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Nokia Lumia 800 is 4th on uSwitch’s Mobile Chart

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Lumia 800 uSwitch

Seems the Nokia Lumia 800 will keep on rising to the top of UK charts. The phone is a bestseller in many countries, but the UK has a unique affection towards this handset. A few days ago we informed you the device is the 8th on uSwitch’s mobile chart. Now we see the additional resources thrown in the marketing campaign are paying off...

Nokia Lumia 800 Included in Top Ten List of Bestsellers for February in UK

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Nokia Lumia 800

The UK smartphone market is probably the second most attractive market in the globe after the US. That’s why when a smartphone vendor has difficulties entering the States or has already implemented its plans, it switches to the UK. Nokia is not an exception, as it also wants to become popular in the US, but it moves to its goal...

Carphone Warehouse to Bring International Nokia Lumia 900 in June

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When there was no word about the international variant of the Nokia Lumia 900 LTE, Carphone Warehouse was getting pre-orders for the phone promising to ship it in June. Then a Russian tech journalist, Eldar Murtazin twitted the phone would be available in Europe in May. Now I want you to turn to the UK retailer as it keeps its word and even after the announcement of the international Lumia 900 at MWC 2012 the retailer promises to deliver it to you in June.

Undoubtedly, the Lumia 900 is the most powerful WP-powered device on the globe and its features deserve to be respected. Those are not just words — look at its specs list and you’ll see yourself.

International Nokia Lumia 900 features

  • 4.3-inch AMOLED touchscreen with Clear Black Display, Gorilla Glass 2
  • 1.4GHz Snapdragon processor
  • 8MP rear camera with Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus and dual-LED flash
  • 1.3MP frontal camera
  • 16GB of internal storage
  • 512MB of RAM
  • Windows Phone 7.5 Mango (upgradable to Tango)
  • 1830mAh battery.

This wonder will be yours for only £450 mark, so do not lose time and visit the registration page to pre-order your one unit.

Nokia Lumia 610 in UK Soon

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The Lumia 610 device is expected to get launched next week at MWC 2012 in Barcelona. The handset is rumored to be launched in the UK as a prepaid phone sporting Windows Phone Tango, which is still a not-announced update of WP Mango. This OS allows using devices with only 256 MB of RAM and small resolution displays, therefore the handset, which will be the cheapest Lumia model, will not have outstanding display or RAM specs. In contrast, WP Tango allows having more powerful cameras.

As for the connectivity, we have dual band GSM/EDGE, 2100 MHz 3G and Wi-Fi. The connectivity causes basic deviation of the rule if compared with the rest of Lumia models, which sport quad band GSM/EDGE and quad band 3G networks.

The price of the handset is still not announced, but it won’t be high, for sure. We currently have the Lumia 710’s price lowered to 200 GBP (around $315), so in this regard, the Lumia 610 price will be below that. I believe as a low-end device it will be a great one.


Unlocked White Nokia Lumia 800 at Expansys UK for Pre-Order

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Passions run high around the white Nokia Lumia 800. If last week there was only one retailer offering this handset, now there are three of them. At first MobileFun announced its plans to offer the device for 429.95 GBP ($681). Thereafter Phones4U was introduced as the exclusive retailer to sell the device in the UK on a contract. Now we have Expansys UK taking pre-orders for the unlocked white Lumia 800.

The only difference between the white Nokia Lumia 800 and the original one is the color. So it also features a 3.7-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with Gorilla Glass and Clear Black Display technologies, a single-core 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM and an 8MP rear camera with Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, dual-LED flash and 16GB of internal storage, which cannot be expanded.

Expansys UK has not yet announced any price tags, but the price won’t vary much from what other retailers have already announced. Moreover, you have no reason to worry about as the retailer will verify with you before they charge your credit card and ship your phone.

White Nokia Lumia 800 Available for Pre-Order in UK

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Back in December 2011 the white Nokia Lumia 800 was spotted in a wild picture and though there was no official announcement confirming or denying its existence, we knew it would not be hard for the manufacturer to launch the white variant of its best-selling handset. We were sure it would release it, as we already have the white N9, which has an identical appearance with the Lumia 800. Afterwards the Finnish smartphone vendor made an official statement introducing the white model of the handset. And immediately rumors spread swearing it would be firstly launched in Australia. It didn’t. The first country to get it was Portugal. Now it’s UK’s turn, where the white Lumia 800 will be launched via several retailers.

The first retailer to offer the white option of the handset is MobileFun, which requires 429.95 GBP ($681) for the unlocked model. For some consumers this price tag can seem too expensive, but I am convinced the white model of the smartphone will be sold out as quickly as the rest of the color options did.

As for the specs list, nothing was changed, so you won’t see a dual-core processor or a monster-sized screen. But if you are familiar with the technologies Nokia uses on its smartphones, you must know the megapixels, gigahertz and pixels are not everything.

The next country is expected to be Switzerland. Hopefully, the list of the countries to get the white Lumia 800 will not be limited to certain selected countries and only.

Nokia Lumia 710 Available in UK

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The Nokia Lumia 710 is finally available for purchase in most UK locations. The info is officially announced by Nokia reps and corresponding retail stores and mobile operators.

The Lumia 710 runs Windows Phone Mango in conjunction with Bing and Internet Explorer 9, which means we deal with a handset having all necessary features to boast of.

The Lumia 710 is packed with a 3.7-inch ClearBlack WVGA display with a special scratch resistant cover, a 1.4GHz single-core Snapdragon Qualcomm processor, a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash, a VGA front-facing camera, 512MB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage capabilities. Definitely the Lumia 710’s specs list is not so great as that of the Lumia 800, but the price difference covers the gap.

As to the software, it features Nokia Drive turn-by-turn navigation, free music subscription to Mix Radio, Windows Phone Office Hub and XBox live.

The Lumia lineup device will be available via the following mobile operators: Vodafone, Orange UK, T-Mobile UK and O2. As for the retail stores, we have Phones 4U and Carphone Warehouse.

The most accessible offer in the country is 15.50 GBP/monthly with a 12 months contract. But the offers are great many, so you just need to choose one most suitable for you.


Magenta Lumia 800 Available in UK

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The magenta version of the Nokia Lumia 800 is finally launched in the UK. The launch of this version was expected in November last year, but back then UK operators decided to launch the black-only version. In December the Cyan version got a chance to hit the stores of mobile operators. So now let’s see what deals we have for the magenta Lumia 800. :)

The Magenta Lumia 800 is available from mobile.co.uk online retailer. The contract options of the handset include T-Mobile UK and Orange UK.

T-Mobile UK’s offer — Sign up for a 24-month monthly plan costing 25.54 GBP (around $40) and you’ll have the device for free. Other than that, you will get a whole package of free services, including 600 minutes, 500 text messages and unlimited data.

Orange’s offer — Go for a monthly plan that will cost you 31 GBP ($48) per month and again get the device for free. You will also have free 400 minutes, unlimited text messages and 750MB of data.

Both deals are pretty attractive. The choice is up to you! What do you prefer — more text messaging options or unlimited data?


Nokia Lumia 900 to Land on UK in June

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The interest towards the Nokia Lumia 900’s global launch continues increasing and the leaks don’t cease spreading on the net. The next country the phone will land on is the UK. Unlike the earlier rumor concerning the phone’s possible launch in Portugal and Switzerland, we have a more serious picture here. UK retailer, Carphone Warehouse is currently getting pre-orders for the device and even provides initial information on Lumia 900’s specs.

As you know the Nokia Lumia 900 will be Nokia’s most powerful smartphone running Microsoft’s OS. Besides a 4.3-inch AMOLED display and an 8-megapixel auto-focus camera, it also supports AT&T’s LTE network. But Europe doesn’t boast of large LTE coverage, so its reasonable to think the device’s European model will lack this feature.

The retailer mentions June as the possible launch date, and this date has caused some confusion in me. I mean the Nokia Lumia 900 will hit the US in March, so I can’t imagine the device will arrive in Europe only three months later. However, this is the first leak, and most likely other retailers (or mobile operators, who knows) will manage to offer this handset at an earlier date.


[updated] The page was removed!

Nokia Lumia 710 Possible Price Cut in UK

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Nokia Lumia 710‘s affordable US price ($49.99 with a three-year contract from T-Mobile) served as a reason for UK carriers to demand  from the manufacturer a lower price for the WP smartphone units. If originally Nokia planned to ask 25 GBP ($39) with a monthly plan, then now the price is lowered to 20 GBP ($31), again with a monthly plan.

The price-cut is reasoned by the weak European sales of the high-end Nokia Lumia 800. It’s noteworthy that the Nokia Lumia 710 is one of the best selling handsets among WP handsets. It’s sold way better than any of HTC WP and even most Samsung handsets. Still it’s main competitors remain the iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

So the current price of the Lumia 800’s younger brother makes the handset an ideal option for those who want a WP experience. Besides, this smartphone is rather user-friendly. What the Lumia 710 offers is usually characteristic of feature phones, isn’t that great?

We expect to see the handset in the UK sometime this week.