The Nokia Lumia 900 is delayed in the UK and will be launched only on May 14 while the US consumers have been enjoying it for almost a month. The delay was caused by the high demand in the US, and to compensate people’s expectations the manufacturer has decided to give away free Nokia Purity HD headphones. We have already talked about this. It was quite welcomed by consumers wishing to purchase the Lumia 900. As of now, the campaign is expanding its sphere of influence — those UK residents who will buy the Nokia Lumia 900 or the Lumia 800 during May will get the Nokia Purity HD headsets.

The Nokia Purity HD headphones were unveiled at Nokia World 2011. They cost £199 and gladly, there’s a good chance to get them for free. Of course, the campaign will make sense only for the Lumia 800 until its sibling is launched. Accordingly, the manufacturer wants to stimulate the Lumia 800 sales one more (last) time before the top-end Windows Phone handset comes to the stores.

Get acquainted with the Terms and Conditions here. Note that Monster’s headphones are very expensive, and it will be a sin to refuse them.


AT&T is the carrier offering two beasts running Windows Phone OS. They are the Nokia Lumia 900 and the HTC Titan II. Both handsets are very popular among smartphone lovers and can be called highest-end smartphones though Android lovers won’t agree with me pointing at the single-core processors coming under the hood. Besides this, there are several contentious features that must be investigated. To find out which smartphone sports better features or looks more attractive PhoneDog has shot a two-part video in which these handsets fight with each other face to face.

In case you are not familiar with these phones, the Nokia Lumia 900 sports a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen with Gorilla Glass 2 and ClearBlack Display, a single core processor clocked at 1.5GHz, 512MB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory, an 8MP rear camera with Carl Zeiss optics, a frontal camera for web chat, Visual Voicemail, WiFi hotspot, and Windows Phone 7.5 Mango.

As to the HTC Titan II, this handset is equipped with a monster 4.7-inch Super LCD touchscreen, a 1.5GHz single-core processor, 16GB of native storage, a 16MP camera on the back, a 1.3MP camera on the front and the same software version.

After everything we have witnessed,  the Lumia 900 just has to get the Sweet and Sour award as this is the exact feeling customers get these couple of weeks. On the one hand, the phone constantly has problems, on the other hand, Nokia constantly gives out exciting gifts to those who have ‘suffered.’

Firstly, its in and out of stock, then, there’s a software problem with a $100 credit gift. This time Phones4U has announced about the phone being delayed in the UK. The reason for this is the unconquerable demand in the US. To compensate the inconvenience of customers who pre-ordered the phone from Phones4U before April 16 and as a “We’re sorry” sign, the manufacturer will pack free pair of Nokia Purity by Monster in-ear headphones with the smartphone.

Although the wait feels like an eternity, those headphones completely turn the problem into a pleasant incident. The UK will get the Lumia 900 on May 14 instead of the promised April 27. Additionally, the phone was announced to be available at Clove starting on May 16.

I would really like to see the planned budget for the Lumia 900 and the after-all report. Adding up all the inconvenience compensations Nokia must have spent a lot on its latest Lumia.


It’s still not clear if Nokia handsets will be upgraded to Windows Phone 8 or not but the many leaks we are having seem to come on our way to convince neither Nokia, nor Microsoft will leave us disappointed. Nokia India’s statement and a leak directly from the Microsoft office in the USA prove what I say. As of present, the Lumia 900 will travel to Saudia Arabia, where, as the official tweet says, it will be launched with Windows Phone 8 aboard and 100% Arabic support.

Nokia Saudi Arabia’s tweet reads:

@ IMousa7 Nokia phones will be available in Saudi Arabia to Umia in ten AD, Arab, 100% God willing, system and Windows 8.

Well, it’s not something unbelievable as Windows 8 is rumored to be launched in fall, so quite possibly the Saudi Arabian Nokia Lumia 900 will be launched after the official release of Windows 8. Anyway, similar statements are usually removed by Microsoft, and this one won’t be an exception but obviously, its probability for the Lumia handsets grows.


Nokia is probably surprised at the popularity its new phone has. If not, then it should be, as more and more problems connected to the Lumia 900 phones are floating up. We were honestly hoping for the white Lumia 900 to come out flawless, without any software or hardware issue, which put the manufacturer in this awkward situation in the first place. It turns out, we weren’t hoping strong enough.

The white Lumia 900 came out to save the company from the deficit, and it would most definitely work, as many customers not only emptied out the stocks (again!) but have also rushed to exchange their black Lumia 900 with the white one.

Now, many users have started to complain about the purple color the screen displays when on low and auto brightness mode. Some are happy with the new color and like it even better then the blue or grey. Despite this, it IS a problem and very far off the Microsoft style. In addition to this, many black Lumia 900 owners have reported the same problem.

The good news is Nokia knows about the problem and tweeted that it’s working on it. We hope this will end up as a software issue and will be fixed with an update as soon as possible. Before this happens, turn the medium or high brightness mode on, and enjoy the otherwise awesome smartphone.


If you’ve already got a Lumia 900, consider yourself lucky. If you’ve been desperately looking for the handset but couldn’t find it anywhere, then hurry up to catch one while they’re in stock again.

The white Lumia was a new hope for Nokia-fans but then it went out of stock only a few days after, and everything started all over again. So now we have good news for those who have been waiting for the white Lumia 900 or at least just a Lumia. The AT&T website features the white color in stock again.

This shouldn’t last too long before the stock is emptied out again. Adding the purple-color issue to the shortage of handsets, we hope Nokia will release a good number of Lumia 900s with no or minor software and hardware issues next time. If you don’t like the colors already launched, slow down a little more and you’ll be able to purchase the magenta Lumia 900.

Aside from the online shopping, some AT&T stores also have the Lumia 900 in stock. To remind, AT&T offers Nokia’s flagship for $99 with a 2-year contract and $450 off-contract.


Though the connectivty issue coming with the Nokia Lumia 900 is solved with the help of a special update, it seems there are some users not familiar with the problem, therefore they have not upgraded their devices yet. But Nokia cares about them too, that’s why the company has sent out a message asking all wireless customers to check for the availability of the update.

The message originally reads:

A software update may be available for your Nokia Lumia 900. To see if your phone has an update available, visit for instructions. Nokia is providing a $100 AT&T bill credit for any inconvenience. Credit may take up to 60 days to appear on bill.

As you see, the manufacturer also reminds the consumers who bought their handsets before April 21 can get $100 credit as a goodwill.

While this might make many people praise Nokia once again, others will say this message comes to prove that Nokia has thought of the data connectivity issue and its solution beforehand. I mean it might be a good promotional campaign for the company together with the cyan and white Nokia Lumia 900s getting the out of stock status immediately after the launch.


There are only two launch dates mentioned for the UK release of the Nokia Lumia 900. One of them comes from Carphone Warehouse, which says it will sell the handset sometime in June, and the other from Clove UK, which promises to deliver it to you on May 16. Now that new details have leaked, we give our preferences to the latter as Nokia mentions the UK Lumia 900 will be launched  in its three colors on May 14.

The information comes from the Verge, which also says the launch date can be changed but in a better way as the Nokia Lumia 900 might be launched earlier than May 14. However, let’s agree the international variant of the Lumia 900 is expected sometime in mid June.

The UK release of the phone was previously said to be delayed because of the overwhelming demand in the US. It makes sense as the cyan and white Lumia 900s are currently out of stock, which means these smartphones are very popular in the States, and Nokia must firstly fulfill the demand there.

The data connection issue of the Nokia Lumia 900 remains a mystery as the carriers and the manufacturer were too quick in pushing out the update. They used to transfer $100 to the credits of those affected Nokia Lumia 900 buyers. That update was pushed out a few days earlier the announced date. It caused us to think Canadian Rogers would soon come up with a similar offer as well. But it didn’t. And only now, a few weeks later the Canadian consumers can download the fix.

AT&T expressed its goodwill with the offered $100 credits, the chance to replace the affected phones and the update to fix the issue. Rogers does the same, which is another hint at the joint activity between the carriers and the manufacturer.

Literally Rogers says:

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and as a gesture of goodwill, we are offering a $100 Rogers Wireless bill credit to everyone who has already purchased a Nokia Lumia 900 or who will purchase one before April 21st.

If you have already purchased a Lumia 900, you will be able to update your software with the fix beginning around April 20th.

The update can be downloaded via Zune software on Windows or the Windows Phone 7 Connector app on OS X.


Nokia has been struggling a lot in creating new ways and methods to take the North American market with the Lumia 900 sales. No doubt the popularity of the phone, in regard to the frequency of its appearance in the news, was sky-high but the actual sales proved to be not so encouraging.

When the sales reports were made public, Nokia felt some explanation had to be made. Company’s CEO Stephan Elop said the fact the prices of Android phones are constantly being pushed down has had a big and negative impact on Nokia’s sales. As a comeback Elop announced that Nokia will very soon lower down the prices for Windows phones as well. Apparently some discounts will be made on Lumia phones, particularly on the Lumia 610.

With this having in mind, we can conclude that Nokia sees the problem in the Android vs Windows Phone competition, in which the latter is not winning. In any way, Windows Phones and Android devices each have their own army of fans, and if the Lumia 900 didn’t manage to become the ultimate best seller for a longer period of time, the reason may lie within the company and its marketing strategy and not outside it.