at the same time. Though the Finnish manufacturer is too active in launching featurephones, the same thing cannot be said for Lumias. The first rep from this line was launched back in November 2011. Afterward, the manufacturer released a weaker phone, the Lumia 710. But both handsets were preparing the launch of the most powerful Windows Phone dubbed the Nokia Lumia 900. Once it was available, Nokia announced the most affordable WP-powered handset, the Lumia 610 completing its initial plans. Presently, the company is offering four smartphones designed for four different markets. But as always, we must look at the best phone from the line to see what chances the smartphone maker has in terms of competition.

We have already reviewed the Nokia Lumia 900 but we want to go further and observe the chronology of the phone to find out what obstacles it overcame on its way. It’s an open secret the handset was launched with a few bugs. The rest were discovered after several weeks of usage. Currently, it works properly because Nokia has taken good care of it. But let’s talk about them in details because the Lumia 900 is available in every corner of the globe, and users have the right to know what a hero their smartphone is.

The first problem was discovered immediately after the phone was released. The bug didn’t allow users to access 2G, 3G or 4G LTE data services when it was powered down, restarted or put in airplane mode. Users had to fully reset the phone to fix the problem. But it was not a solution to the bug because each user customizes the phone in their own way, and resetting the phone was a real headache. However, Nokia was very quick and once the bug was discovered, the company announced the appropriate update would soon be launched. The update was launched but users got more than expected — those consumers who had bought the phone before April 21 had a chance to exchange their Lumia 900 with the new software-updated version and receive compensation of $100. A bit later this campaign was followed by the actual update push out for those who were not aware of it or didn’t want to replace their phones.

Once the bug was fixed and everyone used to think troubles were over, another bug came forth — users started reporting about purple color being displayed on the screen in low and auto brightness mode. But users had no time to get annoyed as the company quickly took the wheel in its hands and promised to roll out another update. It was today rolled out to final users, and now we can firmly state the phone is clear of any issue.

The Nokia Lumia 900 suffered not only from bugs, but also from high demand. It sounds funny, but the US, which is known for its ambivalent attitude towards Nokia, was grabbing the Lumia 900 from the stores. Of course, it was a result of a well-thought campaign and the phones were given away almost for free but this device was leading all smartphone charts; that was the return of Nokia.

At the moment, the Nokia Lumia 900 is launched in almost all markets and is selling well. So those who have already bought it or are going to get the phone can be sure all the problems are resolved. Moreover, purchasing this handset you can be certain about Nokia’s standing by your side.