Several Lumia models running WP Mango are not released yet, but Nokia’s upcoming WP 8 models are believed to be way advanced. Even Nokia officials, CEO Stephen Elop and Niklas Savander say so.

We are not sure whether Nokia will be ready to introduce a tablet, but at least we have no doubts regarding the smartphones, among them a model currently codenamed as the Nokia Prodigy (there’s a chance for another model codenamed as AC/DC but so far no emphasize is made on it). No details are available on the handset, but it will demonstrate all the abilities of the Windows Phone 8.

The main changes the handsets will face concern the camera, battery and antenna. While the newest version of the Microsoft OS will bring in internal enhancements, Nokia is thinking of offering externally more beautiful and appealing models than the current ones. And this is reasonable as the current design of the phones seems to be even worse than that of the Nokia N9, which is an earlier device.


Four days ago Australian Optus got a chance to offer the Lumia 710, the second Lumia device offered in the territory after the Lumia 800. And now we have the “Out of Stock” status for the smartphone. Most likely there are still a few devices left in the stores of the carrier, while the online stores offer none at the moment.

The number of devices delivered to Australia is not known. Still the fact the demand overcame the supply is pretty good for Nokia. Similarly, the “Out of Stock” status is mentioned for both cyan and black versions of the Nokia Lumia 800.

A look at other currently available smartphones makes us conclude the Nokia devices were somewhat more attractive than the smartphones from HTC, Samsung, Blackberry and even Apple.

If you wish to get a Nokia device immediately without waiting for more Lumia 710 handsets to be delivered to Australia, you can consider the Nokia N9. It’s the only Nokia model coming without hard keys and sporting exclusive MeeGo OS.


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