Despite its outstanding specs list the Nokia Lumia 920 is not the most expensive smartphone. In this context Nokia and Microsoft can be sure the phone will sell well. To promote its sells Microsoft was getting pre-orders for it and another Windows Phone 8 smartphone in its stores, but now it turns out the Lumia 920 and HTC 8X are out of stock.

The picture below was taken at the Bellevue Microsoft Store and tweeted by WMPowerUser Ben Rudolph. The photo shows the store has none of the aforementioned devices available for sale. Moreover, the source claims there are many consumers running from store to store trying to find a Nokia Lumia 920 but it turns to be in vain.

The comments in different forums and blogs state that many people buy this handset and that most of them are satisfied with their purchase. So in all probability Nokia, AT&T and Microsoft will have no reason to complain about its sales when the quarter ends. On the other hand, it’s yet unclear how many Lumia 920s should be sold to make the manufacturer, carrier and software maker satisfied.