Nokia Lumia 930 Smart Phones come at discounted price through O2 in Germany

Discounts are on offer in Nokia Lumia 930 through the principal telecom operator in Germany called O2. It has been made available at the price of € 519. It is much lower than its price in the market. It is available from other carriers at the price of € 599. Mobile users will surely take advantage of this discount.



The telecom operator O2 has opened the door for pre order in Germany. The process of pre order has started in other European countries like Italy and France as well. However the shipping process of the product has not started yet. It is believed to start soon to meet the demand of the user. It has been set for a release in the June. However it has been delayed due to unknown reasons. It is believed to roll out from the specified carriers from the month of July. It is believed to hit the market on 10th July.

Netherlands has joined the list of pre order as well. Nokia Store is not distributing the product in Netherlands. The local mobile carrier PDAshop has been assigned with the duty of distributing Nokia Lumia 930 in Netherland. It is priced at € 500 in the country. It will be available in Netherland from 19th July. PDAshop is providing Nokia lumia 930 at the cheapest price in Netherland.

Amazon France has been catering the device at the price of € 550. Verkkauppa, a finish retailer has been following the path of Amazon in terms of price. However Microsoft Store in Italy is launching the product at the price of € 600.

The sale of the product can become affected due to late release. However it is a Windows Phone 8.1 mobile handset that is packed with the features. It is available at a low price as well to attract the customer. It comes with an AMOLED display with the resolution 441 ppi. Corning Gorilla Glass has been used in the device to show brighter colors. Nokia Lumia 930 has a battery capacity of 2400mAh. Quad core processor Krait 400 processor has been used in the Nokia Lumia 930 to produce smooth operation in the device.

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