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Nokia 800 Appears in Leaked Press Shot

by GULLIVER - on Oct 20th 2011 - No Comments

We don’t know much about the upcoming Nokia handsets running Windows Phone OS, but Nokia World is coming closer and we’ll soon get many answers to our questions. I guess some (or all) of those handsets will be unveiled at the event, and I hope the Nokia 800 will be there, too.

At this moment we know very little about the Nokia 800, but unlike other Nokia WP devices, it has leaked in a photo. I’m talking about the Indian carrier’s ad. As you remember, we have already talked about it and have noted its similarity to the Nokia N9. Now we have another photo coming from PocketNow, and this image confirms our assumption.

Strangely, one of Nokia’s first phones running WP has the same design as the MeeGo-flavored Nokia N9, because Microsoft’s platform must make an overhaul in Nokia’s handsets. On the other hand, this fact explains why Nokia refused to launch the Nokia N9 in many countries, and even why it doesn’t work hard on MeeGo, when it is so popular and loved. Now we come to understand that Nokia avoided it, because it had planned to bring Windows Phone to this handset. I guess this is a very smart step, because the Nokia N9 has managed to become popular. Bravo Nokia!

Nokia N9 vs. Nokia N8 Video Recording

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If you ask me, it doesn’t really matter that Android is the most popular platform and that many manufacturers hold firmly to it. All I know is Nokia’s really cute and it has handsets that are completely out of competition. One of the best handsets in Nokia’s portfolio is the Nokia N8. It’s great, but it doesn’t mean the Nokia N8 stands alone at the peak of glory — the newly-launched Nokia N9 is there, too.

Yesterday we talked about the shocking results the Nokia N9 showed by its video playback. Much earlier we talked about its stunning features (buttonless design, pleasant UI and performance of MeeGo, awesome specs list and so on). Yes, we talked much about this device, but there is one thing we haven’t done so far — we haven’t put it in comparison in terms of video and audio recording. Here we go.

Below you can find a video comparing the Nokia N9 and the Nokia N8 recording abilities. Be attentive; besides the picture quality, there are also sound recording differences. And lastly I just have to say this — Nokia is the best when it comes to audio recording, and I don’t know any other smartphone company paying as much attention to it, as Nokia does.


Nokia N9 Official Availability List Updated

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Every time we speak about the Nokia N9, we note the phone is not available in many countries. We always give us the trouble to enumerate the whole list of countries where the phone is available. We don’t forget to mention about the countries that have dropped out of the list either. The Nokia N9 availability list has been changed; more countries are now included in the list.

The tip comes from a reader, Blue who introduced the complete list where consumers can get the MeeGo-flowered device. Honestly, I have made my own little research and found out this list is not complete at all. I mean there are several countries where Nokia is actively promoting the Nokia N9, but which are out of the list. Anyway, at this moment this list is the latest one and we should stick to it, though if  your country has got the Nokia N9, let us know.

Nokia N9 updated list Nokia N9 old list
Argentina Australia
Austria Austria
Bangladesh Bulgaria
Brazil China
Bulgaria Croatia
Caribbean Finland
China Greece
Chile Hong Kong (cancelled)
Columbia Hungary
Czech Republic Malaysia
Denmark New Zealand
Estonia Portugal
Finland Poland
Hungary Romania
Indonesia Russia
Israel Saudi Arabia
Latvia Serbia
MEA (Farsi) Singapore
Mexico Slovenia
Malaysia Sweden
New Zealand Switzerland
Norway United Arab Emirates
Philippines Vietnam
Saudi Arabia


Official N9 site available Network/retailer confirmed availability 
Italy UK (via Expansys/Play/MobileFun
Philippines Kazakhstan (via Technodom/Texhodom)
Indonesia Germany (Amazon.de, Getmobile.de)
Belgium Denmark (via Telia) Launched, available.
Brazil Canada (Expansys)
South Africa India (IndiaPlaza)
Turkey France (via Expansys, SFR),
none direct from Nokia
Czech Republic Spain (via Expansys)
Mexico USA (via Expansys)
Argentina Ireland (via Expansys)
Pakistan (official Nokia ad)


Nokia 800 Leaked in Indian Carrier Ad

by GULLIVER - on Oct 13th 2011 - No Comments

Every day we learn about more Nokia Windows Phone smartphone names. The first devices running WP will be launched already this year, according to Nokia CEO Stephen Elop’s announcement. Well, till today we’ve heard about several smartphones the Finnish company has prepared for Q4, 2011 launch. Among them we can list the Nokia SeaRay, Sun, Sabre and Ace. These handsets are the most discussed ones, but there is another WP-powered device, the Nokia 800, which will be at the party, too. The phone was previously shown in an ad, now the phone appears in Indian carrier Airtel’s advertisement.

The specs sheet of the Nokia 800 includes a 3.7-inch AMOLED display with a WVGA resolution (480 x 800 pixels), a 1.4GHz CPU and so on. On the whole, these specs don’t drive us into confusion, but the fact the Nokia 800 looks like the MeeGo-based Nokia N9 is a little bit strange.

Anyway, according to the ad, the Indian carrier will have it in its stores only in Q1, 2012. Taking into account this is an Indian ad, we can assume the U.S. will get it sooner, but whether THIS phone will be launched in Q4, 2011 or not is a big question.

On the other hand Nokia World is coming closer and most likely we’ll get the answers related both to Nokia’s upcoming handsets and the Nokia 800.


Nokia Gives out Free Windows Phone-Powered Devices

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Currently Nokia’s working on more than three operating systems, specifically, it launches smartphones running different platforms. That sounds a little bit strange, because usually mobile manufacturers have one big partner and cooperate only with it. That’s beneficial for both sides. But Nokia doesn’t follow others’ examples and dictates its own rules. This is why, though Nokia’s in deep cooperation with Microsoft, the company continues developing its native Symbian, MeeGo, and I am already not talking about Maltemi. Anyway, we must focus on Windows Phone, as Nokia’s decided to give out free Windows Phone-powered devices to WP developers.

During the last months it’s the second time Nokia’s expressing readiness to help developers by giving them free handsets. At first it referred to the Nokia N950 launched only for developers, now the company’s doing the same thing with the WP developers. Of course, Nokia’s done such a bounty in the past as well, but at that time Symbian was the only platform Nokia’s handsets ran. Presently everything’s changed, but Nokia remains faithful to its “humanitarian” roots.

Nevertheless, this is not the only step showing Nokia’s serious when it comes to promoting Windows Phone OS — recently Nokia started offering Developers Incentives for Windows Phone 7 apps. Clearly, Microsoft’s platform is the future of Nokia, so it has to do its best to go out the existing situation. Well, the developers have to wait only two weeks, because it’ll be launched on October 26.


Stephen Elop confirms: Nokia Windows Phone Smartphones to be Launched this Quarter

by GULLIVER - on Oct 5th 2011 - 1 Comment

Though many geeks are waiting for a single Windows Phone-powered smartphone from Nokia, we already have heard about three devices that are going to run Microsoft’s mobile operating system. One of them is the well-known Nokia Sea Ray, which is compared with the MeeGo-based Nokia N9. The other two smartphones have been spotted recently and we do not know much about them. It comes to the Nokia Sabre and Ace. Well, the fact Nokia has prepared three WP-flavored devices is not a secret, but when will they be launched? Currently this is the main question. Nokia SEO has an answer!

On the whole, it was known the first Nokia Windows Phone smartphones would be launched in Q4, 2011. Though earlier they were thought to appear in the market not sooner than in Q1, 2012. Fortunately, Stephen Elop broke all assumptions — the first Nokia WP handset will hit the market this quarter. Moreover, he said “their belief is that there is a clear opportunity for an alternative ecosystem,” which means Nokia is going to make changes in Apple/iOS duopoly.

I bet you’re wondering whether the Finnish company will succeed in this deal or not. But Nokia switched to Windows Phone from February, and it’s difficult to imagine Elop hasn’t a certain plan. Well, Nokia has planned an event on October 26, and many geeks think the company will unveil the first WP-powered devices on that day.


Nokia N9 Shipping Started

by GULLIVER - on Sep 28th 2011 - No Comments

The Nokia N9 is the only MeeGo-powered smartphone manufactured by Nokia. Though many countries are out of the list where this awesome device will be launched, some other countries are waiting for their turn to get it. There is no need to list them because the Nokia N9 has a very strange geography. Anyway, yesterday the Finnish company started shipping the phone.

The Nokia N9 does not look like any other device both in terms of software and design. We have already mentioned that the Nokia N9 is a buttonless smartphone, which is one of the main advantages of the MeeGo platform. In this sense Nokia’s new experimental mobile operating system doesn’t yield to Android or iOS. Moreover, the Nokia N9 looks quite attractive — though appearance is a matter of taste, we have to agree this smartphone outstands in the crowd.

Because of these two features — MeeGo and nice appearance — the company has set rather high prices for the Nokia N9 — 480-560 euros ($650-755).

While many of you are criticizing Nokia, others are receiving this perfect handset and enjoying it. If you are unfamiliar with its features, I’ll recommend you to get acquainted with the Nokia N9’s specs list in our Nokia N9 Preview post.


Nokia N9 Video Ad

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Are you an Android lover, or do you think the iPhone is the best, or do you own a smartphone running Windows Phone or Symbian? Whatever your preferences are, you have to know there is another mobile operating system starting its way in the cruel world of tech, MeeGo. MeeGo? Yeah! And there is also a new smartphone running MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan, the Nokia N9.

I won’t talk about the features coming with the phone, or about the advantages this platform offers, because it is a matter of taste. But you should know the Nokia N9 is a buttonless device and looks quite attractive. I want to remind you that Android-packed handsets will lack buttons only in Ice Cream Sandwich. iOS has buttons on the screen, too, and though it’s only one button, it obviously affects the design. Design — the Nokia N9 has a charm, I can say it for sure.

Well, the design is the main thing the designers have focused on, so remember the following words:








All they are about one phone — the Nokia N9.


Nokia N9 Says Goodbye to France

by GULLIVER - on Sep 23rd 2011 - No Comments

The Nokia N9’s geography is wide — from Mexico to Australia. By saying geography I mean its availability, of course. But this doesn’t mean each country located between these two geographical regions will have a chance to get the Nokia N9, on the contrary — only chosen countries are in the list…

Many countries have already left that list one after another, now it’s France’s turn. Though many users were sure France can’t be removed from it because there was an indication from the FCC ID sticker that the smartphone would come to France and we saw one of the main networks advertising accessories for it… But anyway, the country of love and beauty won’t offer this MeeGo-based smartphone to its consumers. Too bad…

I think the Nokia N9 would become very popular in France if it was launched there. After all, the developers have worked hard on it, and as a result we have a gentle, confident, elegant, rugged, new and secure handset. It was even compared with the iPhone 4, and no matter you like Nokia or not, the Nokia N9 will attract you. Unfortunately, French consumers won’t have a chance to get closer look at it…


Nokia N9 First Unboxing Video

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No matter how strange it may sound, the first unboxing video of the Nokia N9 was shot in Greece. I guess you’ve already heard that the phone is getting pre-orders and will be launched in the coming weeks. Those who are not familiar with this phone can look at its operating system info and close the page thinking this is not for them. After all, many people think that “Android and iOS are the best,” who cares for some strange MeeGo OS? However, this MeeGo-based Nokia N9 has won many hearts with its amazing features, and if you learn more about it, maybe your heart will be conquered by it, too.

So the Nokia N9 is finally released, and it seems to have everything we expected it to have. The phone looks great, even better than in the photos, and MeeGo shows off its awesome features. Well, I only have to congratulate us, Nokia N9 lovers. So do not waste time and watch the unboxing video below.

In the Box:

  • Nokia N9 all-screen superb smartphone
  • Nokia Fast USB Charger AC-16
  • Nokia Charging and Data Cable CA-185CD
  • Nokia Stereo Headset WH-901
  • Get started guide
  • Product information leaflet.