Nokia’s Windows Phone Plans

In one of his interviews Nokia CEO Stephen Elop spoke about Nokia’s Windows Phone handsets. He talked about the customers’ disappointment regarding Nokia Lumia 900 4G LTE connectivity. Then he mentioned that the popularity of LTE networks is rapidly growing in Europe, but still the main consumer of this type of handsets is the US.

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Nokia will Never Leave Finland

Probably every country in the world has some brand name to boast of. Irrespective of what it is, that distinctive brand name becomes deeply associated with the country name and becomes a part of national pride and even identity. Take for example Germany and immediately you think of Mercedes, take Finland and you think of

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Windows 8 Nokia Tablet Concept

A number of manufacturers including Motorola, HTC and Samsung are currently offering tablets. Thus analysts claim Nokia has to choose the right time to enter the market with its own offer. Obviously, their tablet has to be equipped with specific features, otherwise the failure is guaranteed. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said the following regarding their

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