AT&T is exclusively selling the Nokia Lumia 920 in the States. All in all, it has some advantages among other carriers, because AT&T was the first carrier in the US to launch a high-end Nokia Windows Phone smartphone in this market, and it didn’t misjudge. A few days ago AT&T launched the Lumia 920 in five colors, but now three options are already sold out.

At the end of October Nokia’s video ad showed only three colors of the Nokia Lumia 920 — cyan, white and black. But we earlier saw red and yellow paint jobs in different leaks. Thus, it was out of doubt Nokia would release the Lumia 920 in other colors too.

Well, the Nokia Lumia 920 has been sold in stores of AT&T, Amazon and Microsoft. I mean it was available via many variants but Nokia didn’t make any statement to let us know how many units were sold. The only thing we learned was that Microsoft had sold out the Lumia 920. Now it turns out the phone is out of stock at AT&T as well, though this status refers to only the aforementioned three color options, while the black and white models are available.

I don’t want to make any assumptions on this because either AT&T had few devices in its inventory and therefore they are sold out so soon, or people went crazy with the various colors of the Nokia Lumia 920. I hope the second.