Nokia Lumia 930 is coming with Windows Phone 8.1

By retaining the real asset and excellent camera, Nokia has gone through an ultimate makeover to produce Nokia Lumia 930. With the use of Windows 8.1 in the Nokia Lumia 930, the brand of Nokia has been attracting the Android and smart phone user. It is holding a brave front in front



With the help of Windows Phone 8.1, Nokia Lumia 930 will be dealing with the live tiles. It is believed to be an amalgamation of widget and icon. It will enable mobile enthusiasts to view an entire list of apps and photos along with the pin. It is believed to appear on the home screen of the device. Organization can be handled in much apt fashion with the Nokia Lumia 930. According to sources Nokia Lumia 930 comes with the price of $ 729. With the incorporation of the latest cyan update, it will become an incredible device.

A pull down notification that is similar to iOS and android has been introduced in the Nokia Lumia 930 with the Action Centre. Different kind operating systems and social networking sites will be at your hand through the action centre of the device. Appointments can be handled in best possible manner with the digital life encased in the Nokia Lumia 930. However it may take time to completely digitize your life with the Nokia Lumia 930.

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Rotation Lock and Flight Mode are four main slots of the device. There are seven other slots in the category as well. The mobile enthusiasts can choose a lot according to their need.

In addition to the incorporation of Windows phones, complete interface of the Nokia Lumia has changed. They have moved away from the cheap polycarbonate to a unique aluminum chassis to attract the mobile enthusiasts. By introducing the aluminum body in the frame, they have emulates the way of Apple Inc and HTC.

Nokia Lumia 930 comes with a 5 inch display to grab the attention of the audience. By proving a monolithic look, it has been made more appealing to the fashionistas of the world. Greater look has been provided with the Nokia Lumia 930 as well. The device can be handled easily as well as it comes with the weight of 167 grams and 9.8 mm thick. AMOLED display of the device has enabled it to achieve rick colors with the resolution of 1920 X 1080. The display of the device is protected with Gorilla Glass 3 as well.

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