Nokia Lumia 930 Contract Pricing Shows up at Carphone Warehouse

Nokia has been launching their handsets with Windows Phone 8.1. Nokia Lumia 930, a flagship device from Nokia will be accessible in United Kingdom. CarPhone Warehouse has been termed as one of the high end retailers in the United Kingdom. They have revealed the price of Nokia Lumia 930 in UK. lumia_930_story

Nokia Lumia 930 has been made available in various parts of Europe from this week as well. The price of Nokia Lumia 930 has been decided by Microsoft. It can be purchased at the price of € 549 in France. It will be available in United Kingdom soon. The mobile enthusiast has heard a lot about this flagship device from Nokia. They will be soon getting a glimpse of this device. Display of this handset is believed to be one of the key points. Bigger and better display is the need of the hour. The brand of Nokia is trying to cater the customer according to their needs. It will have 5 inch display with the picture resolution of 1920 X 1080. Pixel density of the device is 441 ppi. With this display, the sales of Nokia Lumia 930 will be increased. A Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor with the strength of 2.2GHz will be incorporated in the Nokia Lumia 930. It will be run with the help of Windows 8.1 instead of Android OS. According to the sources, Nokia Lumia 930 without SIM will cost about £ 479.95 from Carphone Warehouse. The price of Nokia Lumia 930 is matched with the unlocked handsets. It is possible to pre order this device. From 8th July, it will be available in the market. It is possible to get the device of contract. The customer has to pay $ 99 at first. After that they can acquire this device with an installment of $ 28 per month. However it has not released in United Kingdom yet. It is believed to be available from next week. Nokia Lumia 930 has been made available with online retailers as well. It is offered through online retailers like Clove and Expansys through pre-order. However these online retailers have not disclosed their price yet.

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