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Nokia Apps Coming to Lumia Handsets

by GULLIVER - on Feb 29th 2012 - No Comments

Nokia Lumia devices will get a few more apps this year. The first app, which will be updated to fit into Lumia standards is Nokia Drive. This app will be updated to version 2.0, which will add a large list of enhancements and improvements to the existing application.

The first change will be related to internet usage. Those who are frequently using the device will be happy to learn that the application will no longer require constant internet usage while launching the software. Among other changes we have a service notifying the speed limitations for the specific regions and the possibility to use the app in the dashboard mode.


If you got excited about this newer version of Nokia Drive, then I would suggest that you have a look at the new video demonstrating the version 3.0 of the same Nokia Drive. I’m not sure about the release dates of the Lumia handsets, still it’s fun to learn about what to expect in future.

As for the total newcomers, we have Nokia Reading and Nokia Transport. The first application will give access to various news, audiobooks, online publications and will be capable of working with RSS reader.

Nokia Transport will keep you updated with the most current info about the status of the public transportation. At the moment only 46 cities are included in the list, but enthusiasts work on enriching the app with more cities in the near future.


Find Nokia Collection Category in Windows Marketplace

by GULLIVER - on Dec 28th 2011 - No Comments

Frequent clients of Windows Phone Marketplace already know that original equipment manufacturers (OEM) have their own space at the Marketplace, where they aggregate the apps meant for their respective devices.  No need to tell how useful and time saving this becomes when you are looking for a soft compatible with your phone brand model.

Anyway, this is a good catch up by Nokia, for some manufactures including LG, Samsung and HTC all have their respective corners at Marketplace from long ago. Now there should be Nokia Collection category at the Marketplace allowing looking for apps solely for Nokia, but some users are saying they can’t find it. Possibly Nokia has not managed yet to make this available for all countries. There is a photo though coming from French Marketplace, which proves it is available there. Also a user in New Zealand confirms its presence in that location.

Whatever it is, Nokia still has no plans to make its independent Nokia app store, but this should also go in line with the “strategic partnership” Nokia has announced it has with Microsoft. Well, this category thing is a good stuff, but Nokia now definitely concentrates on the upcoming launch of the already no secret Lumia 900 and the Lumia 710.  But that’s already next year.


12 Must Have Windows Phone Apps for your Upcoming Nokia Phone

by GULLIVER - on Oct 20th 2011 - No Comments

Mango is the new brilliant version of Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS, and it has found its way onto quite a few handsets from Samsung, HTC and others. Now it’s our turn to get excited as we have a weеk only left till Nokia World where Mango flavored phones will be introduced. If you are one of the die hard Nokia fans like us and can’t wait to get hold of one of these smartphones, here are the must have apps for you to install on your Nokia Windows Phone handset as soon as you have one.


This is one of the nicest apps you will find on Windows Phone. It identifies any song, simply by listening to it. If you happen to love the song, Shazam will take you to the Zune Marketplace from where you can download it, of course. What makes this app great is the fact it allows you to preview the first 30 seconds of the song before you buy it.

Download Shazam Free or paid Shazam Encore


This amazing app allows you to stream music from any of the 750 radio stations in the U.S.. One of the best features is that you can find channels by genre, or find a radio station by its city. You can also locate some celebrity channels, thrown in for fun. Just like Shazam, if you love the song being streamed you can grab its lyrics, as well as download it from the Zune marketplace. All this takes place within seconds. If that is not enough, you can also sign up to build your own radio station, which will keep streaming songs from your collection.
Download free


If you are a fan of Foursquare, you need to have the official app on your Nokia Windows Phone. It’s nicely designed, and you’ll find all the features here that you get on their website. You can access your past checking, friends and all the other information you store in one easy to use interface. Foursquare is even quicker to use than the official website.

Download Foursquare


Since Windows Phone does not yet support flash, the official YouTube app is an absolute must-have for video junkies. Once the app is installed, watching videos is pretty much like on the actual website. You can search for videos and upload just as easily and share them with the world. You might also want to try the mobile YouTube site.


Flickr Manager

Flickr has become such an integral part of our lives that we absolutely need it on every device we own, including the Nokia Windows Phone. Flickr Manager is really easy to use. Setting up an account or signing into an existing one is so straightforward you will be surprised. You can leave comments on photos with a single tap. Most importantly, photos look absolutely gorgeous on the screen because the app is designed rather well.

Download Flickr Manager Lite free or paid for 0.99$

Angry Birds

Once you have played Angry Birds, we promise you will never want to quit. After playing it for some time, you will ask yourself, “How on earth did I live without this crazy, birdbrained game?” It works very well on the large touch screen and it’s simply a joy to play. Install this app as soon as you buy your Windows Phone and you can play it when you have time to kill.

Download Angry Birds Scoop free or Angry Birds paid There are some other versions so go ahead to check them out.


If you are a Netflix subscriber (as you most probably are), then this app makes it easy to view your movies on the go. Video quality through streaming is absolutely great. Navigating around the app is made as easy as possible. You can find the list of movies that you have watched, and those that are in line. You can also see which movies are the most popular at the moment and do just anything you want with this app.



This is  the must-have Windows Phone app for all movie buffs. Quite frankly, if you watch movies, you should not be caught without this app. It lets you know the show times for upcoming movies. You can also see ratings and reviews for each and every movie. What’s more, you also get information about DVD and home media release dates, so that you can purchase them. The interface is clean and it lays out information in a simple way. Overall, it is an incredibly helpful little app.

Download or may be you can have a look @ IMDB’s WP app as well


If you refer to Yelp (who doesn’t?) for reviews of nearby restaurants, you need to install the Yelp! app right away. As on other phones, this app is feature rich and locating nearby restaurants is so easy. Posting your own reviews about the places you have visited is also quite simple. In many ways, it is more pleasing to view than the official website.


The Weather Channel

This app pretty much does what its name suggests. Find out whether it is going to be bright and sunny, rainy, or cold outside, before you venture out of your home. What makes it a must-have app is the way it is integrated with the Windows Phone. Its layout is minimal and fits in well with the tile structure. You can in fact learn about the weather without entering the app. You can see the updated information on the tiles, if you place the widget on top of the home screen.


ESPN Scorecenter

All sports lovers need to have this app for easy access to the latest scores in any game that are being played. The app also lets you check out the latest news and commentary on running games. If you want to go to a specific match in the past to know about the scores, it is pretty easy to do.



If you are a regular user of Tripit, you will want to install the official app without hesitation. Like other apps, it makes the process of logging in to the service and finding information about your previous trips as well as entering new information about your travel very quick. Information is laid out in a clutter free manner and finding what you need is always very easy.


These are the apps we think are a must-have for your brand new Nokia Windows Phone. Twitter and Facebook are not included on our list only because they are already installed by default. Enjoy!


Best Ovi Apps for Nokia in 2011

by GULLIVER - on Sep 3rd 2011 - 1 Comment

The smart phone market has exploded in the last year. The iPhone seems to be a crowd favorite, but several Android brands, such as HTC and Samsung, have definitely proved to be just as successful as Apple. However, Nokia has also presented a few great smart phones, and unlike the latest 4G Android Phone Samsung Exhibit, your Nokia phone is most likely not going to be banned.

If you own a Nokia smart phone, the you probably already know about the following apps. Regardless, these are the best apps every Nokia owner should have on their phone whether they have a Nokia N8, 5320, or 5800:

1. Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz is a great Nokia features that allows you to make free calls and send free texts to anybody else with a Nokia phone. All you need to do is program in your friends and family members’ information and get to talking and texting.

2. Nokia Battery Monitor

Smart phones are known for the easily run down batteries. With the Battery Monitor app, you can figure out when and how you are using most of your phone’s battery so that you can better conserve its energy and get it to last much longer.

3. PDF+ Basic

If you tend to get PDFs sent to you via email, then you are going to need to have the PDF+ Basic app. This app is a basic PDF reader, and allows you to get your files open whenever you need them where ever you may be.

4. LevelTouch

If your trying to hang a picture or shelf on a wall, there is no need to buy a level when you own a Nokia. Simply turn on the LevelTouch app, lay your phone on the item your hanging, and voila! You’ll have a straight shelf, picture or painting in no time.

5. CompassTouch

Need to find out which direction you’re headed? Simply turn on your CompassTouch app. In a matter of seconds, you will be able to figure out whether you are headed in the right direction or are completely off track. This is a great app for hiking and camping excursions.

Top 3 Symbian^3 Must-Have Apps

by GULLIVER - on Jul 28th 2011 - 1 Comment

A friend of mine has recently bought a Nokia C7. It’s not the latest or the best smartphone made by Nokia, of course, but it’s elegant and has rather good features for its price, so I can understand why he chose it. He’s never had a Symbian^3 based smartphone before, so he had no idea what apps to install.

Here are the 3 must-have Symbian^3 apps (IMHO), and I hope this little list will be useful for him and all the others who are new to Symbian.

1. Swype

Swype, Swype, Swype! If you are going to input much text in your smartphone, I’m sure you won’t like using the default pad. Swype will help you input any text on any screen much easier and faster by continuously moving your finger (or stylus pen ) from letter to letter. Besides, Swype has many built-in languages (at least English, Spanish, Canadian French and Brazilian Portuguese), and you can install additional languages, too. So Swype is really a must-have app for almost every smartphone user.

2. Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz is a very useful app that gives you the opportunity to group all your friends and contacts, call them, send messages (using a big list of services including Skype, MSN, Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo Messenger and many others), chat online and share some files with them. And it will be for free if you use Wi-Fi (free Wi-Fi, of course). Even if you don’t use Wi-Fi, you’ll have a great opportunity to make calls that will be much cheaper than usual, no matter where your friends are.

3. Ovi Maps

You won’t have to search for and install Ovi Maps – they come pre-installed in all Nokia smartphones. But I can’t help mentioning this app, since it offers free navigation and is very useful. Android users have Google Maps, and Symbian^3 users have Ovi Maps!

Music With Me on Your Nokia handset

by GULLIVER - on Feb 9th 2011 - No Comments

All audio nerds can equip their Nokia handsets with a brand new Music With Me 3rd Party Symbian application. The app is presented by the Nokia Beta Labs, and will surely appeal to all folks using iTunes and Nokia handsets.

This handy app lets you quickly and wirelessly bring your iTunes music on your Nokia device. Simply choose the preferred iTunes playlists and Music WithMe will handle the rest. It is really cool we can sync the Nokia device with Apple’s iTunes, that’s the reason I love  3rd Party applications.

BetaLabs Blog:

Music WithMe is a straightforward, simple-to-use application for getting music from your iTunes library onto your mobile phone wirelessly and automatically.

Music WithMe is made up of two components: the mobile app and the desktop client (Mac or Windows). The first time you launch the mobile app you will need to create a new account, the same account can be used for signing in to the desktop client. So set up your account and there it goes. Once you update your playlist, the songs will be automatically downloaded to the Nokia handset.

Enjoy hassle free music experience with Music WithMe.

Nokia Social App updated to v1.3 for Symbian^3 devices

by GULLIVER - on Jan 26th 2011 - No Comments

Folks at Ovi Blog send the word to us that the Nokia Social app for Symbian^3 has got an update which brought it to the version 1.3 . The update comes with a pack of improvements, hence, better sharing and contact integration features and adds on a retweet function on Twitter.

The version 1.3 comes with the following improvements:

  • See your friends’ status updates right from their Contacts Card—now you can see what your friends are up to before you make a phone call.
  • Linked Contacts Indicator enables you to see whose Contacts Cards are socially enabled and whose are not.  Now you can manage your social networks more efficiently. No need to sync all you Social contacts at once, just pick and chose your closest friends and always know what they are up to.
  • Add caption when sharing pictures from your camera to bring your photos to life.
  • Higher resolution picture upload up to 4 MB so what you share is clear and sharp.
  • Want to share your favorite Tweet?  Now you can retweet!

Download the app simply logging in to it on your Symbian devices (Nokia N8, Nokia C6-01 or Nokia C7) and socialize with your friends nonstop for hours.

70% less data consumption with Nimbuzz for Nokia Symbian

by GULLIVER - on Jan 18th 2011 - No Comments

Do you know that a brand new Nimbuzz for Symbian version 3.0.1 is already rolled out? But the most interesting part is still on its way. Stay tuned for more!
The update provides up to 70% less data consumption during usage. Now you will no longer care about costs while using your data plans.

In the new version the Nimbuzz team implemented a new method, more precisely zlib encoding, to compress the data packages. Due to this new function users can save 50% data, the savings can even be up to 70% depending on how you use Nimbuzz.

Moreover the new Version 3.0.1 of  Nimbuzz comes with a number of enhancements:

  • Invisible mode – so you can appear invisible to your Nimbuzz contacts.
  • Allow chats only from friends – so you won’t be bothered by people that are not on your list.
  • Updated status icons – for Online, Away, Busy and Offline modes.

Make your way to Nimbuzz and get the update :)

Moodagent App For Nokia Smartphones

by GULLIVER - on Jan 13th 2011 - No Comments

The collaboration between Nokia Beta Labs and third party Symbian developers shows its first productive results and today Nokia fans can already enjoy many great Symbian applications on their Nokia handsets. Now I am going to present the latest music conscious application.  Stay tuned for more!

If you are a music freak, your handset is surely overloaded with various music files. But sometimes even you can get lost when choosing what to listen; here comes to the aid a Super intelligent Moodagent app.
Moodagent is a very functional app, it doesn’t simply create playlists, but do it according to your mood.

Key features of Moodagent:

  • Instant identification of music profile (based on emotion, mood, genre, style, tempo, rhythm, vocals, etc.)
  • 5 sliders to help you choose the music for your mood.
  • Create playlists that fit the profile of a song
  • Automatically  create a profile as soon as you add a new track
  • Allows you to delete songs from playlists, etc.

You can get hands on the trial version of the app for free simply heading over to Ovi Store here. Or if you are impatient you can get the full premium version just for £1 here.
To know more, check out the video below!!

Nokia Big Screen App For HDMI-enabled Nokia N8 and E7

by GULLIVER - on Jan 10th 2011 - No Comments

If you are the lucky guy to own the most desired Nokia N8, then, I am sure you have already managed to squeeze all the best out of its freaky 12 mg camera and surely, you have stored a huge amount of different pictures, videos and other media stuff.

If you want to share your media with your friends then the Nokia Big Screen application is the right way to go.

Nokia Big Screen is a very handy app designed specifically for the handsets with an HDMI output support, like the Nokia N8 and Nokia E7, which allows you to connect the smartphone directly to TV via the HDMI connector.

With the help of this app you can easily show hundreds of best pictures or videos on a large screen in high definition and perfect quality. Nokia Big Screen will transform your TV into a real Music Center. Freaky, isn’t it?

Nokia Big Screen starts automatically as soon as you plug the HDMI cable to the handset. The quickest way to manage the app is through the smartphone touch display or through the wireless bluetooth keyboard.

Nokia Big Screen is so cool! It is worth noting also that while viewing photos you can use a music track as a background accompaniment. Fans of noisy parties should check out how quickly and easily the app turns the TV into a karaoke device!

Nokia Big Screen features:

  • Show your photos and videos in high definition on your TV screen
  • Listen to music from your phone on your home audio system
  • View song lyrics in karaoke style and watch videos with subtitles
  • Play music in the background while you browse your photos
  • Enjoy slideshows with music of your choice
  • Have a screen saver activate after a minute’s idle time to protect your TV
  • Use your phone as an entertainment hub you can take everywhere with you

Gather your friends, launch your Nokia Big Screen app and get the party started :)