I can’t say if this is something planned or not but the Lumia 610 is being launched at wide amplitude — it was first launched in the Philippines, now it is available in Luxemburg, then it will be launched in India and later in the UK. In brief, the Lumia 610 will be offered in every country. What’s this if not a guarantee this affordable phone will register high sales volumes? Well, the Lumia 610 is a low-end smartphone and it was expected to be launched in a number of countries but what about the Lumia 900’s international version? Will it be launched in as many countries as its sibling? Turns out it will! The Lumia 900 was launched in Luxemburg together with the Lumia 610.

Yesterday one of the local mobile operators surprised its consumers offering both the Lumia 900 and the 610 in its stores. The buyers who decided to visit LuxGSM’s stores were able to get their hands on Nokia’s latest phones. They also found out that both handsets run the latest version of Windows Phone, 7.10.8773.98, thus, unlike the rest, the owners of these phones won’t have to wait for WP Tango update.

The unlocked models are available at €499 for the Lumia 900 and at €229 for the Lumia 610, respectively. These prices are comparatively higher, so it’s better to wait for the on-contract prices.