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Nokia Astound Will Not Receive Nokia Belle

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The Nokia Belle update is already on its way to a list of smartphones, while the others still don’t have it and might not even get their chance to feel Belle touch. One of such unlucky devices is the Nokia Astound.

Despite the fact that this smartphone is almost identical with the Nokia C7, which will receive the update, the smartphone offered by T-Mobile will not receive the update. This means the Astound users will have to stick with the current Symbian Anna OS.

We are not sure about the reasons of cancelling the update. Most likely both T-Mobile and Nokia. The update is pretty large reaching the amount of 250 Mb, which is rather hard in terms of distribution. The same situation actually was with the Symbian OS, while the rest of the smartphones received it in August of 2011, then the Astound units received it only in November of the same year.

Still if you rememeber there were rumors that the Astound will not receive the Anna update, thus there’s still chance that T-Mobile will figure out a way to get Nokia Belle to its Astound customers.


Nokia C7 Review

by GULLIVER - on Nov 22nd 2011 - 1 Comment

The Nokia C7 is the second device from Nokia coming with Symbian^3 operating system. The original name of the model used to be the Nokia C7-00, which was then officially cut to the Nokia C7. The handset is also known as the Nokia Astound. This device and the Nokia N8 simply have almost the same software package. The basic difference here is the camera and the design. In both cases the winner is the Nokia N8, coming with a 12 megapixel camera and a buttonless touch display. The customers will be required to pay way less for the Nokia C7 and this is where the situation will shift in favor of the Nokia C7.

For the first time Nokia is trying to show the camera emphasize is not the most important criterion for a smartphone. Interestingly, with the introduction of the Nokia Astound the manufacturer also decided to introduce its luxury version called the Nokia Oro. This handset comes at the price of  $1635. It’s made of 18 carat gold, sapphire crystals and hand wrapped leather featuring the same specs as the original device.

The Specs of the Nokia C7 include:

Network: GSM 850/900/1800/1900, HSDPA 850/900/1700/1900/2100 MHz
Operating system: Symbian^3, upgradable to Symbian Anna OS
CPU: 680 MHz ARM 11 processor, Broadcom BCM2727 GPU
Screen: 3.5 inch, 640 x 360 pixel, AMOLED, capacitive
Camera: 8 megapixels, dual LED flash, face detection and geo-tagging features
Memory: 8 GB storage, 256 MB RAM, 1 GB ROM, expandable through memory card Micro SD
Connectivity: Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0, A-GPS, NFC, compass
Battery: 1200 mAh, BL-5K
Size: 117.3 x 56.8 x 10.5 mm
Weight: 130 gram


Externally, the model looks like a typical Nokia device, but with some sort of innovative touch. The handset comes with a plastic casing similar to those of the Nokia C6 and the Nokia N97. But luckily the back cover of the battery is made of metal. But to call the sense of the device the same as those of metal bars will not be true. It’s mostly plastic, and it’s obvious when you hold the phone.

The handset turns out to be slightly sleeker than the rest of smartphones using 3.5 inch displays. While still an older model the handset comes with 10.1 mm thickness, which is pretty slim for the devices of its kind.


The screen is similar to other models from Nokia, e.g. the Nokia X6. Its resolution is 640×360 pixels and 3.5 inches. It’s covered with special plastic glass, displaying up to 16 million colors. The screen Type is AMOLED, but it cannot be compared with the Super AMOLED from Samsung, this technology is of a different generation. The screen is comparable to the Nokia N8 and the Nexus One. Under direct sunlight it comes with a good picture quality, and it’s here that it triumphs over other handsets.

The display accommodates up to 16 lines of text (not in all modes), supports three font sizes chosen by your phone. It somewhat fades in the sun, but it is typical of this type of screens (exception — all the same Super AMOLED).

This is one of the first products from Nokia, supporting multitouch, you just have to make moves with your fingers (pinch-to-zoom), so that the image gets separated. The screen is capacitive, similar in execution to that of the Nokia X6 and behaves exactly the same way. Sensitivity of the display in most cases is satisfactory, but sometimes it does not react to clicks (software flaw, just like that of the X6).


This is the second version of the Nokia with Bluetooth 3.0, which is also called High Speed. When transferring files to other devices with this technology it activates Wi-Fi 802.11 n, a theoretical transfer rate is about 24 Mbit/sec.

The model supports various profiles, particularly, Headset, Hands free, Serial Port, Dial Up Networking, File Transfer, Object Push, Basic Printing, SIM Access and A2DP. Working with the headset does not cause any difficulties. It also supports standard Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g n. It’s not the first device on the market with such a set of connectivity, still it’s kind of nice to see all of the features available on a single device. And everything works like a clock, without causing any problems.


The Nokia C7 comes with an awesome 8 megapixel camera with an autofocus, which is great. It just walks behind the 12 megapixel camera of the Nokia N8, but I don’t think it’s a big deal. Originally these two cameras cannot be compared due to the difference in megapixels, still both of them are capable of using f/2.8 aperture rating for low-light shooting. The Nokia C7’s camera is using a dual-LED flash and an EDoF focusing system, but the Nokia N8’s camera is using Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus and Xenon flash.




With the Symbian Anna update the Nokia C7’s camera got much improved.

Memory Capacities

The device comes with 8GB of built-in memory, plus there’s a chance of microSD expansion for up to 32GB. The RAM of the device is 256 MB (in contrast, the Nokia N97 Mini has only 128 MB of RAM). For Nokia this is a giant leap forward, which means an increase in the stability of the system and speed.


The capacity of the device battery is 1200 mAh. The phone can work up to 390 hours in standby mode and from 5.5 to 12 hours in talk time mode (UMTS/GSM).

On the downside is that the battery will require charging in two days. Against the background of many competitors, who do not live more than one day, this is a good indicator. The main energy eater is the desktop with widgets. The total time for recharging is about 2 hours.


Unfortunately, in all its glory this model shows that Nokia’s efforts to create social applications for its Symbian^3 smartphones were futile. In contrast to previous trend of different apps for different series, Nokia’s now decided to have identical apps for all Symbian^3 devices.

The manufacturer has created a separate application, which brings together all the accounts of social networking websites, while the authentication occurs via Ovi. This is an attempt to artificially increase the number of Ovi users.

The handset comes with three different homescreens. The shift to another homescreen can be obtained with the use of Swype technology. This time the homescreens are more widgetized, thus you get a chance to optimize widgets for each of the homescreens.

Ovi Store

The handset comes with Ovi Store allowing to have a large list of free applications and games for download. Due to the fact that at the moment Angry Birds is also available for Symbian^3 devices, the Nokia C7 gives you the chance to experience this Apple-designed game on your device.

The Nokia C7 comes with pre-installed Adobe Reader and QuickOffice, but for the editing of the documents you will be required to get a paid update from Ovi Stores. The smartphone also supports Flash Lite 4.0 allowing to watch videos with the YouTube app (also coming as one of the pre-installed apps).


Describing my impressions of the Nokia C7 I should mention it’s among the top smartphones on Symbian^3. Judge yourself, it does not support HDMI-output, and a 12-megapixel camera, but there are other features of the Nokia N8 available on this device.

At this point in the C line there is the Nokia C6, which has a QWERTY-keyboard, is expensive and is not very attractive. Thus this model comes to fill the gap. It’s a nice device for those accustomed to Symbian. Coming with a small number of interesting games and an old interface, the device features several high-end specs. It can be called a great device running Symbian S^3 in terms of price/quality ratio.

Nokia Launches New NFC-Enabled Games

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While other manufacturers refuse NFC technology, Nokia strongly sticks to it. Apple refused it choosing Bluetooth 4.0 and so far I haven’t found any Android device with the NFC functionality (if I am being mistaken, please correct me). Anyway, NFC term has been circulating in the web for a while, which means the ignorance towards it is conditioned by factors other than its popularity. Well, NFC is not intended only for paying via the phone, but also for playing. Some of the games developed by the Nokia Research Center are Nokia World Flags, Nokia Shakespeare Shuffle and Nokia Nursery Rhyme Shuffle.

The above mentioned corporation has mission to explore technology frontiers and solve scientific challenges today, so that tomorrow Nokia delivers irresistible personal experiences. As you see the Nokia Research Center doesn’t sit tight and does its best to help Nokia promote its Symbian Belle devices. I guess you understand which smartphones I am speaking about; NFC-enabled phones including the Nokia C7 Astound, C7-00, 600, 603, 700 and 701.

Well, you can watch the video below and find out a fourth concept (not available) where you tap different parts of a stuffed animal with an NFC phone to launch different games.

At the end, I have to note Nokia is not the first launching games that can be played with NFC-enabled devices. Let’s not forget Rovio, which launched an NFC-enabled version of Angry Birds called Angry Birds Magic. However, Nokia is a most popular brand and both NFC and games like that can become even more popular due to Nokia’s position in the mobile market.


Nokia 701 Really Sports the Brightest Screen!

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When reviewing a phone, we always speak about the screen in details, trying to compare it with other similar screens and find out which one is better. The Nokia 701 hasn’t been reviewed by us yet, but I guess it will be interesting to try to understand why its display is called the brightest one and what makes it so special. Actually, Nokia’s new Belle-based smartphone really sports the brightest screen, and the proof is below.

There are two measurements of a screen’s brightness — nit and lux. I think there is no need to write what is what now (if you are interested you can read about nit and lux in WikiPedia).

Here are several smartphones with their data:

We must separate the Nokia E6 which has been the brightest phone in the market before the 701 appeared. As you see even the iPhone 4 has a less bright display than the Nokia 701.

If we transfer nits to numbers, 1000 Nits is equivalent to 3145 lux. For example, moonlight is 1 lux, TV studios are lit at 1000 lux. Count yourself how much lux the Nokia 701’s screen has and you’ll understand it is 3 times brighter than the iPad.


Nokia C7 and Nokia 701 OS Comparison (Video)

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When talking about the Nokia 701, many experts claim that the device has a lot in common with the Nokia C7. So I guess it will be very interesting to compare these two  Symbian^3 devices. Today I found a video about the main differences between the operating systems of the Nokia C7 and the Nokia 701. The new model comes running Symbian Belle, while the C7 currently has only Anna.

The key differences in the features of  the Nokia C7 and the Nokia 701 hardware include:

  • Processor — ARM 11 680MHz (C7) vs. ARM 11 1GHz (701)
  • Memory — 256MB vs. 512MB
  • Screen — AMOLED vs. IPS LCD CBD

The other specs (8MP camera with 720p HD video recording capabilities, GPS, WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth and others) of these phones are mostly similar, so we can say that the Nokia 701 is the improved version of the Nokia C7, and not only with its features, but with its design, too.

There’s actually only a single feature in the Nokia 701 that is considered to be not that powerful — it’s the display, which is only 3.5 inch.


What has become Nokia C7 camera after Symbian Anna

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The Nokia C7 is one of those rare handsets the US carriers ventured to launch there. Moreover, T-Mobile is offering it for free which mainly helped the phone to score points. Anyway, the handset is worth to praise because there are many awesome features in the Nokia C7 (aka Astound). All these specs became more attractive when the smartphone was updated to Symbian Anna, and though the new version of OS activated NFC functionality, gave a new look to the phone and fixed many bugs, we must mention another exciting improvement it brought—now the Nokia C7’s 8MP camera is ready for new advantages and won’t stop against anything.

Of course, the Nokia C7 can’t be compared to the Nokia N8, because they have weapons of different calibers, but both handsets offer the same f/2.8 aperture rating for low-light shooting. The difference between these phones is not only in MPs. Unlike the Nokia N8’s Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus and Xenon flash, the C7 offers more modern specs—a dual-LED flash with EDoF focusing system. As you remember we have talked about this system when we were introducing the Nokia Oro’s camera, and even that time it became clear the Nokia C7 (aka Astound or Oro) is not a loser.

Well, Nokia has made a special video to help you discover what has become the phone after Anna update, and what you can do with the C7’s camera. It is called “Exceptional photos and video.” Watch the video and let us know whether you like what Nokia is doing with its phones, I mean updates, designs and so on.

Early Nokia Symbian^3 Smartphones to get Symbian Belle in Q4

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Not so long ago we informed you about Symbian Anna that is already available for four Nokia flagships, the Nokia N8, E7, C7 and C6-01. But as I understand it is not enough, because users want more, they want the new update, Belle. Probably, when Symbian Belle running on the Nokia N8 leaked, they “smelled the scent of blood,” and now no one can stop them. Nokia doesn’t even try to stop anyone, moreover, yesterday the company announced the new version of Symbian OS will be available for the Nokia N8, C7, E7, C6-01, E6 and X7 from the fourth quarter onwards.

Today we’ve already seen three Nokia smartphones running Symbian Belle, but they are all mid-range smartphones and probably won’t appear in the U.S. Now the Nokia N8 owners are eager to know whether their favorite cameraphone, the N8, will get Belle.

As it is an official announcement, we have no reason not to believe it won’t happen, but what does “onwards” mean?  Maybe the company meant fourth quarter and beyond? Who knows? However, we’ll hope for the best.


Symbian Anna Available for Nokia Handsets

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I have already written about Symbian Anna and the fact that it will come to four Nokia smartphones soon. Now I would like to inform you — it is available!

The update is really different from Symbian^3 and is worth being downloaded, moreover your Nokia N8, C7, E7 and C6-01 can be updated over-the-air, which is a far more comfortable way than updating via PC. So nothing prevents you from bringing your smartphone to a new level.

The Anna update brings such improvements as a portrait QWERTY keyboard, plus you can split the screen while typing which lets you check out web pages, forms and threads as you type.

Plus, the update provides better Ovi Maps with public transportation routes searches. I think it will be very useful, so it’s one of the main advantages of Symbian Anna.

As the updateable phones differ from each other, different kinds of improvements come with the update. We have talked about it, too, and as the Nokia E7 is a business smartphone, the update must include appropriate features. It provides new business features bringing meeting request support to email, hardware-accelerated encryption of data, and secure intranet access for the users who need IPSEC and SSL VPN enablers.

You probably remember that the Nokia C7 supports NFC functionality, and once you update your C7, the functionality will be activated.

Unfortunately, the U.S. consumers can’t update their phones, since because of Nokia’s latest strategy Symbian Anna is not available in the U.S. Anyway, European users have no reason to worry, as the following countries are the first to get Symbian Anna, the others will get in the coming three weeks:

  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Sweden
  • UK


  • China
  • Egypt
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Kuwait Thailand
  • UAE


Symbian Anna on Nokia N8, E7, C7 and C6-01

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Symbian Anna changed the attitude to the Symbian OS, and I am sure the walls between people and Symbian will be demolished with Symbian Bell and its “sisters.” According to an earlier announcement, Nokia will develop its operating system until 2016 so there are several years and everything can be changed yet… Maybe Nokia will change its mind and launch devices running both Windows Phone and Symbian. However, this time it is not so important, as we have 4 cuties that are ready for Symbian Anna.

I’m speaking about the Nokia N8, the E7, the C7 and the C6-01. They are different, and you must realize Symbian Anna will look different on them. We have already posted those fresh videos Nokia had made earlier, but don’t you want to know how Symbian Anna will look on each smartphone and what goodies it will bring? So, let’s go!

The Nokia N8 is the most popular smartphone from the N-series, and it is not accidental as the phone boasts a 12MP camera that seems to be able to do everything. Symbian Anna changes the appearance of the OS completely, but it mainly depends on the screen size and the phone design. So, as Nokia N8’s advantage is its camera, we can easily assume Anna will make the main changes here. And we’re right — the Nokia N8 supports 720p/30fps video recording due to the update.

The Nokia E7 sports a larger and sharper display so it is quite obvious the update will look more attractive on this phone. But as the E7 features a hardware QWERTY keyboard, we must understand the changes will be directed here. So the main advantage brought by Anna to the E7 is the introduction of a portrait-style on-screen keyboard. Moreover, now the handset provides a faster browser and a revamped calendar.

The Nokia C7 is known for its inclination to social networking. So, everything related with it is now more accessible than ever. Although Symbian Anna brings such functionality to the C7 other handsets can’t provide — the phone now supports NFC. There is still not much to rejoice, but this technology is progressing and the Nokia C7 can benefit soon.

Finally, the Nokia C6-01, which is equipped with a smaller screen than the others, but sports a physical QWERTY keyboard and costs cheaper, also has received a number of goodies coming with Symbian Anna.

Of course, I have my own anticipated handset in this list that will undoubtedly look more attractive, but it’ll be nice to hear your feedbacks.


Symbian Anna for Nokia Flagships

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Nokia is going to push out Symbian^3 updates with female names — Anna, Belle, etc. — you probably already know this. We also know the Anna update was rolled out for old Symbian handsets, and now it’s the turn of the company’s flagships — the Nokia N8, the E7, the C7 and the C6-01. All these handsets will be updated to Symbian Anna in a few weeks.

These four superphones are kings in their territory and can compete with most smartphones. Generally, I guess these will be the last handsets to get Anna, because Nokia will launch Symbian Bell-powered devices soon. We also know Anna was changed especially for the Nokia N8, so it will look a little bit different than in other three devices. So the official videos of each aforementioned smartphones running Anna will help to see what new goodies it brings to the phones.

The Nokia N8 is the most popular smartphone of the company due to its 12MP camera with Carl Zeis lens and Xenon flash, and I can’t think of any other handset currently in the market that is able to compete with this wonder in photo shooting aspect.

Watch this video demonstrating Symbian Anna running on Nokia N8:

The Nokia E7 is a high-class business smartphone with a physical QWERTY keyboard. It differs from other Nokia smartphones with its elegance and severity. The phone is perfect for those who use Office apps, send and get many messages and emails, etc.

This second video is demonstrating Symbian Anna running on Nokia E7:

The Nokia C7 is designed especially for those who spend much time in social networking sites, so it is logical the phone comes with many popular social networking apps. Moreover, the Astound (aka C7) has a rich “brother,” the Nokia Oro. It is the same phone made of diamonds, gold and leather. So Symbian Anna will look quite attractive in this phone.

This video demonstrates Symbian Anna running on Nokia C7:

At least, the Nokia C6-01 is another device dedicated to social networking, though it is packed with weaker features and it is designed for larger masses.

And here is a video demonstrating Symbian Anna running on Nokia C6-01: