Rumors made by official sources claim Nokia will launch its first tablet this year. The tablet will be released only before the end of Q4. The novelty will use Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chipsets currently causing issues for the HTC One series lineup models.

The tablet will come with a 10 inch display and will not be produced by Nokia. Instead, it will be outsourced to Campel, which will produce the first testing 200,000 units of the device.

The main feature required is surely the Windows Phone 8 OS. This version of Microsoft’s platform is ideally compatible with larger display models and allows having support for microSD cards and front-facing cameras. Overall, the tablet will be similar to the leaked WP 8 Apollo based Nokia tablet concept.

All this shows that before the end of the year we’ll have a tough competition in the tablet market. Still, I wonder about the main peculiarity of the upcoming Nokia tablet; will it be the presence of a high resolution camera or a longer battery life? Any ideas?