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Nokia- the first windows phone phablet

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It is a famous saying that the best is kept for the last. The saying seems to be true for Nokia. And yes it is for this reason that Nokia is offering the users with their best phone cum tablet, i.e. phablet before their name completely gets evaded from the world of Windows phone (we are aware of the fact that Nokia has been sold to Microsoft last month).

xl_Nokia Lumia 1020

Yes we are talking about their upcoming phone cum tablet, the Lumia 1520, which is the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system with a quad-core processor and a full HD display. This much rumoured phone is claimed to fall under an unexplored category of a Finnish brand.

The name Lumia 1520 was a recent proclamation which so long had not been given a nomenclature but a mere codename of ‘Bandit’ since the first time the rumours had begun way back in April. It was further labeled to be the most innovative device Nokia had introduced so far. However we can’t take it for surety that this last device which Nokia has got to offer will maintain this name or not as one of its already launched phones, the Lumia 1020 had undergone a number of changes in their name before the final announcement was made.

As Microsoft wouldn’t want Nokia to create a nuisance in their workings next year, it is of surety that the phone will not face a delayed launch. However things said and done, the release date did face a delay as the original date of the launch which was destined to be on 26th of September has been postponed to late October. It is assumed that the reason behind the delay in the launch is due to the logistical problems which were a result of Microsoft’s buyout of the Nokia’s devices division; however it has claimed no authenticity.

As we have already said, this phone of Nokia is going to be their best innovation till date, they indeed promise to be the most technically impressive device. Going by the leaks we have deduced that this phablet is going to be energized by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor along with a 6inch screen a resolution of 1080p. What the quality of the camera will be like is not known. It is judged by some that the phablet will be equipped in a way to take both 5megapixel and 16megapixel shots at the same time.  Others claim that the camera quality will be same as their Lumia 1020 with a 41 megapixel pure view camera.

We will be able to obtain the truth only when the phone is launched which is hoped not to delay any longer.

Nokia Lumia 925 Windows Phone Slimmed Down

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Nokia has recently made news with its Nokia Lumia 925 phone that will be hitting T-Mobile. The mobile giant has gone ahead to announce a revamped version of its flagship phone. However there is a slight difference from its predecessor as Nokia has ditched the wireless charging support for the handset. The Company has made an announcement of this phone that was unleashed in London. This phone actually addresses a general complaint that has been found in the Nokia Lumia 920, the predecessor to the Nokia Lumia 920.


The Company has also upgraded the camera of the device stating that this is the first time that the company has installed a complicated technology in a mobile handset. This launch of the new handset has come after many investors criticized the strategy of the Company at its recent AGM. There were many investors who did not appreciate the move of the company to provide the OS system of the Windows phone on handsets that were high end ones only whereas its rivals were providing the Android platform on its models that were not too high priced and were selling well.

The Chief Executive of Nokia Stephen Elop stated that the decision of Nokia to concentrate on this unique software of Microsoft as it gave the company the chance to compete with rival companies like Samsung. Nokia also stated that the new handset would be available for sale in the markets of China and Europe in the month of June. This will be followed in the USA and other markets.

Nokia has described this phone has a new version of its predecessor that is on sale. The phone is one that weighs lighter and is thinner than the previous model released by Nokia. There are some things that have been left out in order to make a smaller version of the flagship device. For the wireless charging device it still can be added with the aid of a cover. This means you are able to get the best when it comes to using this phone that is as promising as its previous product line of models.

This phone is the new offering from Nokia and it sports a great metallic design very different from the plastic body that its predecessors have. With the aid of this phone the company has plans to soar ahead of its competitors and make great sales thanks to the sophisticated camera that it sports!

Nokia Launches The Windows Phone 7.8 Update For WP 7 Devices

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The official rollout of the Windows Phone 7.8 update will be rolled out soon. This update has been eagerly awaited by many users and has caused quite a stir when it surfaced on specific online forums last month. There are some official developments that have been linked directly to the own servers of Nokia to its devices.


It was last year that Microsoft has announced the arrival of the Windows Phone 8. Several users of these Lumia devices had suffered a great disappointment when they discovered the phones they have recently bought were not part of the plan for upgrades. Microsoft, on the other hand, assured people that it was committed to the Windows Phone 7 Operating system. The company stated that it was willing to support it and this is why it announced that the Windows phone 7.8 is an update that would unite both segments of the mobile OS.

Users of the Windows 7.8 will be able to get the benefits of resizable tiles with the new OS. There is also the re-branding of the Zune to the Xbox Music besides the Xbox Games icons that have changed. There is also the feature of the Bing Lock Wallpaper feature and in case you are searching for an official statement on what is going to be packaged to this update there are a host of exciting features available.

This update has started to roll out and it is possible that it may not be available in the particular region. When the update becomes available it will be displayed via a notification that will come on your phone. You can proceed to update the phone via the Zune software. At present the Windows phone 7.8 update is supporting the Lumia 900, 800,710, 610 and 510.

Microsoft will provide a new homescreen experience that has more room for Live Tiles that is now resizeable. You are able to fix the Bing image daily in the wallpaper lock screen. There is a pocket and child lock security screen. One can embrace twenty themed accent colors too.

Nokia on the other hand provides a Bluetooth Share for DRM free media files. There is also a Cinemagraph with an add-on to make blend, photo and movie like animations where photos are created. This makes them come alive as well. Users will also get a new camera lenses to eradicate unnecessary objects in photos like people on the edge and passers-by.  There is also an updates contacts transfer application and ringtone maker application included.

Nokia Windows 8 Phone Update For Lumia 920 and 820 Begins

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Nokia has confirmed they have started to roll out a new Windows Phone 8 update for the Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820. This PR1.1 code christened Portico is now available in the USA and has started rolling it out across the globe. Owners of the Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 will get the automatic notification when the update becomes available in their regional networks. The update is an over the air one that will be rolled out to markets by the end of this month.


Now as a mobile consumer or owner of these Nokia Lumia handsets the obvious question that comes to mind is what does this new Windows Phone 8 PR.1 actually bring to the phones?

The first advantage that users will get is the random restart bug resolution that affects Windows Phone 8 smartphones. This feature alone is enough to justify the release of these updates. There are other performance and stability enhancements that require to be added like for instance a better, reliable and more efficient Bluetooth for data transfer. Both of these devices will now start quicker.

 Besides the above basic feature the new Windows phone 8 PR 1.1 will cover a number of important and significant features like the first device to get extra support of drafting of text messages. Now, this seems strange for many users as they try to figure out why the above was not included right from the beginning. This is one improvement that will be welcomed by owners of the Lumia 820 and 920. Microsoft has also given extra support for the removal of several messages and emails in one go. This feature was absent in the original version of the Windows Phone 8. The PR1.1 update also helps the users to reply to those calls with text messages that are automated for times when they are not able to receive calls.

Besides the above some enhancements have also been added to the software of the camera. The battery life of the Lumia Smartphone has also been improved. The performance of the browser has also been enhanced significantly.

If you take an overall glance at this update you will find that it is just a small update and it is highly recommended that both Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 mobile owners will need to install this update and as always recommended before this update users should store backup of their settings and data!

Nokia Lumia 710 Ad in New York Times

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The Nokia Lumia 710 is finally available in the US via T-Mobile. The fact Nokia left the US market a few years ago (because of the conflict with local retailer stores) without a promise of coming back, affected the popularity of its smartphones among US customers. That’s why Nokia has plans to start a new promotion policy for its devices. And now we have the Nokia Lumia 710 ad on the first page of New York Times. This is a very smart step as beyond doubt New York Times is the most read newspaper in the US.

The carrier offers the Black and White options of the Lumia 710. But you can choose another color cover to make your device more colorful. Moreover, T-Mobile also sells accessories for this WP smartphone, including Invisible Shield DRY protective cover and Body Glove Revell Shell.

This handset comes with a rather affordable price. T-Mobile requires $49.99 with a contract. This is an appealing price for first-time smartphone users, as it’s rather cheap. Besides, WP is way cooler in terms of management than the tricky Android handsets.


Nokia Lumia 800 Available from Sweden’s Telia and in the Netherlands

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The Nokia Lumia 800 is now offered by another carrier. This time it’s the Swedish Telia. The handset is now offered in 3 color options — cyan, magenta and black.

The carrier asks 29.95 Euros for the device in case of a two-year agreement. In addition it gives a chance to get 12 months of free Spotify feature and free mobile traffic data.

Another great news comes from Nokia’s official Facebook page. It announces the device availability in the Netherlands. We were actually expecting the device to reach the Dutch stores later on.  Here the price of the smartphone is expected to be something around 300 Euros. The only difference between the Dutch version of the device and the international model is the lack of various features. Hopefully the handset will get a few other features to replace the missing ones. Still it’s great that at least GPS navigation will be available for the Lumia 800.

Soon the device might turn into the most popular Windows Phone device. Just imagine, it’s now available in Europe, in Asia, in Canada and in the US (though only via online retailers). So the growth of the popularity is almost guaranteed.


Nokia 3-inch Tablet, Electronic Badge or LCD Business-card?

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If you think current mobile operating systems are almighty, you are being pretty mistaken. Take for example Android’s Gingerbread version, which can’t run on tablets (i.e. in larger screens) or the Honeycomb version, which can’t work with smartphones. Fortunately, Google has now launched Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, which combines these two versions. At this point Microsoft seems to be facing a similar problem in terms of mobile operating system’s opportunities. However, Windows Phone Tango comes to solve all those issues.

Windows Phone 7 is not compatible with larger screens. Mango solved this problem, though geeks claim this version in its turn is incompatible with small screens. But the upcoming Tango version must solve all these problems once and for all. Our assurance is conditioned by a mysterious device, which appeared last week at the T-Mobile-Nokia event for the 710. President of Nokia US Chris Weber was holding it. Yet no one can say what it is. The overall assumptions suggest it should be a fancy LCD business-card, an electronic badge or a type of mini-media player, but what BooredatWork says is just incredible:

“…we got a brief sneak peek at a little 3-inch Nokia Windows phone pocket tablet like device. It got 3-inch display, with no apparent physical button. No idea on specs or what the device truly is as we only saw it briefly, but it is a Windows phone based device.”

We can’t say what made them conclude the device runs Windows Phone, but if it is so, we must applaud Microsoft for creating an operating system capable of working with any-size handset.

O2 States Nokia Lumia 800 Is “Out of Stock”

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O2’s sales of the Nokia Lumia 800 started on December 8. And now that only two weeks have passed the device can no longer be found on the mobile operator’s website. If the analysts claim the operator recalled the units to stop the sales, then the reply from O2 reps is something different.

They state the device is “out of stock.” As to the question why the device is not listed as “out of stock” instead of the “blank page” the response was the following: “We’ll have to talk to our web people about that.”

O2’s launch of the device wasn’t that smooth. At first, the operator refused to launch the device in November, then changed its mind and decided to have an early December launch. The delay of the launch was caused by issues the Windows Phone device faced. The operator made it clear it would not offer the handset unless all the bugs were fixed. Luckily, Nokia was rather quick with its software updates and the release took place.

Anyway, if the device is out of stock, then we should expect more units coming sometime soon. The date the handset will be back to O2 stores is not yet mentioned.


Nokia Lumia 710 Accessories List Leaked

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Nokia World 2011 was very productive for the company as it introduced its first Windows Phone-flavored smartphones, the Lumia 800 and the Lumia 710. The first one is already available in many countries and shows record sales, but the latter has not been launched. The Lumia 710 is expected to be the first Nokia Windows Phone smartphone coming to the US, and these are not just words — T-Mobile and Nokia have a joint event on December 14, where this handset will be introduced to the public. Seems there is no reason to doubt whether this awesome device will be launched in the US or whether the carrier offering it will be T-Mobile or not. At the moment the Nokia Lumia 710 accessories leaked in a documentation T-Mobile gave to sales representatives.

As you can see in the picture above, there are lots of useful accessories coming with the Lumia 710. No doubt the Lumia 710 is armed well, because in some sense it’s a matter of honor. The Lumia 800 has already brought back Nokia’s good reputation and its junior brother has a mission to preserve the achievements.

So there is nothing preventing the Lumia 710 from being launched in the US. But do you think this phone can get out from Lumia 800’s shadow?


Nokia Lumia 800 with Microsoft Office Hub

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The Nokia Lumia 800 is good not only in terms of design, but also in terms of software. It especially refers to the exclusiveness coming from Microsoft. Of course, I am talking about Office, which remains the best and most popular software pocket for creating documents of different kinds. The Lumia 800 is the latest smartphone giving users such an opportunity via the Microsoft Office Hub. So let’s see what makes it unique.

Before this feature is available for Symbian, Windows Phone will remain the only platform with Microsoft Office Hub. The Lumia 800 is one of the best choices for this deal due to its big screen and handy design.

The features can be launched directly from the app list by tapping the Office icon. Its easy to navigate interface is very comfortable “to reach the destination” you want, that is create, edit and share Word, Excel and PowerPoint files wherever you go. Users can stay productive even being far away from the office and the great range of available templates is very comfortable for it. Once the work is done users can format it however they want — change the font size and color or insert comments. Users can do almost everything they used to do in the desktop version.

Moreover, they needn’t worry about the file sizes as Lumia 800’s 16GB storage, Microsoft Windows Live SkyDrive online storage and SharePoint sites will provide enough space for locating your files.

The Microsoft Office Hub is one of the key features of Windows Phone and the Nokia Lumia 800 has won hearts of many geeks due to this feature too.