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Is it then an end for Nokia and time to say goodbye? As goes by the news, Microsoft has bought Nokia’s besieged mobile phone business in an effort to “accelerate” its challenge to the dominance of Apple and Google. Shares in Microsoft slid as much as 6%, lopping more than $15 billion off the company’s

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When Windows Phone 8 was announced, geeks realized that Microsoft is entering a new phase. It’s no secret Microsoft’s mobile operating system didn’t support many hardware features. Everything changed with WP 7.5 Tango version. And presently Windows Phone 8 Apollo is a complete OS supporting many types of hardware. Now OEMs can make any device without thinking about the limitations. This makes us think Nokia and other OEMs will make not only high-end devices with larger screens and multi-core processors but also low-end handsets like the Nokia Lumia 610.

We came to conclusion by what Greg Sullivan, the senior product manager for Windows Phone, said. He told KnowYourMobile that the chassis now allows hardware makers to make both high-end and low-end devices. He especially noted that support for microSD card slots will help the manufacturers make cheaper Windows Phone 8 smartphones because they will pack their devices with smaller storages reducing the total price.

At the end, Sullivan said they will give an opportunity to carriers to sell Lumia 610-like handsets side by side with the Windows Phone 8 handsets at least 3-6 months. This means Windows Phone 8 is a real competitor to Android because this OS will be on all kind of handsets.

The Nokia Lumia 900 is still available only in North America. Rogers launched it on April 9 in Canada, a day before AT&T started offering the phone to its consumers. Two weeks later the white option joined them but unfortunately, the latter and the cyan models went out of stock too quickly. This disappointed people but no one can say it had negative influence because many geeks think it’s a well-thought out promotional campaign. Anyway, if you are looking for the white or cyan variant of the first LTE-enabled Windows Phone-packed handset in the US, you can pick it from one of these 15 Microsoft stores.

All three colors are available in Microsoft stores. Moreover, Microsoft comes up with exclusive offers:

Microsoft Assure Bundle    Get two years of extended warranty ($49) + Car charger ($30) + Phone case ($20-$30) = $99 – $109, you pay only $49!

Zune Music Pass Bundle    Get the warranty ($49) + Charger ($30) + Case ($20-$30) + 1 year Zune Pass ($99) = $198 – $208, you pay only $99!

Information was leaked right from the Microsoft office in the USA. According to one of the Chinese forums, WP8 is being tested on Nokia phones. The Apollo update is being tested not only on Nokia’s current but also future phones. The tipster says there is also a-yet-to-be-unveiled Nokia phone involved in the experiment. One of the current phones to be updated with Apollo is the Lumia 800.

The tipster also insists some of the Nokia stores are participating in the testing. Somehow, the changelog of the update has also sneaked out of the secret room. Apollo will bring better speed and touch response, gravity induction, Chinese Simplified and Traditional character set improvements and so on. The Bulk SMS delete has not been developed at the time of the leak. The interface, on the other hand, hasn’t been changed just yet.

There are still some applications the compatibility of which has to be fixed. At least, we know now that the WP7 phones are upgradable and that Nokia India’s hint was about the near future.

However, we shouldn’t be too assured about the changelog as the final version might be completely different from what we see now. The same story has already happened to the Mango update.

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Nokia announced about its cooperation with Microsoft back in February, 2011. People obviously got interested in the design of the phones, and to quench their interest the company posted a photo picturing a few Windows Phone-packed devices. Notably, when the manufacturer unveiled its first Lumia series smartphone in the housing of the MeeGo-powered N9, everyone got oblivious of the picture. Now that one of Nokia’s design patents has been spotted many geeks assume it is identical with the phones shown in that photo.

On the whole, there is only one detail mismatching the phones shown earlier — the capacitive keys in the render are now physical keys in the patent. The rest of buttons and even camera and flash positions are the same.

Well, there is nothing surprising. Moreover, Nokia fans have started talking about a new Lumia smartphone, which might come soon. On the other hand, Nokia still has a non-launched Lumia device, the Nokia Lumia 610. So it’s a bit disputable whether the manufacturer will come up with another Lumia so rapidly.