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Nokia N8 vs N97 mini vs E52 vs C6 Speaker Test

by GULLIVER - on Nov 9th 2010 - 1 Comment

While opting for a mobile phone many users, especially audio nerds, pay a great attention to the sound quality of the device. Nokia sound appreciators can enjoy a video comparison of the four different smartphones showing the difference in speaker performance.

The video displayed by the user Ovijade compares the volume and quality of the speakers of the models Nokia N8, C6, N97 mini and E52. Actually you can watch everything on the video below.

WordPress for Nokia for free

by GULLIVER - on Nov 4th 2010 - No Comments

Several months ago WordPress, which is the most popular blogging client, released its beta version for mobiles, and probably the users like it, as several days ago the app became available for Nokia’s S60 devices.

The app has been equipped with more functionality during these testing months, and at the same time the bugs and fixes were solved due to the Nokia Development team. The success of their work was the fact they are very contactable, and were always ready to answer the users’ questions and accept their offers making WordPress better.

The client is free for download from OviStore, for more information you can visit its official web page http://nokia.wordpress.org to find out what’s new in publishing new posts and pages, editing the existing content in a blog, managing comments, checking stats and more. Currently the WordPress client is supported by the Nokia N97 Mini and X6, but the developers’ team is working to expand the phones amount supporting the app, as the company’s last smartphones running Symbian^3 are out from the list.

Nokia C6 as N97’s successor

by GULLIVER - on Nov 1st 2010 - No Comments

The Nokia C6 is another mid-range smartphone, which is similar to the Nokia N97 mini in many ways as both of them run the same OS, have the same screen size and are powered by 434MHz processors. But these two phones are different in many aspects and C6 supports such features that the N97 mini doesn’t do, for example, larger footprints, Flash Lite 3.1, but it doesn’t have a Carl Zeiss optics for the camera.

Let’s see what differences and advantages Nokia C6 comes with.


The Nokia C6’s screen isn’t tilt and is larger than N97’s, the front of the phone is glassy, but the back is made of smooth matte plastic. Though this is not a high-end smartphone and is designed for mass market, many users don’t expect that such a phone would have a plastic as its main component.

The C6 comes only in black or white versions, there is no other color of it. As it features a resistive display, you have to put a little pressure before it responses the command. The phone sports a 3.2 inch touchscreen with a resolution of 640×360 pixels and supporting 16 million colors. As the keyboard and the directional control panel pad expand the phone’s length, the Call, Menu and End keys are located far from the display.

On the top of the phone we have 3.5mm audio jack and micro-USB port, and on the bottom edge we can find 2mm charge connector which light up in a white glow when connected to a power source. On the right side are the volume buttons, keylock and camera shutter, and on the left side the phone has got microSD expansion card slot supporting up to 16GB memory card. At the back are the 5MP camera and on-board speakers completing the phone’s design.


The Nokia C6 is based on S40 5th Edition platform, and one of the advantages of it is the ticker tape-style mini apps allowing users to jump to the needed program without trawl through several layers of the menu pages. Here is an uncomfortable thing with typing as you have to double –tap for command – the first tap is for selecting and the second for executing. This was done to maintain compatibility with existing S60 3.x applications.

As other mid-range smartphones of the manufacturer this one also comes with an array of connectivity options; front facing camera for video calling, WiFi, HSDPA, assisted GPS and Bluetooth stereo. In the features list of the phone you can also find a built-in accelerometer for automatic screen rotation, alarm snoozing and call silencing, or you can update your phone’s firmware over-the-air or via PC.

As I said, the C5 comes with a 5MP camera, which has a minimal focusing distance of 10cm and maximum aperture of F2.4 allowing  the owners to get HQ photos in close-up shots. The camera also can record VGA-resolution videos at 30fps with digital zoom abilities while capturing.


The device is based on 434MHz processor and 128MB RAM. It runs multimedia related programs: opening the pictures or the videos in the gallery, the device tries to keep up.

There were also cases when we wanted to open some files simultaneously, so for that we had to wait a little. As for the audio quality we could hear the voice of the speaker clearly, without any noise.

The 1200mAh Lithium-ion battery provides up to 7 hours of talk time and 17 days on standby.

When having a fully charged battery users can use personal email, web browsing, Ovi Maps, they will also be able to make calls and send text messages for 2 days.

So we have seen the C6 has complete functions to make its owners happy, this is a good offer for Nokia fans. The other features are presented below:

DIMENSIONS 113x53x16.8mm


DISPLAY 3.2 inch TFT resistive touchscreen
3G HSDPA 3.6 Mbps
WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
USB microUSB v2.0
CAMERA 5 MP, 2592 x 1944 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
OS Symbian OS v9.4, Series 60 rel. 5
CPU ARM 11 434 MHz processor
RADIO Stereo FM radio with RDS
BATTERY Standard battery, Li-Ion 1200 mAh (BL-4J)

Internet radio app is available for S60 5th Edition

by GULLIVER - on Oct 8th 2010 - No Comments

Nokia Internet Radio Application which was skipped with the S60 5th Edition touch devices is now available in the Ovi Store for free.

The application wasn’t supported by such phones as Nokia N97, so the company decided to restore this omission.

You can listen to the internet radio via this program choosing the station by language, genre, country/region due to Station Directory.

We don’t know why it took so long to become available for these phones, but now when it is here you can download the app from Ovi Store or just access Ovi Store from your device, search the app and download it.

Nokia E7’s three advantages

by GULLIVER - on Sep 22nd 2010 - 1 Comment

Nokia World 2010 announced several amazing devices, and one of them was Nokia E7. We have talked enough about its features. Now I decided to introduce you the most impressive news coming with the phone.

First of all, it is the Clear Black Display (CBD). The advantage of this kind of screens is visible on direct sunlight which beats all other technologies in the market today including Apple’s “Retina” display and Samsung’s Super AMOLED. It’s very pleasant to work with a 4 inch touchscreen display based on this new technology.

The second nice gift from Nokia is its QWERTY keyboard allowing to type more quickly. This kind of keyboard was first available on Nokia N97, now it is embedded in Nokia E7.

The next, the Plug and Play technology turns any HDMI display, including your projector into a large touch screen. You can utilize your 8 Mp camera to a monitor by your fingers movements, that means you don’t have to touch the screen when scrolling.

Though Nokia E7 has some “defects”, for example it is not equipped with CZ optics and MicroSD slot, but this smartphone is more speedy as runs Symbian^3 OS.

Swype on Nokia

by GULLIVER - on Sep 3rd 2010 - No Comments

Swype is announced to be one of the most efficient ways of typing for the modern smartphones. And now the Nokia users will also get a chance to have access to this feature. The device which are equipped with S60v5, which includes such devices as Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia 5230, Nokia N97, Nokia N97 Mini and Nokia X6.

If I will try to shortly introduce you the meaning of this feature, I should mention about the main two things that make it unique. The first one is that the feature might use  the swiping the words in one go. The next one is that the feature will try to guess the word to be typed, which helps you to save the time on typing any kind of messages.

As for the rest of the info about Swype you should keep an eye on the video:

Blue Tech Theme for Nokia S60v5 Gadgets

by GULLIVER - on Sep 1st 2010 - No Comments

This theme design may appeal the fans of high-tech and all things concerning the hi-tech. This newest option was created by the enthusiast named Bea and the name of the theme is Blue Tech. Plus it seems to me that you really need to like the blue color to agree for the installation of this new theme.

Blue Tech is suitable for phones based on Nokia S60v5 platform with touch screen and screen resolution of 360 × 640 pixels. By the way, some sports companies could take the idea of design. For some reason it seems that if you change the picture of the topic to the ball, the design will not be any worse, and actually it will even look very sporting.

In particular, this theme can be safely installed by the owners of Nokia 5530, Nokia 5230, Nokia 5233, Nokia C6, Nokia X6, Nokia N97, Nokia N97 Mini, as well as the Nokia 5800.

Quickoffice Premier for S60v5 Devices!

by GULLIVER - on Aug 31st 2010 - No Comments

Microsoft Office has become one of the most sought-after software products for the word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. It is therefore understandable that the developers of software for mobile phones have long been developed and developing compatible applications for mobile devices. Ones can only read files of MS Office, while the others can also use the edit option. But today I want to invite you to become acquainted with Quickoffice Premier – the best “Office” application for mobile phones based on S60v5.

And so .. Quickoffice Premier allows you to create, view and edit Microsoft Office 2007, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It is difficult to enumerate the entire list of features, it’s much easy to install the application and check whether it suits your needs.

I’ll just note a few possibilities:

Language support in French, Italian, German and Spanish. (A new feature that was formerly only English).
Viewing and editing Word, Excel and PowerPoint files directly on the phone.
Create and save new documents Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
The files are saved without loss of data.
Easy and intuitive user interface tool.
Support for complex formulas .
Full graphical editor.
Free spell check, dictionaries in multiple languages.
Ability to add images to Word and PowerPoint.
Integration with Mail for Exchange.

Quickoffice Premier is now compatible with smartphones of Symbian S60 5th Edition, for example, Nokia 5530, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, N97, C6, X6, 5230 and Nokia 5233.

Nokia N8 vs. Nokia N97

by GULLIVER - on Jun 6th 2010 - 1 Comment

Nokia N8 is probably the most anticipated mobile phone now, which can really turn into the next generation of “iPhone” competitors. It is therefore of particular interest to held the comparison of two advanced devices from Nokia: headliner of the current generation line, that is, Nokia N97, and headliner of the next line, that is actually N8.

According to the MyNokiablog, Nokia N97 has a number of significant shortcomings, making it extremely unfavorable decision. Thus, the gadget is very buggy, until the complete inability to restore functionality. In addition, N97 has a small amount of both operational (128 MB) and flash memory to store applications, has a poor-quality 5 megapixel camera without flash, undependable plastic case and works on outdated operating systems. And for all of this Nokia asks for 550 Euros – a price of a notebook!

In the model N8 all of these shortcomings disappear. And as it is declared the technical specs of the gadget do not give a reason to doubt yet. Thus, the camera will be excellent in N8 – a 12 megapixel wide-angle lens with the support of flash. RAM will also become more – 256 MB, even though not quite compatible with 2010 smartphones. Flash memory for applications, too, will be twice as large- 512 MB. For the first time the company will use the operating system Symbian ^ 3 in N8, a new generation of platform from Nokia. The price of the device will be quite modest- only 370 Euros.

Nokia N8 is 180% faster than Nokia N97

by GULLIVER - on May 26th 2010 - No Comments

Nokia N8 cameraphone, which is the first smartphone based on Symbian3 operating system, was officially presented at the end of April this year. At that time many people were probably disappointed with the specis of the smartphone’s processor: its clock frequency is only 680 MHz – the amount RAM is equal to 256 MB.

At present users of the FinestFones resource have conducted tests on Nokia N8, allowing to study the speed of the operation of the device. For this purpose Speedy Go! application was used. According to the results Nokia camera phone is 54% faster than Samsung Omnia HD, and 180% faster than Nokia N97, which is equipped with 434 MHz clock frequency processor and 128 MB of RAM. As it is known, both Omnia HD and N97 run Symbian S60 5th Edition.

In addition, 3D-tests were also carried out in which Nokia N8 showed the best results – 60fps. Such high rates are probably the result of the use of graphics hardware accelerator, as well as Symbian3 operating system in general.

It is also worth noting that all tests were performed on the prototype, therefore the real capacities of the smartphone should be even more impressive.