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AT&T’s Nokia Lumia 920 Drops to 99 cents

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In a recent move AT & T has slashed the price of the Nokia Lumia 920 to 99 cents and it is one of the offerings of the Windows 8 phone. The Nokia Lumia 920 recently received a drop in its price late August when the carrier announced that the price of the phone will drop down from $99 to $49. This price fall was due to the launch of the Nokia Lumia 925.


The Nokia Lumia 920 was launched on AT & T a year back and it had a successful stint in the market since then. Now the carrier is all set to launch the first tablet of Nokia the Nokia 1520 device next month at this time. This may be the phone that will place the Nokia 920 into oblivion. This will be a warm welcome for many who are looking for some new fresh faces from the Nokia Lumia phone lineup.

There are some potential customers that have received the Nokia Lumia 920 for 99 cents before the price of the phone was dropped by the carrier. There are some people who still buy their phones via the Internet and they are always looking for great deals on websites like Amazon.

This phone has been very successful and has been responsible for about 13% of the Windows phone handsets in the USA and it is now the third popular mobile in the nation presently. Another Nokia Lumia mobile is currently making news and it is the Nokia Lumia 1020. This phone has been recently considered to be a hit at a blind photo competition among some big phone names in the market. These names include the HTC One, The LG G2, the iPhone 5c, the iphone 5S, Samsung Galaxy and some other big shots. All the photos got resized to a 13MP frame with their EXIF data removed. Readers later were asked to name the photo they like the best and the Nokia Lumia 1020 emerged the winner. In fact the phone managed to grab about 62% of the poll that is a pretty good response. Samsung Galaxy followed suit with 20% of the votes followed by the rest. The test was indeed an interesting one and it is great news that a Lumia handset emerged the winner. This does encourage Nokia and it is hoped that more high quality camera phones are churned out in the market in future!

Successor To The Nokia 520 Likely To Arrive Soon

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The Nokia Lumia 525-successor to the Nokia 520 is all set to arrive on the scene soon. There are rumors already flooding the market that this phone is going to be an enhanced version of its predecessor the Nokia 520. This is a Windows Phone 8 mobile affordable and easy on the pocket. Lumia smartphones are still being released by the mobile company and there are fresh rumors that the successor to the Nokia Lumia 520 successor will be coming soon. As per some online sources there are rumors that this handset will be given the name Nokia Glee.



This new phone is going to be one of the most affordable phones in the Nokia range. The price of this phone will only be £114.99 and it makes the phone a great valued one considering the fact you can get a Lumia at this price. There is great anticipation in the market that then phone will carry with it some major replacements.

If you take a look at this new phone you may find that the screen of the phone is a little dim and there is hope that the creators of the phone will brighten the mobile up one bit. For those who have more or less seen the phone in an image leaked on the Internet there are demands for a front facing camera and support for NFC. A little more power and a better high resolution display could pep things up and make the mobile stand out much like its predecessor.

Nokia is all set to hold a press event on the 22nd of this month and there is hope that the Nokia Lumia 525 will be unveiled. The Company also will be showcasing the Nokia Lumia 1520 at the same event. This is a phablet and it is the first Windows 8 smartphone promising to sport a quad core processor and a 1080p display. This phablet is a six inch one and it is going to be the first of the company to be launched. More and more pictures have been revealed on the Internet. This event is scheduled to be held in Abu Dhabu and there are reports that we will also get to see the first tablet of the Company the Nokia 2520. Another devices are also in the pipeline and we anticipate to catch a glimpse of them too at this much awaited gala event on the 22nd of October.

Nokia- the first windows phone phablet

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It is a famous saying that the best is kept for the last. The saying seems to be true for Nokia. And yes it is for this reason that Nokia is offering the users with their best phone cum tablet, i.e. phablet before their name completely gets evaded from the world of Windows phone (we are aware of the fact that Nokia has been sold to Microsoft last month).

xl_Nokia Lumia 1020

Yes we are talking about their upcoming phone cum tablet, the Lumia 1520, which is the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system with a quad-core processor and a full HD display. This much rumoured phone is claimed to fall under an unexplored category of a Finnish brand.

The name Lumia 1520 was a recent proclamation which so long had not been given a nomenclature but a mere codename of ‘Bandit’ since the first time the rumours had begun way back in April. It was further labeled to be the most innovative device Nokia had introduced so far. However we can’t take it for surety that this last device which Nokia has got to offer will maintain this name or not as one of its already launched phones, the Lumia 1020 had undergone a number of changes in their name before the final announcement was made.

As Microsoft wouldn’t want Nokia to create a nuisance in their workings next year, it is of surety that the phone will not face a delayed launch. However things said and done, the release date did face a delay as the original date of the launch which was destined to be on 26th of September has been postponed to late October. It is assumed that the reason behind the delay in the launch is due to the logistical problems which were a result of Microsoft’s buyout of the Nokia’s devices division; however it has claimed no authenticity.

As we have already said, this phone of Nokia is going to be their best innovation till date, they indeed promise to be the most technically impressive device. Going by the leaks we have deduced that this phablet is going to be energized by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor along with a 6inch screen a resolution of 1080p. What the quality of the camera will be like is not known. It is judged by some that the phablet will be equipped in a way to take both 5megapixel and 16megapixel shots at the same time.  Others claim that the camera quality will be same as their Lumia 1020 with a 41 megapixel pure view camera.

We will be able to obtain the truth only when the phone is launched which is hoped not to delay any longer.


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Nokia is in dispute once again. This time it has not become the talk of the town for its latest Mobile devices or its Finnish tragedies, but Nokia is at present in dispute with the authorities over an income tax bill which is worth 20.8 billion rupees and has made Nokia prone to one of the major tax disagreements involving the foreign companies in India, resulting in the freezing of Nokia’s assets and banks accounts.


In the early dates of September this year Microsoft had agreed to buy Nokia’s struggling cell phone business for about $7.2 billion. But Nokia had then challenged the ruling and had gained an access to the Indian Bank accounts, but the sad luck that Nokia has got, its local factories and the other buildings are frozen now and thus preventing it to transfer the unit to the new owner, Microsoft.

However, Nokia is not just sitting and cribbing over its fate. Instead Nokia has appealed to the Delhi high court and the court has thus passed a judgment whereby the bank accounts in India shall be unfrozen so that the company can transfer or withdraw the funds. But this has not changed the status of Nokia’s impending doom with much profit since some of the fixed assets such as the buildings are still frozen and curbed, which implies that the company will not be able to transfer the ownership of its assets without the approval of the authorities.

However keeping the matter cool, Nokia has said that the freezing of these assets will not hamper the working of the day to day operations and the company has even declared that it has got sufficient assets in India that will overpower the tax commitments.

Moreover Nokia has even said that this freeze will not affect the Microsoft deal which is expected to close in the first quarter of 2014. As per the spokesperson, the productions at the Indian harbor will not be affected by the freeze.

Various steps have been taken to conquer this problem of Nokia whereby the Indian authorities have conducted an incursion at Nokia’s factory in Chennai which it had opened in the year 2006 for producing much of the low cost Smartphone Asha, this January for the over the box tax payments.

Nokia, a one time big manufacturer has thus fallen to the pits as it is facing a tough competition with the other major distributors.

However if one is pitying Nokia, he better pity even Vodafone, the British telecommunications company which is also facing tax issues in India where it requires to pay as much as $3 billion tax.

Nokia Ready To Announce Six New Devices At Nokia World Event October 22

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Nokia will be going out with a huge bash before Microsoft completely takeover the devices and services division of Nokia. The Finnish company will be selling that segment to Microsoft by the first quarter of 2014. Evidently Nokia is now working at full speed.  Apart from this a new report has been published stating the Nokia will uncover six new gadgets at its Nokia World event on 22 October in Abu Dhabi.


According to The Verge report, which have used anonymous sources states that Nokia will come out with a large range of devices to bragger at Nokia World with some new sets of accessories. One of them should be “really uncommon” however the details have not been advertised.

Web bits of hearsay, aside from the seep out images, would positively infer Nokia will publicize the big screen Lumia 1520 at the world event. It has also been in rumor that Nokia will likely flaunt a Windows RT tablet in the meantime, which will be named the Lumia 2520. But still what rest four devices could be is a bit foggy, despite the fact that Nokia might come out with some new variation of existing cell phones.

Evidently, no official declaration has been made so far, however the gentlemen there at The Verge have detailed that sources near Nokia have themselves let the cat out of the bag. It has additionally been unveiled that a ‘really exceptional’ accessory is headed. Nothing has been specified about this specific device, yet recognizing the present standard in the business, it could end up being a smart watch made to be an impeccable friendly for the Lumia 1520, otherwise called the Bandit.

Provided that the prior bits of hearsay are to be accepted, Nokia will haul out its first 6-inch handset and also a Windows tablet at the occasion on October 22. The 1520 phablet is relied upon to run on Windows Phone 8 and will come encased in a polycarbonate outside. A 20MP camera might additionally follow plus the phone that will most presumably start in November. With respect to the Sirius tablet, it is expected with a 10.1-inch display along with full HD resolution, a 6.7MP camera and sports a quad core processor besides everything else.

After the entire rumors and gossips it seen Nokia World event will be full bang on day. So stay tuned to catch up more details on Nokia event.

Nokia Lumia 1520 Tipped For October Release

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Nokia is ready to release its six inch Nokia Lumia Phablet on 22nd of October. This phablet features a quad core Snapdragon 800 processor along with a 20 MP camera at its rear and a 400 mAh battery. This is the first phablet ready to be released and launched by Nokia. The Company is excited with the release as it promises to be equivalent to Apple’s offering the ipad.



A picture of the Nokia Lumia 1520 comes from a user of the Chinese forum Weibo that claims to be a windows phone developer named @Wot Guo. This is an image that displays the rumored Nokia Lumia 1520 in an close up advertisement. This phablet displays the start screen of the device along with a number of live tiles. The leaked image is one that has shown that the Lumia 1520 provides the extra live tile column on the start screen of the phablet dedicated for applications. The developer has also revealed some of the specifications of the phone that includes the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB RAM and 32 GB storage. There is also support for microSD expansion.


Besides the above there is also a full HD display that is a 1080p one. This is the highest resolution Nokia Lumia has ever made. Last week Nokia has also posted on Twitter a teaser with the images of two people that are skiing on sand. There are rumors that this phablet by Nokia will be released on the 8th of November.


There are also further rumors that the Nokia Lumia 2520 the rumored tablet is on the way. This tablet is one with the features of  a 10.1 inch and is powered by the Windows RT. When it comes to the specifications of Nokia’s 2520 this device is thinner than the current ipad that has been launched by Apple. The device is a little lighter around 450 grams. The model of the phone is a wi-fi one and its weight is 652 grams. The device is one that packs in a battery that gives the consumer 10 hours of usage. The tablet is one that has 32GB of storage along with a microUSB port and a microHDMI connector. The resolution of the screen is not known and there are some other details included along with the price. As per reports the tablet will be more or less like the ipad 20.


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Not everyone is rich and not everyone can afford windows Smartphone. Nokia is aware of this fact. They know that there is still a wide section of people in the society who haven’t got the taste of a camera phone, or say for matter they haven’t ever used even a music phone, thus they are yet to buy their first camera phone. Keeping this fact in mind the Finnish handset maker, Nokia is known to have proclaimed to launch their upcoming cellular models Nokia 108 and Nokia 108 dual sim phone at USD 29, i.e. 1,800 rupees in Indian money. This amount mentioned is however excluding the additional tax that will have to be payed mandatorily. Thus it can be said that Nokia is now aiming for the next billions of people and beyond them to bring in new mobile experiences, with the lowest price points.


Nokia’s executive vice president Timo Toikkanen has further proclaimed that the two phones that are unveiled, i.e. the Nokia 108 and Nokia 108 dual sim are but just examples of the promise or the commitment that they have made.

If you wonder that what is so new about it because there are camera phones which are already available at low prices, then Nokia has an answer for it. It is for the first time that Nokia has taken such an initiative.

As per the specifications are concerned, both Nokia 108 and Nokia 108 dual sim supports a VGA camera, with a 1.8 inch display colour screen, Bluetooth support, FM radio, music player, slam sharing service and a memory expansion slot that supports micro SD cards of up to 32GB. Not only this, both the phones are supported by a long lasting battery that provides up to 31 days of standby time for Nokia 108 and up to 25 days of standby time for Nokia 108 dual sim.

There is a probability that both the phones will be available at some point in the fourth quarter of this year itself. The further notifications state that the phones will be available in quite a few colour options that will include the colours red, black, white, cyan and yellow. There are videos available as well giving a demo on the features of the two new Nokia 108 phones, thus we may say that the Finnish company has performed an extravagant task by creating a video to give a better idea.

Team within a team:-

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As goes the post by the New York Times, “A team within Nokia had Android up and running on the company’s Lumia handsets well before Microsoft and Nokia began negotiating Microsoft’s $7.2 billion acquisition of Nokia’s mobile phone and services business, according to two people briefed on the effort who declined to be identified because the project was confidential. Microsoft executives were aware of the existence of the project, these people said.”


Before Microsoft reached the deal to buy Nokia’s phone business, there was a possibility that Nokia could have switched its Smartphone to Google’s android operating system after late 2014.

Reports have emerged over the weekend that Nokia had run up research lab versions of its Lumia phones running android and this was somehow linked to Microsoft’s decision to finesse the Finns.

A team within Nokia had an android up running on the company’s Lumia handsets before there was a negotiation between Microsoft and Nokia. And if reports are to be believed as true, then Microsoft was aware of the existence of such a project.

For a company like Nokia to not have a phone capable of running android would be more surprising than the efforts to get one going in the lab. Indeed it would probably be a negligence of duty to ignore android, because doing so would mean that it had no contingency place for the 2014 expiration of its contract with the Microsoft.

And if it is given a proper thought, then we can deduce that Nokia android phone could have served as a powerful prop in Nokia’s dealings with Microsoft, a corporeal reminder that Nokia could move away from Microsoft’s windows phone software and use the Android operating system which powers more than three out of every four smart phones sold globally.

Amidst the chaos over Nokia android story, Nokia has taken the initiative to launch its Nokia Lumia 1520 on 26th September as tweeted by @evleaks. However, @evleaks has not yet revealed where it got the scoop. The 6 inch windows phone has popped up in various photos leaked online, one via windows phone central and the other via @evleaks.

Lumia 1520 will reportedly offer a 1080p screen, granting it the sharpest and the largest display among the entire windows phone collection available. It is also said that the windows phone will be constructed with a polycarbonate body and powered by a Qualcomm snapdragon quad-core processor, with a 20 megapixel rear camera.

Life Goes On…

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Is it then an end for Nokia and time to say goodbye? As goes by the news, Microsoft has bought Nokia’s besieged mobile phone business in an effort to “accelerate” its challenge to the dominance of Apple and Google.


Shares in Microsoft slid as much as 6%, lopping more than $15 billion off the company’s market value as investors protested the acquisition of an under performing and marginalized corporation that lost more than $4 billion in 2012.

Nokia’s chairman, Risto Silasmaa has admitted that the Finnish company’s valuable exit from the mobile phone business it had pioneered was an ‘emotional’ decision. But none the less, it made a fiscal and strategic sense.  It is said that resources needed for promoting the lumia smart phones was lacking and they used the operating system of Microsoft’s windows phone. Thus in an industry which required significant financial momentum, Nokia alone couldn’t provide the resources to fund the required acceleration.

For a country with small economy, the timing of Nokia’s vertiginous rise was ideal. In the 1980s the company started selling the first mass market mobile phones virtually introducing the world to this concept. By the end of the century Nokia was the world’s number one mobile phone manufacturers. However its fortune began to fall soon after Apple introduced iPhone in the year 2007. Though many still believed that Nokia would make a comeback, its shares slumped by more than 80%.

Elop, who presided over Nokia’s market share collapse, is being discussed as a potential replacement because he remains respected and is considered one of the few who can fully grasp Microsoft’s sprawling empire. However the Finnish media made a analogous comparison and labeled him as a Trojan horse who handed over the keys to one of the few remaining European technology powers.

It is a crucial moment for Microsoft which still has huge revenues from its windows operating system, office suite of business software and Xbox game console, but has failed so far to set up a lucrative mobile device business. However defending the criticism, Microsoft has proclaimed that it will make more than $40 profit on each smart phone it sells once it owns the Nokia business, as opposed to the less than $10 now as a result of the marketing costs it pays to Nokia.

Instead of being a critic and cursing Elop, all we have to do is to wait and hope for the best.

Nokia Lumia 1020 To Be Launching In The UK

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There is good news for people waiting for the launch of the Nokia Lumia 1020 in UK. This phone is ready to be launched here on Thursday. This device is a phone features a 41 MP camera and will be launched on the carriers of Three and O2.


Retailers in the UK like Phones 4U and Carphone Warehouse will also be keeping stock of the handset. Virgin Media has also confirmed that the Nokia Lumia 1020 will not be joining the range and Vodafone and EE have till date are numb on whether the phone will be launched on their carriers or not. O2 is going to release an exclusive 64 GB version of the phone whereas the other operators will launch the 32 GB version of the phone only. There is however no word on the pricing details of the phone and for this we have to wait for some time before an announcement is made by the company.

In another recent development from the company it has been found that Nokia is hands full with the Nokia Lumia 625 at the IFA 2013. The Company did not have a booth like its counterparts Samsung, Asus, Acer and Sony to display its devices. The Nokia Lumia 625 was displayed at the side events of the show and it was showcased by the new owner of the Company Microsoft. This phone is a very interesting gadget and it is a budget phone that has hit the big screen on a price that is affordable and very pocket friendly for many.

It was way back in the month of July that the company had unleashed the 41 MP camera phone the Nokia Lumia 1020. This is the last Lumia released before the company devices and services were taken over by Microsoft. There is still some doubts and uncertainty as to what will happen to the with the rumored tablet 1520 phablet and the Nokia Lumia 625 that has already gone up for sale in the market. This phone is one that is already running on the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and it has a S4 chipset with a 1.2 Ghz dual core Krait processor. This mobile phone has Adreno 305 graphics and 512 MB of RAM. The Windows 8 Phone is one that gives people a killer gaming experience with its large screen fit for playing and enjoying the game better here.