The Nokia C7 is one of the latest smartphones of the company, though in some aspects the phone yields to its brother – N8, but soon you will make sure the phone’s 8MP camera captures as well as the N8’s one does. This 8 MP camera comes with a full-frame focus system which allows users not to wait for the phone to get focus.

The camera with this useful feature shots photos without any delay and you have just to press the button, everything else the phone will do itself. But if you are going to take macro shots the camera is not as good as N8’s 12MP camera is, though the snaps are sharp, but something is missing – lack of depth in the photographs.

The main disappointing thing is the amount of processing, and during it the phone tries to keep digital noise to a minimum. The captures look enough good even on bigger displays no matter what size the photo is.

Below is a photogallery by guys, and you can estimate the abilities of the Nokia C7’s camera completely.