Once Nokia announced a new phone with a 41MP camera, a huge number of mobile enthusiasts crossed their fingers hoping for a low priece. We know it didn’t work and the 808 PureView’s pre-orders at Nokia became available for an eye-watering $785.

The pre-orders finally reached Clove too, which took a kinder position regarding the price and asks $711 (without the VAT) for the phone. Obviously, the price is considerably higher than those of other Nokia phones,  but it should be understood that buying the 808 PureView means buying a smartphone and a camera. Not a very bad deal for a 2 in 1 package.

On the other hand, the company has been working on this cameraphone for five years, so it’s logical the phone would demand such a thick wallet.

To give it a second thought, considering the absolutely fantastic sample pictures the phone produces, photographers just have to put their hands on this device. And it’s not even the image quality, video recording also almost equals to a professional level.

Get your savings ready for the new Nokia mutant as the smartphone is known to be available in Europe in May, the exact date is yet unknown.