Information was leaked right from the Microsoft office in the USA. According to one of the Chinese forums, WP8 is being tested on Nokia phones. The Apollo update is being tested not only on Nokia’s current but also future phones. The tipster says there is also a-yet-to-be-unveiled Nokia phone involved in the experiment. One of the current phones to be updated with Apollo is the Lumia 800.

The tipster also insists some of the Nokia stores are participating in the testing. Somehow, the changelog of the update has also sneaked out of the secret room. Apollo will bring better speed and touch response, gravity induction, Chinese Simplified and Traditional character set improvements and so on. The Bulk SMS delete has not been developed at the time of the leak. The interface, on the other hand, hasn’t been changed just yet.

There are still some applications the compatibility of which has to be fixed. At least, we know now that the WP7 phones are upgradable and that Nokia India’s hint was about the near future.

However, we shouldn’t be too assured about the changelog as the final version might be completely different from what we see now. The same story has already happened to the Mango update.

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Nokia has been very talkative about its latest Lumia 900, but has been also very quiet about older Nokia phones running Windows Phone 7. Lumia users have been asking many questions about the possible compatibility of their phones supporting Windows 8. Nokia India has kindly responded to the question and even given out a tiny hint.

You couldn’t imagine how many secrets can be revealed in Twitter. One of those conversations, including Nokia India, promised an upgrade for Windows Phone 7 phones. The we-continually-provide-updates-on-our-devices certainly sounds very vague. But the next answer to the curious mobile-fan says “We keep updating across the platforms. Do keep a watch.” Now this sounds like a confirmation to me, especially the last part of keeping a watch.

Nokia would not have semi-promised something it would never ever do. This could mean only two things. First, the update is being worked on, but won’t be available soon. Second, we should keep a watch as it might arrive in the near future. As long as both variants are positive and others are not thought of, Windows Phone users should not be concerned.

We would like to look at the hint optimistically and see the glass half full, hoping that the current Windows Phonet 7 phones will indeed be upgradable to Windows 8.


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