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Symbian Anna on Nokia N8, E7, C7 and C6-01

by GULLIVER - on Aug 17th 2011 - No Comments

Symbian Anna changed the attitude to the Symbian OS, and I am sure the walls between people and Symbian will be demolished with Symbian Bell and its “sisters.” According to an earlier announcement, Nokia will develop its operating system until 2016 so there are several years and everything can be changed yet… Maybe Nokia will change its mind and launch devices running both Windows Phone and Symbian. However, this time it is not so important, as we have 4 cuties that are ready for Symbian Anna.

I’m speaking about the Nokia N8, the E7, the C7 and the C6-01. They are different, and you must realize Symbian Anna will look different on them. We have already posted those fresh videos Nokia had made earlier, but don’t you want to know how Symbian Anna will look on each smartphone and what goodies it will bring? So, let’s go!

The Nokia N8 is the most popular smartphone from the N-series, and it is not accidental as the phone boasts a 12MP camera that seems to be able to do everything. Symbian Anna changes the appearance of the OS completely, but it mainly depends on the screen size and the phone design. So, as Nokia N8’s advantage is its camera, we can easily assume Anna will make the main changes here. And we’re right — the Nokia N8 supports 720p/30fps video recording due to the update.

The Nokia E7 sports a larger and sharper display so it is quite obvious the update will look more attractive on this phone. But as the E7 features a hardware QWERTY keyboard, we must understand the changes will be directed here. So the main advantage brought by Anna to the E7 is the introduction of a portrait-style on-screen keyboard. Moreover, now the handset provides a faster browser and a revamped calendar.

The Nokia C7 is known for its inclination to social networking. So, everything related with it is now more accessible than ever. Although Symbian Anna brings such functionality to the C7 other handsets can’t provide — the phone now supports NFC. There is still not much to rejoice, but this technology is progressing and the Nokia C7 can benefit soon.

Finally, the Nokia C6-01, which is equipped with a smaller screen than the others, but sports a physical QWERTY keyboard and costs cheaper, also has received a number of goodies coming with Symbian Anna.

Of course, I have my own anticipated handset in this list that will undoubtedly look more attractive, but it’ll be nice to hear your feedbacks.


Nokia E6 and Nokia C3: Similarities and Differences

by GULLIVER - on Jul 18th 2011 - 2 Comments

Nokia is one of those manufacturers that think about each consumer. Just have a look at the Nokia E6 and the Nokia C3. Both handsets are designed for those who love messaging, and the QWERTY keyboards of these smartphones are very comfortable. Though these two are almost the same smartphones at the first sight, the truth is that the E6 and the C3 are quite different. Read on to learn more about the main differences between these devices.

The Nokia C3 is made of plastic while the elegant E6 has a hood made of metal and glass. The differences between these two smartphones become more eye-catching when things come to their platforms — the Nokia E6 runs Symbian Anna with all the goodies pre-installed in it while the C3 is powered by the Series 40 OS.

Anyway, both smartphones sport QWERTY keyboards, which is the main common feature they have.  The layout of their keyboards is quite the same as both devices offer a 37-key array with three rows of 10 keys each and a fourth row with seven function keys, plus Spacebar. The designers decided to shorten the keys on the Nokia E6, as a result the keyboard on the C3 became a little bit longer. I won’t say which one is more comfortable as it depends on users’ tastes. Moreover, designers gave more roundness to the Nokia E6’s keys and we just can’t ignore it.

So the Nokia E6 and the C3 are similar in design, but they are quite different inside. So it is logical their prices are also different. The Nokia E6 comes at a price tag of £300 ($483) while the C3 costs only £85 ($137). So we can say the Nokia C3 is a cheaper and weaker version of the Nokia E6.


SWYPE for Nokia 5800 and N97

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When handsets are equipped with a touchscreen and don’t sport a hardware QWERTY keyboard, there is always a question which app to use to make the messaging process easier. Of course, typing on a virtual keyboard is pleasant, but when we realize it can be even easier and more comfortable, we begin to seek for appropriate apps. The most popular of them is Swype that was initially launched for Android-powered handsets. Then developers brought it to Symbian-based devices.

If you own one of the latest Symbian smartphones, you are probably familiar with Swype’s capabilities. I guess you think older Symbian handsets don’t support this feature and have to work with such apps as Gravity. But I have good news for all those who own mid-range all or low-end devices running Symbian (like the Nokia 5800 and the Nokia N97). The Swype app is now available for them, too!

Now you won’t have to type every word, you can just “travel” on the keyboard, and the app will “understand” what a word you want to write. You can think it’s an easy work to develop such an application, but there were some problems with a portrait mode version of it.

The Nokia Astound was the first Symbian handset supporting this functionality. Then the updated Swype was included in the Ovi Store and became available for all Nokia users.

So I guess there won’t be any issues with quick messaging for Nokia users anymore. Plus the app is quite small in size — only 3.6MB, and it won’t take you long to download it.


Nokia E72 Gets Firmware Update

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While every Nokia fan is waiting for new high-end devices (the Nokia X7 and E6 are the most awaited once at the moment), the company takes care of old models, too. So this is the finest hour for the Nokia E72 because its firmware update is now ready for downloading.

The Nokia E72 firmware update (v54) brings many enhancements and improvements, namely the phone performance and camera’s auto-focus will become better now. Again, we can’t expect anything revolutionary, but it is always pretty nice to see Nokia keeps its old handsets in mind.

The update is about 1MB, and if own a Nokia E72, I guess nothing will hold you from a step forward.

Below is the changelog of the update:

  • SIM Lock 3.0 and B2B Certificate, phase 1 added
  • Startup settings baseline updated (wk47, 2010) (new dates etc.)
  • After a hard reset or on first use, Camera shortcut is replaced with Ovi Store shortcut in the Home screen
  • Removal of Ovi Files (service is now outdated)
  • Vlingo application removed


Nokia E7 vs Nokia E5: Keyboard Comparison

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I guess you think there is no common feature between the Nokia E7 and E5. Though both smartphones are from the E line, they have quite different form factors and are designed for different users. But putting aside all these contradictory thoughts, the guys from NokNok.tv decided to compare the keyboards of these handsets.

The Nokia E7 is a business smartphone with a great messaging functionality, but as you know its keyboard has a landscape view. The Nokia E5 is a BlackBerish phone with a portrait QWERTY keyboard that is quite comfortable for messaging, too.

I guess you’ll agree the Nokia E7’s keyboard is very easy to use when messaging in Facebook or email, and the E5’s is more comfortable for text messages, but both are full QWERTY keyboards, so the comparison is proved, isn’t it?

The Nokia E5’s keyboard inherited the main features of its predecessor, the Nokia E72. But this one focuses on consumers’ feel and look. I have to mention that the main advantage of such smartphones is the fact the keys double up the secondary functions. The rounded rubber keys are very attractive and make a huge impression from the first usage.

There is nothing much to say about the Nokia E7 as its 4-inch touchscreen that is perfect in any situation makes us feel Nokia has worked on it for a long time. But the keyboard is really a great deal, as when you begin to type on the Nokia E7, you don’t face any problem.

Well, after all these words, you have to look at the pictures below and choose which one you like more.

Nokia E7 720p HD Video Sample

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The Nokia E7 is the latest flagship, and it is even more anticipated than the Nokia N8. Actually these smartphones are almost the same handsets bringing many similar features, and the main difference is hidden in their cameras. As you know, the Nokia E7 sports an 8MP camera, while the N8 boasts a 12MP camera that doesn’t have any competitor in the market.

The Nokia E7 was launched in February, though many European countries didn’t get it until the end of March. Now, when the phone hit all the major markets for which it has been designed, we can test it completely. And the first thing we did was testing its camera. The Nokia E7’s 8MP camera comes with resolution of 3264×2448 pixels, fixed focus and dual-LED flash. As you can see, the phone is armed with powerful “weapons,” and it is clear the video recorded by this camera will also be great.

Watch the video below that was taken at 720p. The phone’s camera is also capable of recording 25fps videos and has video stabilization features.

Besides the 8MP camera the Nokia E7 is equipped with a sliding QWERTY keyboard that is designed very well, but I guess after you watch the video nothing else can attract you in this phone–only its camera is enough. And though Nokia smartphones are criticized much, the N8 and E7 are awesome gadgets.


Nokia E6 passed FCC approval

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Recently FCC approved the Nokia RM-609 that is the same Nokia E6. Although we have seen its leaked pictures, but no official announcement has been done yet. Now when it received the FCC approval, we can say the phone is on the way, and we’ll see it soon.

According to the documents found on the FCC website, E6 will work in the U.S. tri-band UMTS/HSDPA networks (850/1700/1900MHz). Most likely, the novelty will appear in the networks of cellular operators like AT&T and T-Mobile USA.

Taking into account the pictures surfaced earlier it is a BlackBerrish phone with hardware QWERTY keyboard and a display with resolution of 480×640 pixels. The phone is designed for those users who like messaging and there are all needed features for this case. I mean an 8MP camera on the back of the phone with autofocus and dual-LED flash, and a secondary camera on front of the phone intended for video calling.

This Symbian^3 smartphone would become one of Nokia’s “guns” to conquer America. Though it is not a high-end smartphone that are very popular statewide, but be sure there are many users who want more comfortable handset for messaging.

One of the main surprises of this phone is its camera: honestly, I don’t remember any other device with such form factor to feature so powerful hardware. Anyway, it is only “plus” to the Nokia E6.


Nokia Launched X2-01 QWERTY Phone in India at Price Rs. 4459

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The Nokia X2-01 music phone will hit the Indian market with a price tag of Rs. 4,459. The device is a perfect  solution for fast communication and social networking due to its QWERTY-keyboard for fast typing. The device has an integrated Facebook application, displaying on your desktop various updates of your Facebook profile and you can also quickly upload photos, change status, etc.

The handset also optimizes the work with the music player providing quick access to FM-radio, music player and Ovi Music. Nokia X2-2001 has got 2.4-inch QVGA-screen, full QWERTY-keyboard, microSD, FM-radio, 3.5-mm jack, a camera with a resolution of 0.3 MP, Bluetooth. Support for 3G networks do not.

The Nokia X2-01 will be available in five colors : red, deep grey, silver, lilac and azure.

First Nokia E7 Unboxing Video

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We have talked so much about the Nokia E7 that we probably know all its specs by heart. The Side-slider Nokia E7 is classified as a business smartphone, is equipped with a convenient QWERTY-keyboard, 4- inch touch screen with a  resolution of 640 x 360 pixels, a cool 8-megapixel camera with dual flash, digital zoom and autofocus, with the possibility of HD-quality recording and has many useful applications and features on board.

Recall, that flagship business smartphone was presented at the Nokia World conference in September, when it was announced that he will go on sale in late 2010. We already stepped into 2011, but the handset is still available only for pre-order.
Those who are waiting for the E7 can check out a quick unboxing video of the handset, which was uploaded to youtube and at least see what the phone looks like and what to expect of it. Enjoy the video.

Nokia E6-00 Specs Out

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All the buzzes surrounding Nokia N8 and E7 haven’t yet ceased and Nokia already surprises us with its upcoming E6-00 which is sure to be another sensation. Although the official announcement of the Nokia E6-00 still did not follow, but all the Nokia E6-00 leaks makes us strongly believe in its existence.
Yearn for more? On the official Nokia website was found xml-file which described some of the characteristics that have not yet been advertised about the unannounced E6-00 Smartphone.

Judging from it, the novelty will be equipped with a 640*480 VGA resolution screen which offer higher resolution than the previous Nokia E series handset and ARM CPU. The other specs of the handset include a full physical QWERTY keyboard, possibly GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA, HSDPA, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.  As to the camera it will be an 8 mega pixels camera with dual Led flash without autofocus.

The Nokia E6-00 will be announced at the Mobile World Congress, February 2011 so let’s hope that Nokia will introduce something really impressive.