It’s still not clear if Nokia handsets will be upgraded to Windows Phone 8 or not but the many leaks we are having seem to come on our way to convince neither Nokia, nor Microsoft will leave us disappointed. Nokia India’s statement and a leak directly from the Microsoft office in the USA prove what I say. As of present, the Lumia 900 will travel to Saudia Arabia, where, as the official tweet says, it will be launched with Windows Phone 8 aboard and 100% Arabic support.

Nokia Saudi Arabia’s tweet reads:

@ IMousa7 Nokia phones will be available in Saudi Arabia to Umia in ten AD, Arab, 100% God willing, system and Windows 8.

Well, it’s not something unbelievable as Windows 8 is rumored to be launched in fall, so quite possibly the Saudi Arabian Nokia Lumia 900 will be launched after the official release of Windows 8. Anyway, similar statements are usually removed by Microsoft, and this one won’t be an exception but obviously, its probability for the Lumia handsets grows.