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Nokia Sold Fewer Than 300.000 Lumia 900 Handsets Till June

by GULLIVER - on Jul 13th 2012 - No Comments

As always Nielsen has published interesting statistics for the US smartphone market for Q2, 2012. According to it, there are only 0.3% Nokia Windows Phone smartphone users. So if we consider the fact that during this time period there were about 110 million smartphone users in the country, it means Nokia Lumia owners count for only 330,000. As...

Nokia Lumias Chinese Sales Show Record Numbers

by GULLIVER - on May 15th 2012 - No Comments
MObile OS in China

Three Nokia Lumia handsets are already available in China. No doubt the latest Lumia will later join them as well. Those three handsets in face of the Lumia 800c, 710c and 610c ensure good sales volumes for the company. These are not just words. Statcounter and Wang Jingqiu, the company’s Beijing-based spokesperson, prove what I say. As...

Nokia 5230 Leader Among Web-Browsing Devices in China

by GULLIVER - on Mar 28th 2012 - 1 Comment
nokia  5230

Which device is most frequently used for web browsing in China? According to data received by Oglivy, it’s the Nokia 5230. It has even surpassed the iPhone, which received only the second place. Interestingly, Symbian OS is popular in this country and not only Symbian. Nokia as a manufacturer is as well much loved. The top list,...

Nokia Is Absolute King in Windows Phone Market

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Nokia King

I think some time will pass, and Nokia and Windows Phone brands will be identified as the same. This is probably not what Microsoft actually wanted, but if the smartphone maker sells an amount of handsets, which exceeds other manufacturers, then the software giant will hardly mind seeing its operating system mostly on Nokia handsets....

Windows Phone Is More Popular than Symbian OS in UK

by GULLIVER - on Mar 21st 2012 - 1 Comment
white lumia 800

The popularity of Symbian devices greatly decreased with the release of the Nokia Lumia lineup the basic OS of which is Windows Phone. Well, we need to be honest and admit that before that Symbian OS was not much popular in the UK — the OS was rapidly losing its market share. At the moment the market share of this unique OS is so...

Nokia Remains The Biggest Device Vendor

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1.6 billion devices were shipped this year. Can you guess which vendor has the most share in this market? Of course, our favorite Nokia, which is a sole leader with its 417 million shipped units. This number makes up the 26.9 percent of all shipments, which means we are dealing with the most popular brand in the globe.

The second place is reserved by Samsung, which has reached 327 million (21 percent) and the third place by Cupertino-based Apple (93 million shipped units, thus 6 percent of share).

Well, this is cool for Nokia fans and disappointing for those who used to think a novice platform like Android can go ahead of Nokia. Amazingly, Nokia has lost 8 percent in comparison with 2010 (453 million shipped units), but still remains the greatest device vendor in the world. At the same time Samsung’s shipments have increased by 18 percent, but it is steeply behind. I am not talking about Apple, because it launches only one smartphone each year, and the sales volume it has, is rather good.

I don’t know how Lumia series handsets affected this data, but looking at the numbers, we understand Nokia is close to connect the next billion.


Nokia Sole Leader in Windows Phone Market

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Ever since Nokia has come to host Windows Phone OS on its devices, there are ever increasing pessimists who say that Nokia did wrong cooperating with Microsoft and it had better done so for Android. But some numbers show that Nokia is doing just fine and is outperforming many of its competitors. OccasionalGamers collection, which has over 1 million game installs, provides some data to confirm that if not generally, then in WP market Nokia has gained sole leadership.

Mostly due to the good acceptance of its flagships, the Nokia Lumia 800 and the Lumia 710 smartphones, Nokia now has 45 percent of second-generation smartphone market. HTC surprisingly still holds the second position with its 40 percent of the share (due perhaps to the popularity of its HTC Radar handsets in Europe and the USA across T-Mobile). Samsung with its Omnia W/Focus Flash has 12 percent and Fujitsu a tiny 3 percent of the market.

Anyway, the issue here is whether the users in majority will start associating Windows Phone with Nokia. This impression in the minds of users is very important and that’s why Nokia is so happy its two new phones got a good advantage just from the beginning. And Nokia surely wants to keep the leading role in this range this year too. Let’s wait and see what further steps Nokia will undertake.