Nokia Store finds, takes apps for the Nokia X

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Introduction of the new feature will enable to run maximum number of apps through Nokia X. Most number of android apps is compatible with this device. It is one of the flagship products from the brand of Nokia. It is possible to use the apps without any problems. It is one of most interesting feature of the Nokia X.



Apps used in Nokia x devices are available through the Nokia Store. They are presenting the app to the world. They are also taking credibility of the apps. It has been taken from the developers. These apps are very easy to use. It is rumored that the apps are used without the consent of the developers. It has created a huge controversy in the technological field.

The developers are also using the Opera apps store to sell the apps. Opera Mobile store is one of the most notable apps store to distribute apps. It is a distribution portal for browser based apps. It is possible to use the apps without a particular platform. All the application can be used across the platforms. The user can avail apps from Opera browser through this particular smart phone from the brand of Nokia. Opera has removed the technical, psychological and emotional barrier. It may help the user to avoid delay.

It is a super quality app that is made to entice the customer. Services of high caliber are produced through these apps created for Nokia X. It is possible to get an app of choice through this handset. Nokia X supports all kinds of apps. It can be uploaded with quite ease in this device.  Apps from Nokia are enhancing the business of Nokia X.

Developers have been requested use the Nokia apps centre for the distribution of the apps. Nokia has made the transfer of the Nokia apps easy with an account. The developers can upload the apps through it. Later on the user can download the apps from the Nokia apps store. This system has made the things easy and pleasurable ride for the customer. However it is notified to the developers at the last minute.

Why should you buy Nokia Lumia 1520?

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Finally Nokia has entered the “phablet” market with its new 6-inch screen phone, the Lumia 1520. It will compete against some of the well-known brands like Samsung Galaxy Mega and Sony Xperia Z-Ultra. With a 6-inch screen the Lumia 1520 is the biggest entrant into the WP8 operating system. The internal hardware and the price point place the phone into the class of high-end device.



The Hardware

The 1520 contains a 1080p screen which is raised slightly from the phone’s polycarbonate body. The phone consists of a lovely unibody casing. Like any other Windows Phone devices, the 1520 has camera shutter button, power and lock button, and the volume rocker along its side. The phone has outstanding build quality. The phone with its matte finish and casing feels great when held in the hand. The phone is manageable due to its brilliant build quality. At the bottom, you will find search, home, and standard back keys like any other Windows devices.

The Camera

The 1520 comes equipped with a brilliant 20 MP pureview snapper which produces excellent shots in both the low light and bright situations. A disappointing area for the phone is the indoor shots. Some of the shots may have a lot of fuzz and noise while others may not have any issue. The 1520 consists of a 1.2 MP front camera which is pleasing enough to produce brilliant quality videos during Skype calls. The camera provides high quality features like zooming, auto focus, bright and vibrant colors.

The Performance

The phone is extremely is responsive and fast in terms of navigation. The Lumia 1520 makes multitasking easy and resource hogging apps such as Asphalt 8 can be loaded in no time at all. There is no sign of lagging while jumping through various apps. Web browsing is another area which stands out. The Internet Explorer is the built-in browser which is devoid of some extensive features that are available in Opera, Chrome, and Firefox.

Lumia 1520 is a great device which is responsive and fast; has a brilliant build quality; houses the powerful camera and incorporates a large 6-inch screen. Therefore, this device is worth buying.

Microsoft’s Elop defends Android-based Nokia X phones

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On the first day of joining Microsoft, the former CEO of Nokia Stephen Elop has declared that they may continue the production of Nokia X. It is revealed during the Ask Me session on 28th May. Stephen Elop has been appointed as the chief of the Microsoft’s unit for device. Nokia X is build with the help of Android Open Source. Microsoft has taken over the mobile phone business of Nokia. A Microsoft cloud is used in the Nokia devices to connect with the millions of customer in the world.



Terry Myerson, the chief of the operating system group has also confirmed the announcement. The brand is trying to win back their customer through the features of Nokia X handset. It is premium handset from the brand of Nokia.

The brand of Nokia is now part of the Microsoft. It is done on last Friday. Windows phones are hugely used in the Nokia Devices. However they also make phones that is filled with other features. Nokia has also made smart phone operated with the help of ASHA operating system. Nokia has announced the launch of Nokia X on last February when they were quite close to making a deal with the Microsoft. Therefore there is confusion in the market about the continuation of the device called Nokia X. However Nokia X has succeeded in its goal where as other product has failed. It is one of the reasons behind the continuation of the Nokia X in the market.

The features of Nokia X have made it popular among the mobile phone enthusiast. It is not like a typical android phone. Google services such as Google Maps, Google Play App and Gmail are not used in this device. Microsoft is also promoting applications like Skype, OneDrive and through Nokia Mobile phones and especially Nokia X. Microsoft is using Nokia X to introduce the Microsoft applications to the high end customers as they can have an expensive phone.

Nokia X is used as device to connect with the new customer. More than ten thousand customer has become subscribers of Microsoft services with the help of Nokia devices. Nokia X is available in most of the countries in the world. Nokia X may be sold with the same brand in the future as well to increase the sales.

Glance and Micro SD ‘Missing’ in Nokia Lumia 930

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Trendy and slick Nokia Lumia 930 has been one of the latest flagship products from the brand of Nokia. It had been recently launched as a variant of Nokia Icon. Favorable reviews have been garnered by Nokia Lumia Icon since it is launched few months back in the United States of America.  The mobile enthusiast has been waiting for the launch Nokia Lumia 930 for long time. It is known for a fact that the user will buy this flagship product to enjoy the ultimate benefits.



The features of the Glance and Micro SD card have been missing in this new flagship product from Nokia Lumia 930. It may have been stopping Nokia Lumia 930 from becoming one of the best smart phones in the world. The user may not miss the external micro SD card as it has 32 GB as an internal memory. However the feature of glance may be missed by the user. It may create quite a stir in the market.

The feature of a glance screen is introduced in the models of Nokia Lumia. These mobiles are operated with the help of Windows 8. Previously the option of Glance Screen is excluded in Nokia Lumia 521 and 520 as well. It is first inserted with the device called Amber GDR2 summer update in the year 2013. With the help of the feature called Glance it is possible to see the device without using the backlighting. Standard notification can be seen with the feature of Glance as well.

Nokia Lumia 930 comes with 8.1 Windows phone. It is a device with 5 inch AMOLED touch screen. Super sharp and clean picture of the device is achieved with the help of 1080 × 1920 pixel resolution. It is a superlight phone with a weight of 167 grams that easily fits in to the hands of the user. The dimension of Nokia Lumia 930 is about 137 mm x 71 mm x 9.8 mm.

A 20 mega pixel camera is attached with the Nokia Lumia 930 with a pixel resolution of 4992 x 3744. A feature of an auto focus and LED flash is also attached with the mobile. The camera experience of the user is further enriched with a secondary camera of 1.2 mega pixel.

Nokia Monarch is T-Mobile’s Version of Lumia 635

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Nokia has come up with a new interface. However it is not new device from Nokia. It can be marked as T-mobile variation of Nokia Lumia 635. It is recently launched at the Microsoft build on 2nd April. There is a rumor in late March that Nokia is launching a new flagship product called Monarch. It is also said that the product is going to the T-mobile. It is believed to be true as it has come from an authentic source.


It is believed that the Monarch is a variation of Nokia Lumia 635 model. It is valuable addition to the rooster devices of T-mobiles. However it is not confirmed by the brand of Nokia. The geeks are wondering about the specs and features of this variation of Nokia Lumia 635. It is also believed that carrier may work on the specifications in order to make it worthy of its customer.

It is seen that the buyers are more interested in calling the mobile phones with names rather than number. Therefore Nokia Monarch can work as a wonderful variation of Nokia Lumia 635. It is also seen that Nokia Lumia 929 is called with a name of Icon by Verizon.

A mixed response has been achieved by the mobile phone enthusiast over the Nokia Monarch. With the name it is suggested that Nokia Monarch is a high end. It is a flagship product from the brand of Nokia. It may be quite similar to the Nokia Lumia 930 and Nokia Lumia 1020.

Nokia Lumia 635 has features similar to Nokia Lumia 630. However the differences can be drawn on how the device is run. Nokia Lumia Monarch or 635 is run by 4G LTE whereas 630 is operated with the help of 3G.

Nokia Lumia 635 or Monarch is one of the first devices to be operated with the help of Windows 8.1. It may have 480 X 854 pixel resolution with a 4.5 inch display screen. Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 may be used in the device. 8 GB of internal memory is incorporated in the device with 512 MB Ram. The memory of the device can be expanded to 128 GB with the help of MicroSd card.

Nokia Announces the 225 And 225 Dual SIM Internet Phones

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An announcement has been made by Nokia as they are bringing forth their flagship product from the brand. Nokia 225 and 225 dual SIM has been created for the customer with limited budget. They can now enjoy the latest trend of internet phone through this handset. It is an attempt by Nokia to show the masses that they care for the people. The vibrancy and features of these products will surely able to attract the customer from all classes.


Same hardware specification has been used for both the product Nokia 225 and 225 dual SIM. The feature of Dual SIM is only difference between these flagship products by Nokia. A burst of color is ushered into the life with the sharp 2.8 inch QVGA display. One of the unique feature of Nokia 225 and 225 dual SIM is its water resistant and dust proof keypad. It helps to provide toughness in to the character of these devices. It is always expected of the brand of Nokia that they would think for the benefit of the customer. Nokia 225 and 225 dual SIM has extreme memory back up to entice the customer. Nokia 225 with a single SIM can last for about 36 days. In case of dual SIM the standby time is about 27 days.

30+ Operating system has been used on the both the devices. Apps are the one of the main features of the internet phones. With the help of the java support in the Nokia 225 and 225 dual, it is possible to download the apps very easily. The customer can avail these apps from a third party vendor or Nokia apps store. A browser has been installed in the Nokia 225 and 225 dual SIM for the benefit of the customer. Various other kinds of apps such as Twitter and Facebook are also available with the help of Microsoft and Bing. These features have taken Nokia 225 and 225 dual SIM in to a new level.

Nokia has also taken initiative to attract the customer with the preloaded features like games and music. Asphalt 6, Block Bleaker 3, Assassins Creed 3 and Real Foot ball 2012 are few of the games that will help the customer entertained. A built in FM has been installed in the devices to satisfy of music loving customer.


Introducing the Nokia x

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The new Nokia X is a dual sim product. It comes in various different colours including black, blue, yellow, apple green, off white and red sherbet. Some of the features include Main sensor camera of 3 mp, display size of 10.16 cm, processor name is Qualcomm Snapdragon S4, maximum talk time 3G and 10.5h, maximum music playback time is at least 26hours. There is social media too including photo sharing, Twitter, Face book, sending email attachments, and share of Bluetooth. Dimensions are 115.5mm, width with 63mm, thickness of 10.4mm and weighs 128.7g.



Display and user interface 10.16 cm; the display resolution includes WVGA (800X480). Display features include brightness control, tactile feedback, orientation sensor, Nokia glance screen, Nokia double tap and wide viewing angle, TrueColor 24bit/16m display colors, aspect ratio of 15:9, pixel density includes 233 ppi, lcd screen, touch screen with captive two point touch, ambient light sensor, accelerometer, proximity sensor. It’s a touch phone with dual sim facility, charging connectors, micro USB, AV connectors, system connectors including Micro USB-B and USB: USB 2.0.

It has wireless connectivity and runs on CDMA and GSM network, power management with battery capacity of 1500 maH, battery voltage of 3.7m, removable battery, and maximum standby time of 28 days and maximum talk time of 13.3 h.  The processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon™ S4.  It is dual core. RAM – 512 MB, Mass memory is 4GB, expandable memory card such as the micro SD and maximum memory card size of 32GB. It has internet browsing capability including the Nokia, browser, Opera, HTML. Social apps include: Face book, Twitter, sending an email attachment, share over Bluetooth, video sharing for social network and internet, Face book and share Bluetooth.

GPS navigation includes here drive and here maps. There is camera with face recognition feature and auto exposure. They have panorama lens. It has stereo FM as its radio, audio play back file formats including mp4, AAC, mp3, midi. Codecs include mp3, Amr-nb, flac, and midi. It also has a main video camera including with video streaming, and video recording. It is 100% energy efficient.

The Nokia Lumia 930 comes packed with the best of features

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According to the information available in the blog named  My Nokia Blog the company of Nokia will be launching a set of two mobile phones of that of the Nokia Lumia 630 and Nokia Lumia 930. Both the mobile phones will be following the norms of the Windows Phone 8.1, The mobile phone of Nokia Lumia 930 along with the mobile phone of Nokia Lumia 630 will be launched sometime in the month of April. The mobile phone of Nokia Lumia 930 will be launched at the Microsoft’s Build Conference. The code name of the all new mobile phone Nokia Lumia 930 is that of Martini. It is expected that the new mobile phone of Nokia Lumia 930 is really a upgrade from all the previous Nokia Lumia mobile phones like that of Nokia Lumia 920, 925 and 928. According to reports it has been said that the new mobile phone of Nokia Lumia 930 will present itself as the representative of the Nokia Lumia Icon. The Nokia Lumia Icon is available to the people to the people in the country of United States of America through the carrier Verizon wireless. It is rumored that the new mobile phone of Nokia Lumia 930  will run on the new Windows phone 8.1 OS and the mobile phone will have a voice assistant feature within it known as the Cortana. This feature will help the user to dictate the user to carry out commands like replying to a text message without having to make use of the screen.


It is expected that the all new mobile phone of Nokia Lumia 930 will have a five inch display together with the presence of a HD resolution consisting of the resolution of 1920 in to  1080 pixels. It is possible that more information of the mobile phone will be available after its launch in the mo nth of April in the Microsoft Build Conference. All the rumors can only be expected to be true though when the mobile is released sometime in April. For the present all that can be said is that the mobile phone of Nokia Lumia 930 is going to have an aluminum finish together with high end specs.

Nokia Lumia 2520

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With the launch of new Nokia Lumia 2520, Nokia has finally decided to enter the tablet market. Nokia surely hopes to attract the enterprise uptake with the launch of this amazing device. Priced within the range of $399-$499.99, this device is packed with 4G connectivity; Windows 8.1 RT OS; and a 10.1 inch display rendering a resolution of 1920X1080 pixels.



Build and Design

Like the mobile products from Nokia, the build quality of this device is superb. The Lumia 2520, weighing at 615 grams, is bulkier than the iPad Air (469 grams) from Apple but lighter than the Surface 2 (676 grams) from Microsoft. Lumia 2520 with its 10.1 inch display has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and has 8.9mm thickness. The back of the device has matte finish which provides efficient grip for holding the device. The device has a slot for micro SD card, a micro HDMI port, a micro USB 3.0 port, and a 3.5mm jack. But the need to include 2 proprietary charging points in the device is inexplicable. Therefore, in order to charge the device you will require a different charging cable, even if you have a Nokia smartphone.

Display and Hardware

The best feature of this tablet is the 10.1 inch display offering HD quality videos and images. The technology used by this tablet is called Clear Black Display. The maximum brightness is 650cd/m2. This feature helps to present the texts and images in the most clear and contrasted manner. With the tile-based Windows RT OS and the non-existence of pixels from the normal viewing angles, the animation and color looks absolutely stunning.

The 800 chipset from Qualcomm Snapdragon, with clock speed of 2.2 GHz, is included in the tablet. With the help of this powerful processor and a 2GB RAM, the Lumia 2520 has amazing processing capabilities. The applications run smoothly and no hang is experienced in CPU intensive applications. The responsiveness of the touchscreen is excellent.


Lumia 2520 includes the powerful 8000mAh battery which helps the device to run for more than 12 hours. The Apple iPads have slight edge in this area.

The Nokia Asha 220 is a very usable budget phone

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It is considered that the new mobile phone of Nokia Asha 230 will get the same amount of attention as the mobile phone of Nokia X series from the house of Nokia is getting. The two mobile phones of Nokia Asha 220 and Nokia Asha 230 have been unveiled from the company of Nokia which are considered to be low cost devices with all the important features. The mobile phone of Nokia 220 is held to be really well connected with the internet and is priced at a cost of twenty nine euros. The mobile phone of Nokia Asha 220 is a quite low end mobile phone available at a cheap price. The features in the new Nokia Asha 220 mobile phone are not much to be discussed about. The mobile phone of Nokia Asha 220


The mobile phone of Nokia Asha 220 has the features of 2.4 inches QVGA, 240 in to 320 screens and a two mega pixel screen together with a fm radio. There is also the presence of a media player in the mobile phone with a integrated flashlight and a micro SD card slot for memory. The battery of the mobile phone of Nokia Asha 220 gives a back up support for a span of twenty nine days at a stretch. Moreover, there is scope of talking over the phone for a span of thirteen hours. The Nokia mobile phone will be available in a number of hues which include those of red, black, yellow and white. According to the latest bit of information the mobile phone of Nokia Asha 230 will be available in a dual sim variety.  The Nokia Asha 220 has been termed as one of the most inspirational phones. It is wonderful that with the Nokia Asha 220 it is possible to take snaps with the two mega pixel camera which is quite remarkable feature in itself.  It can be said that the latest mobile phone from Nokia is really a cool solution of a mobile phone. The mobile phone giant has mentioned that the mobile phone of Nokia Asha 220 will be available in select markets only all over the world.