The Nokia Lumia 900 was launched in the US exclusively via AT&T, but that exclusivity will disappear after 45 days, which is good news for all those carriers, which also want to release this phone. Many people will doubt if there are other “crazy ones” wishing to try their luck, but it seems only Android and iPhone lovers think so as if we trust an employee inside T-Mobile, the Lumia 900 will be launched in the States via Magenta carrier in summer.

This news is not that surprising as AT&T’s units of the phone are already sold out, thus, we are dealing with a quite welcomed handset, in spite of many analysts who don’t hide their addiction to Android platform.

Anyway, if it does happen, we may see another Lumia 900, the camera of which can offer 12MP lens unlike the original one, which sports an 8MP camera. Plus, it might run the updated version of Windows Phone, therefore it will lack all those bugs discovered on the original phone.

Well, the summer is around the corner, and if this tipster is right, most likely the T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 900 will be released at a cheaper price tag to make a competition.