Three Great Symbian^3 Games for Nokia

There are many good games designed for Nokia’s Symbian^3 OS, but in this post I tried to select and introduce only those I enjoy most of all. And here they are…

1. Since I’m an RPG-addict, there’s nothing odd in the fact that the first game in my list is an RPG, and it’s called Eternal Legacy HD. It has great 3D graphics and an interesting plot. As in any RPG, you can travel and explore the world of the game for many hours, talk to people you meet (make them join your team, take quests, learn some secrets from them), enjoy the well-made fights and try to save Algoad and restore the bond between nature and humans.

You can download this game from here for $4.99.

And here is a video demonstrating this cool game on the Nokia N8. Check it out.

2. Not everyone likes playing RPG. It takes much time and concentration, after all, so many people prefer more simple games. That’s why the second game in my list is a simple 2D game that has something in common with the famous Angry Birds (no, no Angry Birds in my list!). I’m speaking about the game called Fragger that can be found in the Ovi Store for €3.00.

Fragger is a puzzle game based on physics laws developed by Miniclip, and it runs on Symbian^3 and Symbian Anna devices. Your task is to throw grenades at some far objects and enemies and explode them. 10 different words, 310 game levels of Fragger will guarantee you many hours of fun.

You can have a look at the gameplay of Fragger here, in this video:

3. The third game from my list is a bit strange, but unusual and interesting anyway. TreeMaker is developed by Mikrotie Ltd for Symbian^3-based smartphones. Your task is to control a funny black bird that jumps from one platform to another like the Spiderman and “makes” (or grows or whatever)… trees! No matter how strange it sounds, the game seems to be very interesting.

On this video you can see how the game works on the Nokia N950:

You can download the game from the Ovi Store for €1.00. Please note that the game is 55.66MB and it takes about three minutes to install it (Nokia Smart will automatically run before the game installer).

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