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Buy Nokia Lumia 800 or 900, Get Free Nokia Purity HD Headphones by Monster

by GULLIVER - on May 2nd 2012 - No Comments
Nokia Purity HD with the Lumia 800

The Nokia Lumia 900 is delayed in the UK and will be launched only on May 14 while the US consumers have been enjoying it for almost a month. The delay was caused by the high demand in the US, and to compensate people’s expectations the manufacturer has decided to give away free Nokia Purity HD headphones. We have already talked about...

Nokia Lumia 900 Vs HTC Titan II: Video Comparison

by GULLIVER - on Apr 28th 2012 - 1 Comment
Nokia Lumia 900 vs HTC Titan II

AT&T is the carrier offering two beasts running Windows Phone OS. They are the Nokia Lumia 900 and the HTC Titan II. Both handsets are very popular among smartphone lovers and can be called highest-end smartphones though Android lovers won’t agree with me pointing at the single-core processors coming under the hood. Besides this,...

Because of Delayed Nokia Lumia 900s in UK You Can Get Free Nokia Purity Headphones

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After everything we have witnessed,  the Lumia 900 just has to get the Sweet and Sour award as this is the exact feeling customers get these couple of weeks. On the one hand, the phone constantly has problems, on the other hand, Nokia constantly gives out exciting gifts to those who have ‘suffered.’ Firstly, its in and out of stock,...

Nokia Lumia 900 in Saudi Arabia with Windows Phone 8 in October

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It’s still not clear if Nokia handsets will be upgraded to Windows Phone 8 or not but the many leaks we are having seem to come on our way to convince neither Nokia, nor Microsoft will leave us disappointed. Nokia India’s statement and a leak directly from the Microsoft office in the USA prove what I say. As of present, the Lumia...

Lumia 900 Revealing New Problem

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Nokia is probably surprised at the popularity its new phone has. If not, then it should be, as more and more problems connected to the Lumia 900 phones are floating up. We were honestly hoping for the white Lumia 900 to come out flawless, without any software or hardware issue, which put the manufacturer in this awkward situation in the...

White Lumia 900: In Stock

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AT&T - white Lumia 900

If you’ve already got a Lumia 900, consider yourself lucky. If you’ve been desperately looking for the handset but couldn’t find it anywhere, then hurry up to catch one while they’re in stock again. The white Lumia was a new hope for Nokia-fans but then it went out of stock only a few days after, and everything started...

AT&T Reminds Its Consumers Nokia Lumia 900 Data Connectivty Issue Must Be Fixed

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ATT Lumia 900 Update Reminder

Though the connectivty issue coming with the Nokia Lumia 900 is solved with the help of a special update, it seems there are some users not familiar with the problem, therefore they have not upgraded their devices yet. But Nokia cares about them too, that’s why the company has sent out a message asking all wireless customers to check...

Nokia Lumia 900 in UK on May 14

by GULLIVER - on Apr 26th 2012 - No Comments

There are only two launch dates mentioned for the UK release of the Nokia Lumia 900. One of them comes from Carphone Warehouse, which says it will sell the handset sometime in June, and the other from Clove UK, which promises to deliver it to you on May 16. Now that new details have leaked, we give our preferences to the latter as Nokia...

Rogers Pushing Out Update to Fix Nokia Lumia 900 Data Connection Issue

by GULLIVER - on Apr 25th 2012 - No Comments

The data connection issue of the Nokia Lumia 900 remains a mystery as the carriers and the manufacturer were too quick in pushing out the update. They used to transfer $100 to the credits of those affected Nokia Lumia 900 buyers. That update was pushed out a few days earlier the announced date. It caused us to think Canadian Rogers would...

Nokia’s Prices Going Down Again

by GULLIVER - on Apr 20th 2012 - No Comments

Nokia has been struggling a lot in creating new ways and methods to take the North American market with the Lumia 900 sales. No doubt the popularity of the phone, in regard to the frequency of its appearance in the news, was sky-high but the actual sales proved to be not so encouraging. When the sales reports were made public, Nokia felt...