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Ovi Store Renamed to Nokia Store

by GULLIVER - on Oct 11th 2011 - No Comments

Nokia changes everything. This refers not only to the operating system Nokia’s high-end smartphones will be packed with, but also to the strategy and the way they will offer the apps. So Nokia‘s latest announcement was not surprising — Nokia’s renaming Ovi Store to Nokia Store.

Nokia made an overhaul with Ovi Store, and using Qt Quick completely redesigned it. According to Nokia, the new store is much faster, than Ovi Store was. Besides, the operations taken by users are smoother than with the previous version.  Thanks to a new navigation bar at the bottom of the store now it’s easier to discover new apps. Moreover, Nokia has also streamlined the purchasing process for paid apps. All these improvements have been made due to Qt, which is becoming more and more common especially in mobile devices.

At the moment owners of Symbian-powered devices are getting the new store as a software update. So before it’s available for your handset (I guess the update is coming region by region), you can take a quick look at the video below introducing details about Nokia Store.

Nokia Ovi Store Offers to Push Content to Your Phone Wirelessly

by GULLIVER - on Aug 29th 2011 - No Comments

Before Nokia completely switches to Windows Phone 7 platform, the company actively develops its current operating system and all the institutions related with it. Now we have very interesting news for those who own a Symbian^3- or S60 5th Edition-powered smartphone — Nokia’s Ovi Store for Symbian apps is now powered by Nokia Drop which has included a new feature allowing users to wirelessly push apps, themes, ringtones and wallpapers to your handset.

This means you can now easier install content on your phone because you won’t be asked to send an SMS for confirmation or use an external plugin. To access your phone wirelessly you must use Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers. Unfortunately, the developers don’t offer a support for Mac’s Safari.

Moreover, all Symbian users can turn auto installation on, and it will help them not to confirm whether they would like to install this or that app on their handsets.

Nokia Drop’s job isn’t the only attractive offer during the last days. Not so long ago Symbian Anna update was released and the next Belle update was announced.


Symbian Belle for Nokia N8 Leaked

by GULLIVER - on Aug 18th 2011 - No Comments

I think the Nokia N8 will remain the most popular smartphone of the company until Windows Phone-powered handsets are launched. The N8 sports many awesome features; the only thing that was criticized much was Symbian^3 OS, but as you are aware the phone will be updated to Symbian Anna before the end of this month, and then no one will be able to vilify it because this update makes the OS much, much cooler. Do you imagine what a beast the Nokia will turn into after Symbian Belle?

Now I have some gladsome news for you as Symbian Belle update files have leaked for the N8, and those are not just rumors, as we have the video demonstrating its abilities.

As you see the Belle update seems to be real, the instructions are simple, too, but it has some issues that will be fixed before its launch. Some users reported problems with the OVI Store, Skype, some widgets and so on. Regardless these problems, Symbian Belle will be rather competitive with iOS and Android. For example, it has a pull-down notification bar and minimalistic signage with a back button — looks great. Of course, we’ll get more information about the goodies coming with Belle, but it is Anna’s turn now, so do not hurry.


SWYPE for Nokia 5800 and N97

by GULLIVER - on May 24th 2011 - No Comments

When handsets are equipped with a touchscreen and don’t sport a hardware QWERTY keyboard, there is always a question which app to use to make the messaging process easier. Of course, typing on a virtual keyboard is pleasant, but when we realize it can be even easier and more comfortable, we begin to seek for appropriate apps. The most popular of them is Swype that was initially launched for Android-powered handsets. Then developers brought it to Symbian-based devices.

If you own one of the latest Symbian smartphones, you are probably familiar with Swype’s capabilities. I guess you think older Symbian handsets don’t support this feature and have to work with such apps as Gravity. But I have good news for all those who own mid-range all or low-end devices running Symbian (like the Nokia 5800 and the Nokia N97). The Swype app is now available for them, too!

Now you won’t have to type every word, you can just “travel” on the keyboard, and the app will “understand” what a word you want to write. You can think it’s an easy work to develop such an application, but there were some problems with a portrait mode version of it.

The Nokia Astound was the first Symbian handset supporting this functionality. Then the updated Swype was included in the Ovi Store and became available for all Nokia users.

So I guess there won’t be any issues with quick messaging for Nokia users anymore. Plus the app is quite small in size — only 3.6MB, and it won’t take you long to download it.


NFC Angry Birds Coming to Nokia C7

by GULLIVER - on Apr 19th 2011 - No Comments

Are you a big fan of the most popular game for now — Angry Birds? The NFC-version of the game will be made available on the upcoming Nokia C7!

There are 20 levels in the game. Reaching the fifth level of the game is quite easy. But then you’ll find out that you stuck there… if you don’t have a buddy with an NFC-enabled device! When you touch your phone with his, other five levels will be unlocked.

There is one more way to unlock the latter levels of the game — use NFC tags. This is something fresh. But some claim that this way makes the game less interesting. The thing is that the person who wants to play the game after the fifth level is getting excited with the idea to find a person who has an NFC-enabled gadget to continue the game.

The Ovi Store reps are working over the idea of getting the full version of the Angry Birds. It will allow to get to the higher levels of the game and to feel all of the charm of the NFC experience.

“Angry Birds Magic is a great demonstration of NFC technology and we’re delighted to have it exclusive to Nokia. It represents an exciting opportunity for developers to create new, innovative apps and games.”


Ovi Store Hits 5 Million Downloads Per Day

by GULLIVER - on Apr 13th 2011 - No Comments

People always speak about the iPhone App Store and the Android Market, though RIM’s App World, Windows Phone’s Marketplace and webOS’ Catalog are not worse in any aspect. I didn’t mention Nokia’s Ovi Store, and it’s clear, because it seems like the mobile world is doing its best to send the company and everything related to it to oblivion. It’s a bit offensive, since the Ovi Store alone can stand against all the other stores.

And do you know how many downloads are there in the Ovi Store?

Even a year ago Ovi Store had about 3 million downloads per day. And today it is much more popular and useful, as the number of daily downloads has increased to 5 million. More, the Ovi Store has got 40.000 apps, and this number is eight times more than it was in 2010 (in 2010 it had about 5.000 apps only).

It’s really awesome, and I guess Nokia fans are proud of their favorite brand. Don’t forget Nokia is going to focus on the Windows Phone platform, and this means many new downloadable applications will be added to the Ovi Store.


eSign For Nokia S60 5th And Symbian 3 Handsets

by GULLIVER - on Apr 7th 2011 - No Comments

The number of people who suffer from hearing disabilities is very big throughout the world, including the 190 countries where the Nokia Ovi Store operates (20 million deaf people only in South Africa, the U.S. and the UK). So many hearing people try to find an easy way to learn the basics of Sign Language so to communicate with deaf people more easily.

In June 2010 AppCraft launched some free Nokia applications that were to help those people learn the Alphabet of Sign Language, and thanks to that app, more than 17,000 people really started to learn it.

And now a new Nokia application has been released to help both hearing and deaf people learn the basics of Sign Language. The application is called eSign and it runs on Nokia S60 5th and Symbian 3 phones. Right now, until May 11, the application can be found for free in the Nokia Ovi Store.

The application is designed for making the studying process interactive and more interesting, so it’s easy to use and includes some fun educational games, thus it can be used not only by adults, but by children as well. For now the app can teach you the Sign Language Alphabet, but its developers hope that soon they’ll add new features, thus making the program more advanced and cool. Right now only American, Canadian and South African Sign Languages are available.


Nokia C5-04 via T-Mobile

by GULLIVER - on Feb 16th 2011 - No Comments

The Nokia’s C5 line is now added with another smartphone, the Nokia C5-04. According to the Bluetooth SIG’s description, the Nokia C5-04 is a Symbian-powered smartphone with touchscreen. The phone supports 3G HSDPA network and comes with free Ovi Maps and voice navigation. From the picture we can assume the phone will be launched via T-Mobile.

Among other features the handset features a customizable homescreen for quick access to email and an ability to install apps from Ovi Store.

The smartphone is compatible with Ovi Mail as well as other web-based email services.

This means though Nokia’s last announcement they would switch to Windows Phone 7, there are still smartphones running Symbian in company’s plans. But we don’t have to be surprised as Stephen Elop said the WP7 would be used in high-end smartphones, and the low-end and mid-range handsets would be equipped with their own OS, Symbian.

Though the aforementioned site made a fuss, and many people are talking about this new smartphone nowadays, but there are not so much details to talk about. And taking into account the fact this is a Symbian-powered smartphone, there are not too much to expect.

We guess it’ll be available for a cheap price on contract.


WP7 apps to be available via Ovi Store

by GULLIVER - on Feb 14th 2011 - 1 Comment

Everybody has been waiting Stephen Elop would unveil some new smartphones, besides the details of their cooperation with Microsoft. Unfortunately, we got all answers to the question what will Nokia do in future, but when we can see new Symbian, MeeGo or WP7-powered smartphones, nobody knows. Anyway, there were some other news which can interest users and geeks, so let’s quickly look at the event’s announcements.

At first, the company announced all their smartphones will use WP7 in future, but as there are only a concept of the phone we tend to think Nokia wouldn’t drop the N9 so quickly, and as the Nokia E7 is launched lately, the specialist will have been working on Symbian and MeeGo until complete switching to WP7. Stephen Elop said the final decision had been made only on Thursday, i.e. several hours ago before the event. This means Nokia didn’t seek to refuse MeeGo, and it is clear as Nokia has yielded so much efforts in its own platforms, and all down the drain.

Elop announced they still are developing MeeGo but if the market feels no need of it they would cancel supporting MeeGo.

As it became clear Nokia didn’t want to stop developing Symbian, as WP7 will be used only in high-end smartphones of the company while its low-end and mid-range smartphones will run Symbian OS.

After all these news Elop said WP7 apps will be available through the Ovi Store. This means the Ovi Store and Nokia’s app ecosystem will continue in some form.

He also said there are many decisions to be made, but all we Nokia fans want to hurry up the company if it wants to get back all they have lost. So Elop said Nokia is very fast and we will see a new Nokia handsets very soon, maybe he noted their next phone will be launched with the iPhone 5.


Nokia Ovi Store offers 30000 apps

by GULLIVER - on Feb 2nd 2011 - No Comments

Reporting Nokia’s fourth-quarter results the company’s CEO Stephen Elop said Ovi Store currently offers about 30.000 apps. But various analysts said there are only 25.000-28.000 apps in the store. So this is the first time when Nokia publicly talked about Ovi Store statistic, and I guess it has been done to respond all rumors.

Though Elop used the word “apps” but all we know the store offers not only programs, but screensavers, wallpapers and themes, so the Ovi Store’s offered mobile content is bigger.

Anyway, according to the Elop’s report. 4 million products are downloaded every day from Ovi Store, and Nokia closest rival is BlackBerry App World with downloaded 16.000 apps and 2 million downloads per day. For example, Windows Phone 7 has got 6.500 apps, but it is growing pretty fast.

There are also third-party app stores like GetJar, which will make some competition to such stores.