Nokia Windows Phone 7 concept revealed?

Yesterday Nokia and Microsoft have announced the start of a long-awaited strategic partnership, under which Nokia will make Windows Phone 7 one of its core operating systems for the mobile devices. This strategic move on the part of Nokia wasn’t that unexpected especially to those gadget geeks who keep up with the recent events of the IT-world. Over the past two weeks, rumors about a possible alliance of the two companies were so actively discussed  that even Nokia’s shares rose 4% in price.

Meanwhile we’re dreaming what Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 could look like, Engadget came up with the first images of the Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 concept.

I just can’t take my eyes off these shots of the newly-baked concept phones; seems like Microsoft and Nokia friendship will be a very fertile one.

Nokia’s new design resembles a blend of its N8 and C7 Symbian devices, a choice of lively colors leaves no doubt that they are Nokia devices.

Microsoft also played a part in the concepts’ look introducing its famous three buttons on the bottom of the device.

What can i say, I love the design and everything about it. The first major step is done; let’s wait for other Nokia-Microsoft “love fruits”.

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