Will WP Beat Android in 2013?

Several days ago BGR suggested that Microsoft’s share of the global smartphone market will probably overtake the share of Google in 2015, and Windows Phone will become the most popular mobile OS in the world.

Yesterday, Stela Bokun – Pyramid Research’s senior analyst who was responsible for the report – said that her words were misinterpreted. She explained that, according to her report, Windows Phone is ready to overtake Android’s market share, and it can happen not only in 2015, but even much earlier – in 2013. Even this year, according to Bokun, Windows Phone’s popularity is growing very fast, and very soon the platform will become even more popular – thanks to the agreement of Nokia and Microsoft and the future WP-based Nokia phones, some of which are going to be launched very soon – maybe even this month, on May 17.

Of course, other manufacturers will continue to use and support Windows Phone, especially if Nokia’s WP devices succeed. If the WP-based devices become even cheaper, it will also contribute to the popularity of Microsoft.

“With the change in the price of WP devices, and the multivendor strategic approach of Microsoft, the main advantage of Android – scale – may be removed,” Stela Bokun wrote on Pyramid Research’s blog.

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