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Nokia Live View App Now for Nokia N9

by GULLIVER - on Dec 16th 2011 - No Comments

Live View app browser, which was created by Augmented Reality became pretty popular, thus Nokia reps decided to shrink the borders of its availability. Originally the browser app was designed to work only with Nokia’s Symbian handsets, but now the browser will also be available on the MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan Nokia N9.

The post in Nokia Beta Labs states the following:

“Following on the success of the Live View app for Symbian, we have developed another Qt version specifically for the Nokia N9.”

I think there’s another reason why Nokia Lab guys decided to get Live View app to the Nokia N9: it’s the only buttonless device from Nokia, thus the colorful icons of the app look amazingly beautiful with the large display and do not cause any design contradictions.

You can download the app from Softpedia. The users who have Symbian^3, Symbian Anna and Symbian Belle handsets can also use the same source to get the application.

Experts claim the application causes no trouble while working on the Nokia N9. This is something unbelievable as whenever we get something new on the handset it affects at least the connectivity or the battery.

Anyway, we hope to get some feedback from Nokia users who already got the application downloaded on their Nokia N9.

Nokia Aims at First-Time Smartphone Users

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We’ve already talked about Nokia’s future plans, which are also very much based on the US. Though it’s very difficult to reach the peak of the glory, Nokia will do its best; the Finnish company’s already been there and felt its taste. This is why these days we have concentrated all our attention on what Nokia‘s doing, what acquisitions it’s making and how much its partners are investing. Another thing that we are very curious of is the strategy Nokia will pursue to fulfill its cherished goal.

Nokia’s good in featured market and is the sole leader there, this is beyond doubt. Nevertheless, mid-range and high-end smartphone market is inhospitable towards Nokia. But things seems to be changing; if earlier Symbian^3 was the main reason for such an attitude, now the company has switched to Windows Phone, so there’s no any real reason.

Well, we all know Nokia’s working hard to involve U.S. carriers; it’s the main task at this moment. But it doesn’t mean Nokia will make an offer, that will make carriers refuse their existing relationships with other manufacturers. On the contrary. Nokia’s Executive Chris Weber said the company is aimed at first-time buyers. I guess that’s a good decision, because regardless of the fact Android is a too complicated platform for smartphone users, those users as well as Android and iOS lovers will hardly ever give it up and go for another operating system, which is less popular, but more effective (while Windows Phone offers easier ways to achieve the level of functionality).

If you’re a Nokia fan (or a neutral smartphone user) let us know whether Nokia has made the right decision or there’s still something missing.


Symbian Anna Update is Available in the US

by GULLIVER - on Oct 25th 2011 - 2 Comments

Yesterday we informed you the Nokia N8 is currently getting Symbian Anna update in the U.S.. But it’s not the only smartphone getting this update, because owners of the Nokia C7, C6-01 and E7 can download the update over-the-air as well.

Symbian Anna was announced back in spring, and many countries got the update immediately after the announcement. Anna brought many improvements and completely changed the attitude towards Symbian^3 OS. This is why Nokia decided not to put off the “process” of bringing its native mobile operating system to a level up. After this the company announced Symbian Belle and several devices running on it.

But as you know Nokia is not so welcomed by U.S. consumers, and the company’s working hard to have success there. So it’s difficult to guess when the next update will appear in the U.S., plus, Nokia’s first Windows Phone smartphones are almost ready for launch and probably we’ll not see Belle in the statewide at all.

However, at this moment you can download Anna update OTA or using the Nokia Suite on your PC. Let us know once you do it.


Concept Symbian Belle Devices With NFC

by GULLIVER - on Sep 22nd 2011 - No Comments

Symbian Anna can be called a “revolutionary” update, because it could change people’s opinion about Nokia’s native platform, Symbian^3. As you know, there are many Symbian-powered smartphones that don’t yield to other manufacturers’ handsets in terms of hardware, but unfortunately, those devices couldn’t win their own place of honor (because of Symbian, which was said to be “unfriendly,” as many people think), and only the Nokia E7 was able to attract some attention.

Anyway, when Nokia announced and then launched the new version of Symbian OS, Anna, everything changed — people started to like it, not criticizing too much, and as a result Nokia stopped being a sinking company and Symbian topped being a “burning platform.”

Once Symbian Anna was pushed out, Nokia announced Belle, which was more promising, more attractive and more flexible. Besides system improvements, more homescreens and a new look, this version activates the NFC functionality in the phones (of course, if they have it).

We have already seen several videos demonstrating smartphones that run Symbian Belle, and now NokiaHomebase introduces a new video with concept devices running Symbian Belle and supporting NFC. Watch it and let us know what you think about them.

Samsung Galaxy S2 vs. Nokia N8

by GULLIVER - on Aug 31st 2011 - 1 Comment

Some or many, you and may be myself as well, just people around claim the Samsung Galaxy S2 is the best Android-based smartphone in the world at the moment. Samsung’s device heads many lists of top Android smartphones and plays a draw with high-end smartphones like the HTC Sensation.

After reading some reviews about the Samsung Galaxy S2 and after holding it in my hand and enjoying its good-quality build and stylish design, I thought if Nokia has a smartphone powerful and cool enough to compete with it. The first candidate that came to my mind was the Nokia N8. And now I will try to compare it with Samsung’s latest smartphone to find out which one is cooler or hotter – whichever you like! :) Samsung Galaxy S2 deals (and its white version as well) are long available by most of the carriers worldwide, so of course, not only technical aspects matter but as well pricing of the phone. So stay with us after the cut to know more.


The Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Nokia N8 are both well-made touchscreen-only smartphones, but I guess that’s the only thing they have in common. Nokia’s device has a metal body made of a single sheet of anodized aluminum, but it’s not as heavy as you could think – only 135g. The Galaxy S2 – one of the best Samsung Phones ever – is plastic, very thin and very light (116g). Both smartphones have well-crafted and responsive physical buttons around.

As for overall design, the Nokia N8 is kind of more “edgy,” while the Galaxy S2 is sleek and elegant. I guess both will find their fans, but I personally like the Galaxy’s sleekness more. On the other hand, Samsung’s device is available in one color only, and those who don’t like dull black phones will surely pay more attention to the bright colors of the N8, which is available in Dark Grey, Silver White, Green, Blue, Orange and Pink (I guess this pink version is the most popular one now, especially among girls).


The Samsung Galaxy S2 features a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display (480 x 800 pixels) and the Nokia N8’s display is a 3.5-inch (360 x 640 pixels) AMOLED touchscreen. Which one is better? Of course the Super AMOLED Plus one, this goes without saying… It’s clearer, it’s thin and it consumes less energy than a regular AMOLED screen.

Of course, I can’t say the N8’s touchscreen is bad, no. It’s really good, it shows clear and bright colors, but the Galaxy S2’s Super AMOLED Plus is cooler anyway. Period.

By the way, both displays are protected by the Gorilla Glass technology, so both are rather durable and scratch-resistant.


Many people wonder why Nokia has decided to equip one of its best smartphones with a not that powerful 680MHz processor if its next phones (not that powerful ones) are going to come with better CPU. Well, anyway, Nokia’s 680MHz ARM 11 can’t compete with the dual-core 1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor Samsung has used in its flagship, but it provides steady performance and it’s still much faster than many 1GHz processors, even dual-core ones. I remember once we compared the single-core 680MHz processor of the Nokia N8 and the dual-core 1GHz processor of the Motorola Atrix 4G. Nokia was the winner. I don’t think Nokia’s CPU will still win in a fight against Samsung’s one, but still no one can say it’s to weak, it’s too slow or something.

Besides, Samsung’s device is faster not only because of the more powerful CPU, but thanks to its RAM amount (which is much more than the N8’s –1024MB against 256MB) as well.


I’m not in the mood for comparing the Nokia N8’s Symbian^3 OS (recently upgraded to Symbian Anna) and the Samsung Galaxy S2’s Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Both have their stronger and weaker sides, and this topic has been discussed for many, many times. It’s not that Android has many fair advantages over Symbian OS, just many people prefer Google’s OS, and it’s just a matter of taste. If you’re one of those people, the Samsung Galaxy S2 should be your smartphone of choice. If you like Symbian, too, maybe you should pay attention to the Nokia N8, I’m sure it’s worth it.

However, I can’t help mentioning that Android Market has much more apps (about 300,000) than Nokia’s Ovi Store (less than 50,000, if I’m not mistaken). So if you’re an app fun, Android with its Android Market will seem more attractive to you.


Here is where the Nokia N8 is the confident winner. Right now Nokia’s smartphone has the most powerful camera in the market, able to take huge 4000×3000 pics, highly detailed and beautiful as if taken with a professional camera. Well, a 12MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics, Xenon flash and auto-focus isn’t a joke! :)

The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is much weaker – it’s only an 8MP camera usual for all high-end devices found in the market. It has LED flash and auto-focus and takes 3264×2448 pics that are maybe a bit worse than those taken by the N8, but look very good anyway.

As for videos, the N8’s camera shoots 720p videos at 30fps (upgraded from 25fps with a camera update). Maybe it’s a bit strange, but the videos shot by the Galaxy S2 are 1080p at 30fps.


So the Samsung Galaxy S2 is a great smartphone that needs a powerful battery. The manufacturer has equipped it with a standard Li-Ion 1650mAh battery that provides about 18.3 hours of talk time and 29.6 days of standby time.

The battery of the Nokia N8 is weaker, only 1200 mAh (standard Li-Ion again). It provides up to 12 hours of talk time (more than 50 percent less than Samsung’s battery) and 16.2 days in standby (about 80 percent less). It’s enough for many people, so I can’t say a weaker battery is a terrible shortcoming. But the fact that the battery of the N8 is not removable is a serious shortcoming, I think  – you won’t be able to replace it if you want a more powerful one.


So we see the Samsung Galaxy S2 is a great smartphone, and it’s more powerful than the Nokia N8 in many aspects. That’s why it’s much more expensive, too. If the Nokia N8 can be bought for about 260 Euros (about $376), you’ll have to pay about 550 Euros ($795) for the Galaxy S2 – it’s almost twice more.

So if you want a really powerful smartphone – the best Android smartphone in the market – and can pay about $800 for it, go for the Samsung Galaxy S2. And if you want to pay less and get a weaker, but still a very good device with a powerful camera, the N8 is your choice.

One more thing – it’s not really easy to find the N8 in the U.S., especially if you want it with a contract with a carrier. But you won’t face the same problem with the Galaxy S2, which is available in all corners of the world – you can easily find many affordable Samsung Galaxy S2 deals both in Europe and in the U.S.

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Nokia Ovi Store Offers to Push Content to Your Phone Wirelessly

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Before Nokia completely switches to Windows Phone 7 platform, the company actively develops its current operating system and all the institutions related with it. Now we have very interesting news for those who own a Symbian^3- or S60 5th Edition-powered smartphone — Nokia’s Ovi Store for Symbian apps is now powered by Nokia Drop which has included a new feature allowing users to wirelessly push apps, themes, ringtones and wallpapers to your handset.

This means you can now easier install content on your phone because you won’t be asked to send an SMS for confirmation or use an external plugin. To access your phone wirelessly you must use Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers. Unfortunately, the developers don’t offer a support for Mac’s Safari.

Moreover, all Symbian users can turn auto installation on, and it will help them not to confirm whether they would like to install this or that app on their handsets.

Nokia Drop’s job isn’t the only attractive offer during the last days. Not so long ago Symbian Anna update was released and the next Belle update was announced.


Nokia Announces Symbian Belle

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Nokia announced the new version of Symbian^3 OS four months ago. Currently the manufacturer’s smartphones are getting their Anna updates, and yesterday Nokia announced the new version of its mobile platform, Belle. It brings Symbian-powered devices to a new level, and I think that the famous “Symbian is a burning platform” has become an anachronism.

Now Belle looks “alive” with its live resizable widgets. It means you can set the main widgets like clock, e-mail, music player, favorite contacts and the calendar in different sizes. Moreover, if Symbian Anna allows you to have three homescreens, Belle offers 6 homescreens.

The notification bar is now like an Android one, i.e. when you pull it down it shows incorporating settings and notification of incoming messages, missed calls and so on.

That’s right Symbian has no relation with Microsoft, but Nokia’s deal with it affected not only on Windows Phone-powered smartphones. Now, thanks to Microsoft, Symbian Belle includes such apps as Lync, Sharepoint, OneNote, Exchange ActiveSync and PowerPoint Broadcaster.

Several days ago we introduced you new Symbian Belle smartphones, they all have an NFC functionality, I guess you caught up it became available due to Belle.

Those phones that can be updated to Belle (I mean the Nokia N8, the E7, the C7, the C6-01, the X7, the E6 and the 500) will receive their update at Espoo time. For more details check out the videos below and let us know what you think about this update.


Early Nokia Symbian^3 Smartphones to get Symbian Belle in Q4

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Not so long ago we informed you about Symbian Anna that is already available for four Nokia flagships, the Nokia N8, E7, C7 and C6-01. But as I understand it is not enough, because users want more, they want the new update, Belle. Probably, when Symbian Belle running on the Nokia N8 leaked, they “smelled the scent of blood,” and now no one can stop them. Nokia doesn’t even try to stop anyone, moreover, yesterday the company announced the new version of Symbian OS will be available for the Nokia N8, C7, E7, C6-01, E6 and X7 from the fourth quarter onwards.

Today we’ve already seen three Nokia smartphones running Symbian Belle, but they are all mid-range smartphones and probably won’t appear in the U.S. Now the Nokia N8 owners are eager to know whether their favorite cameraphone, the N8, will get Belle.

As it is an official announcement, we have no reason not to believe it won’t happen, but what does “onwards” mean?  Maybe the company meant fourth quarter and beyond? Who knows? However, we’ll hope for the best.


Nokia Unveiled 600, 700 and 701 Symbian Belle Smartphones

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Yesterday was a great day for Nokia as it announced the new version of Symbian^3 OS, Belle, but it is not all, as the company unveiled three new smartphones running Belle and sporting 1GHz processors. We were aware about these devices earlier, so let’s have a closer look at them.

The first handset is the Nokia 600 that is designed especially for music lovers. The Nokia 600 is equipped with a 106phon loadspeaker, which means there is no other handset able to compete with this “beat.” It allows us to say the Nokia 600 is the loudest smartphone that Nokia has ever produced. Moreover, the device is equipped with a built-in FM transmitter for broadcasting music to a car stereo or other FM receiver (plus, an FM antenna is built into the phone’s body, which helps users not to plug in headphones when using it), a 3.2-inch nHD touchscreen with a resolution of 360×640 pixels, a 1GHz processor, 2GB of internal memory that can be expanded up to 32GB with a microSD card, a 5MP full-focus camera with LED flash that also can record HD videos at 720p and a 1200mAh battery providing 15 hours of talk time and 23 days in stand-by mode.

The Nokia 600 measures 111x53x13mm and weighs 100g. Moreover, the phone sports 3G cellular radio and supports GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections.

The Nokia 600 will be available in black, white, pink and lime, and consumers will be able to get their hands on it in Q3. The device comes with a price tag of €180 (US$260) which is quite an affordable price, I think.

The second handset is the Nokia 700 which is going to be the smallest smartphone in the world (as it measures 110×50.7×9.7mm and weighs 96 grams). It’s a world phone that can be easily used in any network due to Symbian Belle and a pentaband radio. The phone is packed with a 3.2-inch ClearBlack AMOLED display, which is also protected by GorillaGlass technology. So we can assure you it sports one of the best touchscreens ever. Other features include 2GB of internal memory, a 5MP full-focus (with LED flash) and a VGA front-facing cameras, a 1GHz processor, Bluetooth, FM radio, GPS, compass and others.

The Nokia 700 will be available in grey, silver/white, coral red, peacock blue and purple starting from Q3 with a price tag of €270 ($390).

The third handset is the Nokia 701 which sports the brightest smartphone screen out there in terms of nits. Though there are many other handsets with perfect screens, the Nokia 701 boasts a brighter 3.5-inch IPS-LCD display powered by the ClearBlack technology.

This smartphone is similar to the Nokia Astound in design and some features, as the Nokia 701 sports an 8MP camera, a 1GHz processor and 8GB of internal memory. The phone measures 11×56.8×117.3mm and weighs 131 grams. The battery is rather attractive as it provides 9 hours of talk time in 3G mode and when we take into account the fact it is a pentaband smartphone, we can conclude how long it will “withstand” in other networks.

The Nokia 701 will be launched in steel dark, silver light, amethyst violet and white, and will be priced at €290 ($420).

P.S. All these smartphones have an NFC functionality that Nokia promotes actively, and all prices are set for unlocked versions.


Nokia X7 vs Nokia N8 in Video

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The Nokia X7 is one of the smartphones of the Finnish company launched in the U.S. We have said for many times that the main advantage of this phone is Symbian Anna that won the hearts of many geeks who earlier disliked all the Nokia smartphones as they were running on Symbian^3. Anyway, the Nokia X7 became very popular recently, and this video is quite expected.

Of course, the Nokia X7 can’t be compared with the Nokia N8 as the last one is the most popular handset of the manufacturer due to its 12MP camera that can do almost anything you want, i.e. shot any video and photo in any situation. Well, we know about the Nokia N8’s camera too much, and talk about it every day, and this overshadows other worthy handsets of Nokia, like the Nokia X7. This device is designed especially for gaming, but it isn’t similar to the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play as we are dealing with a super smartphone with “universal” features.

The video shows the phone from different angles demonstrating the whole charm of the X7, and I have to thank Jade Bryan who provides many interesting videos lately.