Seems the Nokia Lumia 800 will keep on rising to the top of UK charts. The phone is a bestseller in many countries, but the UK has a unique affection towards this handset. A few days ago we informed you the device is the 8th on uSwitch’s mobile chart. Now we see the additional resources thrown in the marketing campaign are paying off — the Lumia 800 has reached the 4th position on the same chart.

Nokia’s representative is alone in an unequal fighting, where each manufacturer has introduced more than one handset. The Lumia 800 comes after the black iPhone 4S, the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the white iPhone 4S. But it has surpassed such awesome devices as the Blackberry Bold 9900, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the Samsung Galaxy Ace and the iPhone 4.

I deeply believe the success lies in good promotion, and Nokia’s problems were related to the company’s credulity that people would choose smartphones relying on their intuition and not the ads. However, Nokia has changed its decision, and as a result it’s steadily rising to the top.

The UK smartphone market is probably the second most attractive market in the globe after the US. That’s why when a smartphone vendor has difficulties entering the States or has already implemented its plans, it switches to the UK. Nokia is not an exception, as it also wants to become popular in the US, but it moves to its goal in small steps. The company didn’t firstly try to conquer the US market, vice versa; it experimented in the UK and succeeded. Now it’s high time that Nokia tries its luck in the US with the help of the Lumia 900. The latter will be launched via AT&T on March 18 at a price tag of $99.99. This would never happen, if its successor, the Lumia 800 was not so popular and hadn’t ensured high sales volumes.

According to uSwitch’s mobile chart, the Nokia Lumia 800 has entered the list of the bestselling smartphones in the UK for February. Currently it is on the 8th place, but we are almost sure it will go up when the international version of the Lumia 900 is launched,. Remember what happened when the Lumia 710 was released? It simply boosted the Nokia Lumia 800 sales.

As for the aforementioned price comparison site, it says:

“Nokia’s Lumia 800 climbing back up the chart is not entirely surprising. Strong continued advertising and the arrival of the Lumia 710 at the beginning of February has stoked interest in both the brand and Windows Phone. The Lumia 800’s re-entry shows that consumers are receptive to the Windows Phone platform as a slick smartphone alternative, not to mention more aggressive pricing from networks, with the handset available for free from just £20 per month.”


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