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Nokia Lumia 800 Review

by GULLIVER - on Nov 29th 2011 - No Comments

Announced at Nokia World 2011 on October 26 the Nokia Lumia 800 is the company’s first smartphone running Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. It denoted the turn the company made from previously used operating systems – Symbian and MeeGo. The phone was officially launched in the UK on November 16, and is reported to be available also in the US, though not officially announced. Nokia has stated this was their “best launch ever.”

Nokia Lumia 800 Design

Nokia keeps traditions in letting users see where the screen ends on the phone, that is the screen does not occupy all the front space, but stops a little before the edges thus creating beautiful margins clearly discernible in non-black models. The Nokia Lumia 800 is made from a single piece of polycarbonate and is available in black, pink and cyan colors. The phone comes with dimensions of 116.5×61.2×12.1mm and weighs only 142 g. The corners of the phone are markedly pointed, which makes it very handy, but if you are a fan of roundish phones, this can be uncomfortable for you. On the top you can find the headset jack and hidden microUSB and microSIM card slots, which are a little hard to open. The tradition lovers would find on the back a big metallic oval segment with the camera eye, Nokia and Carl Zeiss brands on it. Right upwards to it there is a smaller oval segment with the flash. On the right there are chrome buttons for volume, power and camera.

Nokia Lumia 800 Display

The Lumia 800 boasts of a 3.7-inch AMOLED capacitive curved glass display powered with Gorilla Glass and Clear Black Display technologies. The first one does not let the display be scratched, and the latter allows users to see the texts and pictures with the same quality under the sunlight. Moreover, the screen can be Swype-ed and supports multi-touch input. Its resolution is 480×800 pixels and it supports 16 million colors.

Nokia Lumia 800 Hardware

The Nokia Lumia 800 is quite powerful, when it comes to hardware. The phone is packed with a 1.4 GHz Scorpion processor with Adreno 205 GPU meaning we are dealing with a high-speed CPU. This processor is in a good collaboration with 16GB of internal memory and 512MB of RAM. The memory can’t be expanded, because Microsoft has its limitation on this. The device comes with a 1450mAh battery and from a single charge it will provide 9.5 hours of talk mode, 7 hours playback, 55 hours music playback and 335 hours standby time. As for connectivity, it is a “beast.”

Connectivity specs:

  • WEP
  • WPA
  • 802.11b/g/n
  • WPA2-Personal
  • WPA-Enterprise

1. Data synchronization

  • ActiveSync
  • Microsoft Zune for PC and Mac Connector Software

2. Local connectivity

  • WiFi
  • Micro USB
  • Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR
  • USB 2.0 High-Speed
  • 3.5mm AHJ Connector
  • Bluetooth Stereo Audio

Nokia Lumia 800 Camera

The handset is equipped with an 8MP camera from Carl Zeiss Optics, an autofocus, a dual-LED flash and is able to record HD videos at 720p and 30fps. There is no front-facing camera; it’s not Nokia’s fault, but Microsoft’s. Unfortunately, the phone lacks zooming option, which is not that good. You can make nice videos during the day, but the camera seems to be a bit slow to respond to the sudden brightness change and the focal range is poor. In low light condition, the Lumia 800 gets more nervous to focus, but the dual LED flash can be turned on permanently while videoing and enabling focus and color settings to achieve closer to daylight quality.

Nokia Lumia 800 sample photos


Nokia Lumia 800 sample video


The Lumia 800 runs Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, which provides an ultra-simple exploitation experience. The WP7 enables you to run several applications in the background, but only selected apps can do so, while the rest are just disabled (suspended). There are a couple of exclusive applications installed, including Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps, Nokia Music, App Highlights and Contacts Transfer app, which lets you quickly transfer contacts from your old phone. Add to it such indispensable tools as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, Chat and SMS. The Symbian users were already accustomed to Nokia’s profile situations like General, Silent, Meeting, Outdoor, Pager and Offline, but they all disappeared on the Lumia 800, except for the Flight Mode and putting the phone only into vibrate mode. Many people were viewing these profile options as redundant, but just now their presence could be very handy considering the currently abound development of location and time based auto profile switching applications. As to closing applications, the previous Symbian experience of hitting the back physical button is gone, but it is done through the screen back button.



Nokia drive

For drivers, there is a very useful Nokia Drive navigation application, which is very similar to Google’s Maps or TomTom. This can display the map of your position, the directions to drive, the car’s speed and the distance to your destination. It supports 2D and 3D maps, a night mode and satellite view, you can download (via WiFI) maps from over 100 country locations and it shows the distance to be covered.

Nokia Music

Nokia Music opens to show the number of tracks saved on the phone. A quick tap then opens an A-Z list showing Artist, Album, Song, Genre or Playlist.

A swipe to the left from the main Nokia Music screen takes to the Mix Radio, which is a streaming service transmitted through the data connection. The playlists are refreshed each week and there’s a choice of genres to pick from. The Mp3 Store is accessible with another swipe, and one more swipe will give you information on local gigs with prices and other info. It is a standard FM radio, requiring the headphones to act as an antenna to connect to the station. There is also the Marketplace, which provides access to purchase additional music for your personal collection from the Microsoft store.

Nokia Lumia 800 Unboxing

So you have bought the smartphone and now it is time to extricate it from its box, which is pretty attractive and implies there is a high-end device inside. Apart from the phone itself, there is a rather impressive pack of manuals in different languages, and this is not surprising remembering this device has quite different specs compared to Nokia’s previous handset both on technical and operational side. Then there are the charger, the USB cable and a headset. Nicely enough, there is a casing to be found inside just like it was in case of the Nokia N9, which makes protecting the phone from scratches possible right from the unboxing stage. It fits perfectly and smoothly and makes noticing there is a case virtually impossible.


The Nokia Lumia 800 is a new generation high-end smartphone and an amazing thing to own, to feel and to want. It can inspire to new levels and dimensions of experience and experimentation. Judging by the reactions coming from the countries where it is officially available we can deduce it gets and will continue to get very good reception among general public and it seems irrespective of where it is. This of course comes as a disappointment to those, who think the Finnish company is dead, and cannot compete with its main competitors , but again, factual responses prove this is just an illusion and has nothing to do with reality. One of the main advantages this smartphone has is it is very simple to use; it just speaks to you, it responds to your demands very smoothly.

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Nokia’s MixRadio on Windows Phone

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Together with the release of the first Nokia devices running Windows Phone, the manufacturer also revealed the Nokia MixRadio app. It allows to stream free tunes from Nokia-specific music store. The application is developed by Nokia in conjunction with The Echo Nest.

We can finally learn more details on how the application works and what it has to offer. Firstly, it allows free music download on all of the Windows Phone 7.5 OS, including the Nokia Lumia 800. Users can also purchase tunes. The app allows to have around 15 hours of music playback while in the offline mode. Also there’s a chance of using the concert download option as soon as it is available on Nokia Music. The music is being classified within a specific genre, which makes it easy to access your favorite music.

At the moment Nokia Music allows to choose from a 15 million song checklist, while MixRadio allows to give you some recommendations based on your previous choices. The good news is that MixRadio also has the recommendation options for other music stores coming with operating systems other than Windows Phone.


Nokia Lumia 800: Top 5 Features

by GULLIVER - on Nov 10th 2011 - 1 Comment

I believe in the Nokia Lumia 800. Geeks will definitely love it. In short, I believe Nokia’s back. Now let’s have a look at the newly-announced Lumia 800 and discuss the features, which can ensure the phone’s success.

For this deal we decided to turn to our friends at Nokiaconnects, and now we have what we needed. Below is the list of top 5 Nokia Lumia 800 features.

5. Nokia Music — Nokia Music is Nokia’s version of what Apple called iTunes and Google called Google Music. This is a radio-based Mix Radio service that allows users to choose the one they want to listen to. One of its advantages is it doesn’t require registration. But as for the service itself, each channel offers 50 tracks, which are refreshed every week. Plus, when out of coverage the app will cache 200 songs on your device or 4 channels providing two hours of non-stop playback.

4. Homescreen — Homescreen’s Microsoft’s honor, and not that of Nokia’s. But it doesn’t make it less welcomed. We like what we see when taking out and looking at the phone. The new look of live tiles and Windows Phone Mango overall is just awesome.

3. Xbox Live — The Nokia Lumia 800 comes with Xbox Live feature, which allows users to view and edit their profile, check and reply to messages, download games, check their achievements, change their avatar and lots of other actions.

2. Design – We’ve talked about its look for several times, and every time the conversation gains new momentum, because the Nokia Lumia 800 comes in the same design as the MeeGo-powered Nokia N9, but Windows Phone Mango gives another look to it. I heard various opinions concerning its design, and most of them were positive. Even iPhone and Android fans agreed the Lumia 800 has a great appearance.

1. Of course, the first place is reserved for Nokia Lumia 800′s social integration. This is what we call “genius.” You can always get information about your contacts, but besides the basic one, ther’s a deep integration with social networking sites. So every time you open your people hub on the phone, you have a chance to know everything about your contacts.

Nokia Kinetic Concept

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Nokia World is not only about smartphones, but also apps and concept devices. Nokia World 2011 isn’t an exception and besides the Lumia 800, Lumia 710, Asha line handsets, Nokia Music, Nokia Drive, Kik messenger and the Purity HD headset, we were also introduced a flexible smartphone-like model coming by the way of CNET. Unfortunately, CNET says it’s just a prototype phase, so we are very likely to never get our hands on it.

The device is packed with a real OLED display and it scrolls through media collections when twisted in opposite directions by both hands. Moreover, it doesn’t matter that’s a music or photo collection. Bending the display inward or outward users can zoom photos, or pause/play music. You can also tap the corners to pan through photos.

Of course, there is no word whether we’ll see this device in the stores soon, and most likely it’ll never happen, but what Nokia is doing, I mean the way it attracts geeks with its innovation plans, just deserves applause.

Nokia Music Requires no Registration

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Apple has iTunes, Google will offer Google Music soon and all Android-powered smartphones will use this music service directly from Android Market. And now, Nokia has announced its native service, Nokia Music.

Nokia Music is a radio-based Mix Radio service offering the users a choice of hundred channels. By the way, the channels vary by genre. Unlike other similar services, Nokia’s music service doesn’t require registration or any payment for listening to music. Moreover, each channel offers 50 tracks, but they are refreshed every week. It also has a special channel where you can meet all the new releases.

Nokia’s consumers can even listen to music when out of coverage — the app will cache 200 songs on your device or 4 channels providing two hours of non-stop playback. Nokia Music has a special app, live gigs allowing users to see when their favorite band is playing. Besides, they will learn all the necessary information on where they can purchase tickets from.

This is just one of the many features that make Nokia superior over Apple and Google. We’ll see how this will affect Nokia’s sales numbers.


Nokia Lumia 800 Hands-on

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Yesterday was a revolutionary day for Nokia, because the company showed the first results of its transition. I think it has planned everything very well, and we clearly saw how Nokia can surprise  the entire mobile world. As you know, Nokia introduced its first smartphone running Microsoft’s Windows Phone Mango platform, the Nokia Lumia 800. We also saw several other devices and improved apps. And let’s not forget about the much anticipated Purity HD headset. Anyway, at this moment let’s concentrate on the Nokia Lumia 800 — the most important handset in this list on which Nokia’s future plans are based on.

The Nokia Lumia 800 has no buttons on the front, which makes the phone outstand in the market, because all Android-flowered phones and the iPhone have at least one physical button, and as for the Ice Cream Sandwich, there is only one handset missing buttons — the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. So in this sense, the Nokia Lumia 800 together with the Nokia N9 can gather a huge number of satellites. Well, the design of the phone is more or less familiar to us, and it was described in details in the Nokia N9 preview, so let’s switch to less familiar features.

The Nokia Lumia 800 is a quad-band handset with GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900 providing 14.4mbps connectivity in 3G. The phone is packed with a 3.7-inch AMOLED capacitive Nokia ClearBlack display, though in my previous posts I was claiming it comes with the same housing as the Nokia N9, so the screen size must be the same as well. Anyway, unlike the Lumia 800, the Nokia N9 sports a 3.9-inch AMOLED capacitive Gorilla glass display, and we must dig deeper. I promise we’ll come back to this with explanations!

The smartphone is equipped with a single-core 1.4GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with hardware acceleration and a graphics processor. It also comes with 512MB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory. It seems 16GB is too low, but consumers will get 25GB of free SkyDrive storage.

On the back, you’ll find an 8MP camera with autofocus, dual-LED flash, and a Carl Zeiss f/2.2 lens. This is not the most powerful camera on the market, as there is always the Nokia N8 with its 12MP, but the Nokia Lumia 800 is rather well armed in this aspect. Unlike the Nokia N9, this handset lacks a front-facing camera. Lastly, the device is packed with a 1450mAh battery providing up to 13 hours of talk time and 11 days of standby on 2G.

As for the software, the Nokia Lumia 800 runs Windows Phone 7.5, which doesn’t differ from its previous version, though the developers have made some improvements in the platform; a turn-by-turn navigation app, a streaming music service and a sports information app.

The turn-by-turn navigation is called Nokia Drive, and it’s exclusively for Nokia phones. Moreover, it’s the only voice-controlled navigation app allowing users to download maps to their devices for offline use. As for the music service, it’s called Nokia Music, which also comes to Nokia phones exclusively. It offers a streaming feature called MixRadio. That’s an amazing feature offering users to stream music for free to their phone wherever they are. The sports app was made as a result of partnership with ESPN and Nokia. It allows users to access to scores and news for their favorite teams.

Other features worth mentioning — The Nokia Lumia 800 comes with dimension of 116.5×61.2×12.1mm and weighs 142g. It’ll be sold in black, cyan, and magenta colors (with color matched soft cover included). The first countries to meet the Nokia Lumia 800 are the UK, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the Netherlands. The phone will be offered for 420 EUR ($577). Other countries will join the list before the end of the year. The U.S. will get it sometime in 2012.

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Dual SIM Nokia X1-01 Announced

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Nokia has announced a new device – the dual SIM Nokia X1-01, which is radically different from all other dual SIM devices you have ever seen.

The dual SIM Nokia X1-01 can remember the setting for up to five different SIM cards (you can even give each of them a logo, a ringtone or a music signature), and it won’t cause the phone any problems. The Nokia X1-01 is also a Dual-Standby device, which gives you the chance to “choose which SIM card to use for calls, messages and other functions, and switch between them easily from call to call,” as Nokia Conversations describe it. Besides, you will always receive notifications of messages and calls on each SIM of yours without having to switch between them.

Besides, the Nokia X1-01 is a “music device,” and it can deliver up to 106 phon (a unit of perceived loudness) – it’s very loud, believe me, especially for a mobile device. The speakers of the device are very good, too, designed so not to distort the sound even if it’s very loud. They say it’s Nokia’s clearest and loudest speaker ever.

The Nokia X1-01 supports up to 16GB of storage, so you can store many thousands of songs on it – a very important feature for a music device. I think you have already guessed that it has an MP3 player, an FM Radio and standard 3.5mm jack, too :)

This phone will most likely ship this quarter, and we have heard it will cost €34 (about $48).

Nokia Ovi Player 2.1: Transfer Music and Playlists from iTunes to Nokia Phones

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Nokia has recently introduced an updated version of its software Nokia Ovi Player for users of mobile devices of its production. The new version of the package Nokia Ovi Player 2.1, formerly known as Nokia Music, enables users to easily transfer their music from PC to phone and back, and to discover new music in The Nokia Music Store and much more.

The most notable innovation in the Ovi Player was the opportunity to transfer music and play lists from iTunes on a desktop PC to your Nokia. Previously, no direct ways existed for this transfer. The latest version of Nokia Ovi Player can now automatically import your music collection from iTunes to Nokia phones, as well as all the playlists that you manually created in iTunes package. It should also be noted that import of  the files is not supported or protected with iTunes DRM technology and auto-generated playlists.

The second noticeable difference of Ovi Player 2.1 from previous versions is the ability to pause and resume downloading music from Nokia Music and Ovi Music online stores. Ovi Player package can automatically restart the job for all files that could not be loaded in the usual way. The preservation of unfinished downloads is also supported when you restart the program Ovi Player – downloading files will continue as soon as Ovi Player is re-started.

Among the distinctive features of the package Ovi Player 2.1 for Windows operating systems may be noted the new control element in a detailed presentation of a list of files – you can now add all the files from the list-play one after another. New tips for tracks in the playlist, and in order of the play, now show the artist name and cover design in a special pop-up window when you hover the cursor on the track.

When working with an online store Music Store it has become easier to choose your region and change your proxy settings. Call setup dialogue is made by a single keystroke F4. Among other things, the new version of the package Ovi Player 2.1 operates faster, consumes less memory, and you can now hide the screen that appears when you start the program.

Unique Musical Project from Nokia, Island Def Jam Music Group, Universal Music Group International and Superstar Rihanna

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November 4, 2009, Los Angeles: Nokia has announced the launch of a unique international music project of Nokia Play 2010 with the participation of Island Def Jam Music Group (IDJMG) and Universal Music Group International (UMGI). The announcement of Nokia Play 2010 coincides with the start of the sales across the world first-class entertainment device of Nokia X6, available together with the service “together with the music” by providing unlimited access to music.
The project, which has been established to offer an exclusive content of music to lovers from all around the world , by the participation of IDJMG and UMGI will release the long awaited new album of Rihanna superstar called «Rated R». Nokia will support the exclusive live broadcast of Rihanna on November 16, 2009, which can be viewed from all the corners of the globe.
Rihanna’s concert will be webcasted live from London, where for the first time the singer will perform songs from her new album. This exclusive performance will be demonstrated to the visitors of the concert in London, as well as to the entire global audience as Nokia and IDJMG make fans closer to their favorite artists and the artist closer to her fans through a special web page.

For the promotion and broadcasting of this unique event IDJMG, UMGI and Nokia will use the most advanced mobile music services of Nokia, as well as video and communication services. Featured bloggers will be able to record, broadcast and spread the fragments of this exclusive live concert for music lovers from all around the world via social networks. The concert can also follow the registered users of the Nokia service “Comes With Music” who will be able to download an exclusive version of the new album, Rated R with bonus tracks, remixes and additional contents for free. In addition, Nokia will distribute the exclusive application of Rihanna and exclusive videos from the London event via the Ovi store, and in some countries the new track “Wait Your Turn” with Rihanna’s new album can be downloaded before its official release.
The announced project for Nokia is the first musical event in its way which will try to make the artist and her fans from around the world closer.
Liz Schimel, head of Nokia Music, announced: “Nokia is very pleased to cooperate with Island Def Jam and. This collaboration sets a new format for communication between the performers and the fans, as well as provides a unique opportunity for content distribution worldwide. A new chapter in musical history will begin on November 16, which on that day a live broadcast will show the performance of the official presentation of Rihanna’s new album.
“We are pleased to join our strengths with Nokia in this innovative global project, opening a truly unique opportunity for effective connection technology and art – said Steve Bartels ,president and COO of Island Def Jam Music Group. -Together with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of LA Reid (LA Reid), we continually set ourselves the task to develop new and creative strategies to promote our artists in a rapidly changing world. Due to the vast number of technically-savvy fans of the singer and Rihanna’s success in the use of digital and mobile platforms, Rihanna perfectly suits to become the first artist to perform in the framework of this unique initiative. “