The Nokia Lumia 920 will be launched in the US exclusively via AT&T, which will work with the carrier’s LTE network perfectly. Since smartphones have become an integral part of your lives you will definitely not leave them at home when traveling abroad. In this respect, what you need to know about your Lumia 920 when traveling is how to change SIM cards and how to save on data roaming costs.

To help you Nokia has launched two videos. The first one clearly explains what you should do to safely remove the SIM card, while in the second one you can find the tricks that will help you save when using roaming.

As they are official Nokia Lumia 920 support videos (and I’m sure more videos will come later), it’s senseless to give you the instructions.

After watching the videos you can share your thoughts with us. I personally think the Lumia 920 is the most attractive smartphone in terms of design, hardware and software. But as you know the world is obsessed with Android, so I hope this handset will change this approach.