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Symbian Belle Update to Come Only Next Year

by GULLIVER - on Dec 8th 2011 - No Comments

Symbian OS is still one of the most discussed platforms, and we shouldn’t be surprised at this, because the company has designed a number of high-end smartphones with this software on board. So it’d be unreasonable to think Nokia will leave them. As expected Nokia is serious about the Fab Four — the Nokia N8, E7, E6 and X7. Recently we got convinced the company would roll out Symbian Belle update for these phones. It even made us hope Belle will come this year. Unfortunately, now we have to say the update is delayed until 2012.

The information is not official, but this is what it says — a Nokia user asked Nokia’s UK branch when the update would be available for his Nokia N8, and the company responded “Symbian Belle will be out early next year.”

We think the corresponding update will be available for them all at the same time. So we have to sit quiet because this information seems quite reasonable taking into account the huge job Nokia is currently doing.


Symbian Belle Coming to Nokia N8 and Nokia E7

by GULLIVER - on Nov 22nd 2011 - No Comments

The latest of Symbian, Belle, was first shipped on board of the Nokia 700 and the Nokia 701. Later Nokia announced it will also update some of the recent Symbian phones to this newer version. To keep customers updated Nokia created a special web page demonstrating the features of the Symbian Belle OS and the list of smartphones, which have already received the update.

The page had an annoying downside showing a list of handsets, which didn’t receive the update. To fix the issue Nokia upgraded the web page and at the moment we can see a more reliable list. If we trust this new list we’ll see Symbian Belle on the Nokia X7, the Nokia E7, the Nokia  N8, the Nokia E6 and the Nokia 500 models.

The updates are expected to be pushed out before the end of this year. Most likely the manufacturer will turn this update into a Christmas Gift for its users. What should you expect from Symbian Belle?

This version of the OS brings in faster browsing, NFC support (share and pair capabilities), six homescreens, live widgets and a pull-down taskbar.


Symbian Anna Devices Not Getting Symbian Belle?

by GULLIVER - on Oct 19th 2011 - No Comments

We’ve already talked that some of the Symbian Anna devices of Nokia will get a Symbian Belle update. Unfortunately we won’t have this awesome version of Symbian on such devices as the Nokia N8, Nokia  E7, Nokia C6-01, Nokia X7 and Nokia E6. But still they will get a minor update for the current Symbian Anna, receiving a long list of enhancements.

We expected the Symbian Belle update to be available by the end of this month, but I guess it’s unlikely to happen. Though some analysts believe the current update is designed to make the devices prepared for the Symbian Belle update.

The current software update brings the devices to 025.007 version. The update comes in a 1MB file making it easier to get the update on your devices. The update allows to get better browser performance and brings stability to the overall performance of the handset. Some customers mention that the update also allows to get rid of various bugs, connected with freezed apps or camera performance.

The update is an OTA, so you’ll get a notification as soon as your device gets the code. The bad news is that the update will be first rolled to the unlocked device and it’ll be actually up to your carrier to get the update to your device or not.


Nokia X7 unboxing and design review

by GULLIVER - on Oct 7th 2011 - 1 Comment

The Nokia X7 is one of those few Nokia handsets that were launched in the US. AT&T ventured and didn’t mistake, because the phone succeeded and won geeks’ hearts immediately after its launch. Of course, it should have something that attracted US carrier’s attention, and it has — the Nokia X7 is designed for gaming, and unlike other similar smartphones, it’s also a good smartphone.

Though almost 4 months have passed since then, we have another first impression and boot up video. Before you’ll start to watch the video posted on Tech Prolonged, it’ll be better to put a quick look at it features:

  • 4-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 360 x 640 pixels
  • 256MB of RAM
  • 1GB of ROM
  • 8GB chip included
  • 8MP camera that takes pictures in a resolution of 3264×2448 pixels, it also comes with fixed focus and dual-LED flash
  • 680MHz ARM 11 processor with Broadcom BCM2727 GPU
  • Symbian Anna.

No matter you are surprised at or disappointed with the features it has, there are 3 reasons to get the Nokia X7. After all, it’s one of the flagships with the Nokia N8, E7 and a few other smartphones as well. So go ahead and share your thoughts with us.

Swype 2.0 for Symbian Anna Devices

by GULLIVER - on Sep 30th 2011 - No Comments

An updated version of Swype text entry system is ready for Nokia customers and available for download  from Nokia Beta Labs. So you can already try it and see what are the main enhancements and improvements of the newer version.

Swype 2.0 was basically created with a great integration with Symbian OS, though it also works with some other operating systems. Anyway, with the release of the Symbian Anna OS, some of the functions were not supported with the current versions of Swype. So v.2.0 was created so to support a portrait type QWERTY keyboard and predictive text technology.

If the portrait QWERTY keyboard integration is pretty cool, then the predictive text technology leaves space to desire something better. The main problem here is that not only the feature is not that great, but also the fact that the guesses are not always accurate.

The interface of the newer version is also much more user-friendly.

Swype 2.0 is considered to be ideal for all Nokia devices equipped with 4.0-inch or better displays, just like in case of the Nokia X7 , the Nokia E7 or the Nokia N8.


Concept Symbian Belle Devices With NFC

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Symbian Anna can be called a “revolutionary” update, because it could change people’s opinion about Nokia’s native platform, Symbian^3. As you know, there are many Symbian-powered smartphones that don’t yield to other manufacturers’ handsets in terms of hardware, but unfortunately, those devices couldn’t win their own place of honor (because of Symbian, which was said to be “unfriendly,” as many people think), and only the Nokia E7 was able to attract some attention.

Anyway, when Nokia announced and then launched the new version of Symbian OS, Anna, everything changed — people started to like it, not criticizing too much, and as a result Nokia stopped being a sinking company and Symbian topped being a “burning platform.”

Once Symbian Anna was pushed out, Nokia announced Belle, which was more promising, more attractive and more flexible. Besides system improvements, more homescreens and a new look, this version activates the NFC functionality in the phones (of course, if they have it).

We have already seen several videos demonstrating smartphones that run Symbian Belle, and now NokiaHomebase introduces a new video with concept devices running Symbian Belle and supporting NFC. Watch it and let us know what you think about them.

Help Nokia to Choose Name for its Windows Phone Smartphone

by GULLIVER - on Sep 1st 2011 - 1 Comment

Nokia’s smartphones don’t have distinguishing names as other smartphones. Look at the same N8 or E7, they don’t have other monikers, but HTC, LG or Motorola always give some memorable names. Say, who will forget the HTC Incredible‘s or the Thunderbolt‘s names, or who will forget the Motorola Droid Bionic?

Do not think it is easy to choose a name for a smartphone. Not all smartphones succeed, and probably here its own role plays the NAME of the phone, too — Acer beTouch, Casio G’zOne Commando, HTC ChaCha. As you see it is quite important to choose the right name, and Nokia has entrusted this hard work to… its users.

Nokia’s Windows Phone smartphones will become available soon (2012?), so ever step the company now takes is very important. Each rash decision, each shortcoming can bring to a collapse. Of course, we welcome Nokia’s poll to choose one of 20 monikers that will become the name of the first Windows Phone handset of the company.

Currently, the leading ones are Genesis, Fusion, Evolution, Metro and others. I voted for the Destiny.

Early Nokia Symbian^3 Smartphones to get Symbian Belle in Q4

by GULLIVER - on Aug 25th 2011 - No Comments

Not so long ago we informed you about Symbian Anna that is already available for four Nokia flagships, the Nokia N8, E7, C7 and C6-01. But as I understand it is not enough, because users want more, they want the new update, Belle. Probably, when Symbian Belle running on the Nokia N8 leaked, they “smelled the scent of blood,” and now no one can stop them. Nokia doesn’t even try to stop anyone, moreover, yesterday the company announced the new version of Symbian OS will be available for the Nokia N8, C7, E7, C6-01, E6 and X7 from the fourth quarter onwards.

Today we’ve already seen three Nokia smartphones running Symbian Belle, but they are all mid-range smartphones and probably won’t appear in the U.S. Now the Nokia N8 owners are eager to know whether their favorite cameraphone, the N8, will get Belle.

As it is an official announcement, we have no reason not to believe it won’t happen, but what does “onwards” mean?  Maybe the company meant fourth quarter and beyond? Who knows? However, we’ll hope for the best.


Nokia E7 for $406 from Amazon

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The Nokia E7 is one of the best high-end devices based on Symbian OS. That’s why even despite of its high price the device has witnessed quite an impressive rate of sales. Amazon, which is one of the main retailers selling the device, is offering a price cut for its customers.

Now you can get the Nokia E7 for only $406 in contrast to the earlier $670. You’ll save $273! This offer is only applicable for the silver color option of the device. Well, I think the silver version of the Nokia E7 looks good, and paying this less for the slide-out Symbian is an awesome opportunity. So you better hurry up!

The Nokia E7 is equipped with a super large 4-inch display with ClearBlack functionality, which allows to view brighter and more enhanced colors. The Symbian^3 OS brings in fast web-browsing and great UI to work with the applications. In addition the device sports an 8MP camera with dual LED flash, easy email setup and GPS Navigation.


Symbian Anna Available for Nokia Handsets

by GULLIVER - on Aug 19th 2011 - No Comments

I have already written about Symbian Anna and the fact that it will come to four Nokia smartphones soon. Now I would like to inform you — it is available!

The update is really different from Symbian^3 and is worth being downloaded, moreover your Nokia N8, C7, E7 and C6-01 can be updated over-the-air, which is a far more comfortable way than updating via PC. So nothing prevents you from bringing your smartphone to a new level.

The Anna update brings such improvements as a portrait QWERTY keyboard, plus you can split the screen while typing which lets you check out web pages, forms and threads as you type.

Plus, the update provides better Ovi Maps with public transportation routes searches. I think it will be very useful, so it’s one of the main advantages of Symbian Anna.

As the updateable phones differ from each other, different kinds of improvements come with the update. We have talked about it, too, and as the Nokia E7 is a business smartphone, the update must include appropriate features. It provides new business features bringing meeting request support to email, hardware-accelerated encryption of data, and secure intranet access for the users who need IPSEC and SSL VPN enablers.

You probably remember that the Nokia C7 supports NFC functionality, and once you update your C7, the functionality will be activated.

Unfortunately, the U.S. consumers can’t update their phones, since because of Nokia’s latest strategy Symbian Anna is not available in the U.S. Anyway, European users have no reason to worry, as the following countries are the first to get Symbian Anna, the others will get in the coming three weeks:

  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Sweden
  • UK


  • China
  • Egypt
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Kuwait Thailand
  • UAE